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    Elysant  Empty Elysant

    Post by Elysant on Sat Feb 04, 2017 10:35 pm

    Elysant  Riven_by_koyorin-d8qcj9u
    Basic Info
    Name: Elysant Teresa Thoreau
    Nickname: (Title will be earned IC)
    Gender: Female
    Visual Age: 23 years
    Real Age: 12 years
    Personality: Elysant's normal demeanor is always full of passion and spirit; she often seems cheerful although her outlook in life is more realist rather than pessimistic or optimistic. Often she tends to act first before thinking. However, Elysant is quite easy to interact with, as she is normally very calm and outgoing. She welcomes company and is the type of person that will not judge anyone for who or what they are unless she has a good reason to. Anger is an emotion she prefers not to express, however sometimes the said anger cannot be contained and as such, she may burst out occasionally. Politeness and formality are traits that exist in the back of her mind, often acting casual and she may even unknowingly do acts that are considered as rude. That being said, she isn't a mannerless pig, but rather she simply chooses not to stand by what is set to be polite by society. Elysant can often be assertive, usually giving others the impression she is forceful and holds much confidence in herself although it is only the case for the former.

    Often she is very insensitive, insults do nothing to waver her emotions. Elysant can be intolerant at times, unable to tolerate nonsense and is the easiest way for her to get annoyed. If someone says something odd or crazy, often she will reply with a deadpan, yet sarcastic tone. Regardless of when she is annoyed or if she is calm, she may curse although it is more periodically rather than spewing curse words randomly. Elysant is not a prideful person, believing everyone is equal and no one holds natural superiority over others. She does have a sense of humor, although it may not always be one that is tasteful nor would it fall under the catagory hurting no one and something everyone would laugh at.

    Strangely enough, Elysant is quicker to express her emotions, not through words but body language. In fear she shaking, when angered her movements are stiff and almost robot like, excited, she may be shaking similar how she shakes in fear but it’s almost as if she’s vibrating rather than shaking when sadden her actions are more fluid and careful than others. That being said, her current emotion would always be reflected in her voice even if one does not read her body language. Her eyes are always scanning the room around her, as she was trained to notice tiny details that may signify something odd, and as such, she may be the type of person who would notice smaller details easier than any other person would. However she simply notices things easier, noticing does not mean she understands something better, making her a keen observer.

    Cautiousness will always be something upon the front of her mind. She won’t do something she deems as dangerous unless it’s absolutely necessary. All of her actions are well thought of, often the pros and cons weighed to see which is greater.  Analytical would be another word to describe her as she thinks quick due to always being clear headed. Most of her thoughts are made within a second and executed the next. While her decisions may not always be the best, she always aims to do so. Elysant works best under pressure as stress causes her to think quicker due to unknown reasons. A noticeable trait would be her determination, never willing to give up even in the face of death which ties into another noticeable trait, her undeniable bravery of going into battle. Her gallant persona is what distinguishes her from many others as she does not allow her fears to define her.

    While Elysant holds many qualities that befit a strong leader such as her unbreakable focus and persistent attitude, she lacks a variety of them such as her ability to inspire others that even include herself,  the lack of confidence she has in her skills and even the patience to even lead. Due to this, she isn't one to become the leader nor is she someone that is a great follower. Submissive is not a word that describes her as she has trouble taking orders from people she has not learned to respect, even those who are her superiors. Often she may find herself ignoring orders and doing the complete opposite just to spite the said person, although she would just simply ignore the orders in graver situations. Ambitious is also another way to describe Elysant as her desire to succeed often overcomes all of her other desires. Yet she understands how to prioritize her goals from what she believes to be the most important (her mission) to the least important (her own desires).

    Physical Traits
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 298lbs
    Hair Color/Length: Chin length, silver in color
    Eye Color: Crimson
    Appearance: Elysant is a young woman being rather tall and despite her slim build, is rather heavy. Her white hair is short and bound into a small ponytail upon the top of her head. Her eyes are a stark contrast to her face, being a deep crimson shade She often wears white paint upon the left side of her face, right underneath her eye. The paint itself is a symbol of a warrior and something she wears with much pride. Other than the paint she has no distinguishing features. Elysant often holds a straight posture although her stance shows humility rather than pride. Nearly every movement she makes is full of grace and fluidity. While she may have the appearance, voice and occasionally may even act like a female, she is, in fact, agender due to the nature of her species. Even so, she will often identify as female despite her true sex.

    Her attire consists of two different shoulder pads, the right made of thick cloth while the left is made of stone, pointed and covers most of her upper arms. She wears a white drape upon her torso which overlaps at the breast area. A thin, pink chest plate is present draped around her belly and she secures the white drape with a brown belt Within the white drape is a cape, red in color with a golden outline. Upon her right hand, she wears a large gauntlet, with an E like character etched in with a green color and bandages cover her left arm. She wears a bronze shin guard upon her right leg and a single leg wrap upon the other. Below the leg wrapping is the top of tan hunting boots. She finally completes this outfit with simple sandals

    Character Information

    Character's Race: Child of Terra
    Racial Trait: As a Child of Terra, she can sense the basic outline of the land around her as well as those which touch the ground. As long as one part of the body is on the ground, she can sense their form, but once they leave the ground (e.g: Flight and jumping) she will no longer be able to sense them. This will work for anything connected to the ground as well (she will be able to sense someone who is on a tree). The only exception to this rule is if they are in the water as she cannot sense any being in water.
    Country: Akiraka
    Primary Element: Crystal
    Individual Statistics:
    -Strength: Warrior
    -Speed: Bandit
    -Endurance: Knight
    -Mystic Power: Bandit
    -Intelligence: Militia

    Character History
    Dear Elysant

    Your father and I decided to begin taking letters about your life so that when you grow older you can read them, why not begin with today's events. Today we watch you learn to speak. I was very surprised when your first word was neither mama or papa but rather Bobo (referring to the horse). Your father and I laughed as you wrapped your arms around it and called it Bobo.

    Love, your mother
    Dear Elysant,

    I remember when you took your first steps today. You were a bit wobbly but you didn't let that stop you. Of course, you couldn't go far with your stubby baby legs. But soon you will be able to walk, run and even jump for miles. I hope I can take you around the farm so you know how much of a joy you are in my life. I wish I can give you all the knowledge that I have but at the same time, I just can't... Maybe you'll know what I'm talking about when you're older but for now, I have to keep you in the dark.

    Sincerely, your father
    Dear Elysant,

    You know how surprising it was to your father when you picked up that stick. You swung it around so gracefully, almost as if you were a trained swordswoman. I swear that you could make that simple stick into a deadly weapon with how much force you put into swinging it. Maybe it's your destiny to become one. You could go fight in the army along with countless other people your age. You would earn us glory and honor, although your father would feel a bit unhappy you aren't around to take care of the farm business. I have to admit, I don't wish you approach this path as we love you and don't want to lose you no matter what. But know this, no matter who you are, your father and I will always love you very much.

    Love, mother
    Dear Elysant,

    Your brother and sister were born today. Isn't it nice how you have so many siblings? You cradled them in your arms as if they weigh nothing! Both of them! Even your mother had trouble holding them, especially your new baby sister. But you somehow manage to scoop them up with one fluid motion. You were always a strong girl, even when you were only four years old. Remember when you lifted that brick pile that I couldn't even lift up. I was so confused, but you were always the strong woman of the family. You'll grow up to be a fine young woman I tell you. Yet I'm still slightly sad for you. Your desire to learn how to swordfight is getting even stronger. I don't want you to leave, sweetheart. Just stay on the farm with us, you'll be the one to inherit it after all. I know this is selfish of me but I don't want you to leave... You have so much left to live for. Putting your life out in the battlefield will only result in your death sooner or later. Just live with us for a little bit longer...

    Sincerely, father

    Are you ok? Your father and I are worried. You're spending a lot more time within your room, always complaining. You almost will never come out anymore. Did we do something wrong? We're sorry. But please, don't keep ignoring us. Please share with us? Are you hurt? Mentally or physically? Come on baby girl, the entire family is worried about you please... Respond at least. Your father was sorry for getting so angry at you for refusing to let you join the army. We just don't want to lose you. Will you please forgive us at least?  You have to understand us, we only want things for your own good. The army isn't as easy as you assume it to be, its a hard life being a soldier. The years of training will be hard, the battlefield is unforgiving after all. You'll want to quit after a year, and we just don't want you to be wasting your time. Just write back your response when you receive this letter.



    We're sorry. But we can't tell you... We just can't. I promise we aren't keeping secrets that will harm you. But this time, it's important. We just can't tell you. You have to trust us... Please baby girl, trust us. As much as you want the truth, we want to share it as well. But if we do things will never be the same if so. Please, just live in ignorance for at least a little bit longer. Stay inside your room more like you used to. We know we've been trying to bring you out, but exploring will be dangerous. Just trust us... just this once. It will all turn out fine. Read these letters we've attached. Maybe they can convince you from exploring, these are proof that we love you so much.
    Mom, Dad, Lycia and Isaiah

    This first part is directed to mom and dad so Lycia and Isaiah can ignore this. I'll address you two later. I know the truth now. You've asked me to live in ignorance yet you decided this truth was far too important to let out? To let me know that this is the life I've been living? Do you know how much it hurts me that you kept this secret away from me? How would you like it if you learned the life you've lived was a lie. The memories that I have are false, even the letters you used to try to convince me this is real are false. I know that it'll hurt my heart to say this but you all aren't even my real family. I'm not even human... Why did you even bother trying to convince me that I was human? You should have let me die back then. Any life would be better to live than this one. I have to applaud you for managing to trick me for eight years. But at the same time, I want to give you a wholehearted fuck you. You guys will never seem like true parents to me after you lied about my entire existence. Don't even dare write me a letter, I will chuck it into the fire if you do.

    Lycia and Isaiah, I cannot express my disappointment at you both. It's funny how I was tricked into being the older sibling when both of you are other than I am by over ten years. You two aren't even twins, why did you bother tricking me into thinking you are? I'm not going to be angry at you like I am with mom and dad, though, you couldn't help it. Because of this, I wish you a good luck in your life. Take care of the family farm for me as I won't be inheriting it since I'm not even blood related to the family. I'll probably get over my anger towards you soon enough. I don't mind if you both write me a letter, but if I even suspect that mother and father put you two up for writing or you both are scolding, the fate of your next letters will also be like the letters of Mom and Dad's, burnt to a crisp. Don't test me, there will be a lot of fires where I am going.

    I'm not sure what I am, as there are many mysteries surrounding me that I can't figure out. I'm not going to disclose how I earned this knowledge, but trust me. This isn't some memory returning bullshit, its just knowledge that I received long ago. And now I know it's true, so thank you for confirming that. The only thing I know for certain now is that I can't stay. I wish I have listened to you two honestly, as much as I'm angry at you both right now. Maybe living in ignorance was something I should have done. Maybe if so this entire mess would not have happened. Don't bother looking for me, I'm going somewhere that is far out of your reach. Only your prayers will aid you in figuring out where I am.

    Will you believe us if they said they're sorry? They don't even have the will to write this letter to you anymore. But I feel like this letter is important. We know the whole story honestly, Elysant. I'm sorry we lied to you all this time. But I didn't want to lose a sister. I know keeping the truth hidden will only cause more damage than it will if it wasn't released, so let me tell you what really happened back when you were born, truly born.

    Would you believe me if I said you were once human? You were the cutest baby ever with the brightest eyes and widest smile. Your laugh would always lift my mood before you got sick. You were born sick, always red and feverish. Often you'd cry, and the times when you did smile were rare. But one night you were on the brink of death, we didn't know what we could do so we brought you to Her. I don't think I need to clarify who Her is, but I will do so since I want to keep this as honest as possible. Our holy mother, Terra. We bathed you in her stream and she appeared before us, asking why were sad.

    We told her why, and a sadness that I could not even describe overcame her face. But our Mother wasn't the creator of humans or the goddess of life and death. The only way to save you was if she made you into one of her children. But if we did so, you'd eventually be called into duty as her children are her holy soldiers. That's what we have been trying to prevent your entire life, but we failed. The duty we tried you to bring you from failed.

    I watched as she shaped your new body. The crystals hanging from Her Sacred Land glowed as a form was made. A new body, your current body, was made with crystal. She transferred your soul from your dying body to your new one, enchanting it with her own blessing. You were born, without memory or knowledge of your fate. The look on your face was so innocent, peaceful and full of bliss it was hard to believe that you were not human but rather a hunk of rock. We wanted you to feel normal, that's why mom and dad wrote those letters. That's why we've been implanting false memories into your head. Telling you that you were straight up amnesiac just didn't seem right. It was a great eight years that I've lived with you. I always thought of you as an older sister, this also goes for Isaiah as well. I hope you can come back and make amends with mother and father, and say goodbye to me. But I'm not even sure where you are, my only hope is to ask Her Grace to deliver it for me. I do hope this reaches you, sister. The life you've lived may be fake, but the memories and love you've shared with us while we were Her holy soldier were real. I wish you best of luck.

    Love your sister, Lycia

    Thank you. I've gotten your letter. Now that I know the truth, I know my duty now. After I left, I went on a journey of self-discovery. After much pondering, Her Grace delivered it to me herself and had explained everything to me.  I now know my destiny. I apologize for writing this three years after you wrote to me, but I was busy. I needed to get stronger and as such, I did not have time for things such as writing. She has been training me Herself, an honor which I cannot even express in words. But I guess this goes for everyone in the family, not just for you and Isaiah. This will be my final letter to you for your lifetime, or at least for mother and father for sure. I'm not exactly sure about you two. I will be heading off to a place known as Akiraka to join their army as Mother says it is my fate in this world. This is my duty as her child.

    The journey will be long and treacherous and take many decades to complete. She has warned me that it will not be a task that I may be able to survive, but I am prepared to die if it comes to it. Once you receive this letter, I will already be in the land known as Akiraka, yet I am allowed one letter before I go. This will be my final letter before my life is changed for the new. I am now ready, ready to forgive the lies and the false memories. That was who I was. Holding onto anger is something I no longer do. As such, I forgive you both. Know, wherever I am, I will always love all of you. Even if I do die, your lives will be the last thing I think of before death takes me away. Thank you for the memories that you've shared while I was alive. I now understand why I should treasure them. Attached to this letter is a picture of myself, how I look today ever since I've left. May the love of our Mother be with all of us and guide you for the rest of your life. I know she will with mine. I love you all.

    Also, mother and father, thank you. I know I said you should have let me died back then, but I've never been happier now. This new life I've been given is a blessing that I don't deserve with the attitude I gave you before I left on my journey.

    Sincerely your daughter and sister,
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