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    Oda "The Whistler" Ryota [Done] Empty Oda "The Whistler" Ryota [Done]

    Post by The Whistler on Tue Feb 07, 2017 1:44 pm

    Basic Info

    Oda "The Whistler" Ryota [Done] 9b887c1fb229cb9dfb256be3edb7545e

    Name: Oda Ryota
    Nickname: The Whistler or Horsemen of Death
    Gender: Male
    Visual Age: Sixteen  
    Real Age: Two Hundred years old (200 y.o.)  

    Playful, Lax, and finally Chaotic these would be the three easiest ways to describe Oda. However, sometimes it is the deeper things that truly make someone who they are  to this day. Therefore who is Oda? Some would ask and others would still question, he truly is an enigma that has yet to even truly figure himself out striving to find out what he is meant to do upon this plain. Thus as he attempts to find himself  he puts on a bright smile ready to tackle anything and achieve his dreams. What else does it mean to be a living being other than attempting to surpass oneself every day? For if we become stagnate than where would society truly be? So he looks toward the past as a reminder that not everyone can be trusted, not everyone has the reason, and not everyone will be understood no matter how much you try. But does that truly mean he cannot be the person that strives to save the world, does it mean that he has to wander without purpose or passion, does it mean he has to show the world a new meaning through violent means? Nay what this means is that he is free to be his own man molded by the experiences of his present and that of the past before his time. He has witnessed the wars of many tribes, the admiration of individuals, the hatred of groups, and the misunderstanding of organizations. All of this showing one clear thing and that is there is no perfect answer, solution, or person. So he is a believer of accepting something truly as it is. Though it may seem as though people may live without purpose or reason  that is a mystery left up to the imagination.

    Of course, this doesn't truly affect how this man thinks directly though it has left a mark on the gentleman. In light of that statement, it would be best to say that this man is someone that has an ever flexing personality not solidified rather always changing and expanding with the new experiences that he shall go through. Notably, like others provided that he would be put on the spot to explain his current personality, it would be that equivalent perhaps to that of a dragonfly he is never still always moving around trying never to stay in one place for too long. Always migrating to the next and hopefully more entertaining learning experience. He wishes to be free; something seemingly lost in his childhood always being watched and followed not honestly by anyone of enormous danger.Or at least at a young age, that is what the man would have thought. Though how could he have felt any different? He was naive within is youth for nothing can go wrong with the mentality of the child that would have grown into the man he is today. Moreover continuing onward he has a strange, odd sense of humor or at least so he would think relying on sarcasm and a rather narrow point of view when it would come to something being spoken on that clearly the other person had no idea about. All this with a dash of sexual humor involved every now and then. Stupidity would be something that he does despise. Not that of a mental illness or even those that simply couldn't catch onto a subject but rather something more complex within his eyes. Of course, being the idea of accepting and living within willful ignorance. It was a concept that was so lost to him how could one simple willfully ignore something and act oblivious to the matter? How could you let yourself look so foolish to your surroundings and peers? Confusing would be best to describe the feeling that would come to his mind when presented with this problem. Well as an initial reaction the next would be pure astonishment and loathing for the person at hand for their choice in the matter of being part of the sheep instead of the alpha leaders taking control of their surroundings.

    Occasionally this becomes a contradiction in a way, for with the black cataclysm being such a turning point in the history of the society many grew up within it would dawn upon him. It was a phrase his father would say quite often from his youth 'sometimes my son ignorance is bliss'; it would have been a statement that puzzled the man for quite some time until the tragedy would have brought upon the changes that would have followed behind it. Sometimes honestly acting ignorant could save the life of yourself or others around you a hard lesson that would have been learned through one of the most difficult moments of the man's life to this day. His once whimsical nature into that of a loner for some time at least. Until now that would be for instead of concealing any emotion from reaching the surface once again it would rather be that it simply made it harder. Growing a hard outer shell to defend against the pain he once felt it would have made him harder to read to some. Perhaps it would have been for the best; growing wasn't always a pleasant experience. No. Sometimes it would seem to take a tragedy for you to learn a greater lesson to carry on with you through the remaining years. For we as people used to roll through life molding to different communities and times. But the question remains who would take that first step in the direction of molding the world for better or worse? One thing was clear, and that wouldn't have been Oda not for the fact he didn't want to. But rather he didn't want to have the world at his fingertips then  watch it crumble so rather he would simply watch from within never knowing what to do next but always looking for a path that screamed or even whispered his name.  

    Important to realize, however, is the fact that many believe you have to be grown to be a man and that is a fact that many have accepted. Not in this case, Oda is a person that views everything with the same appearance this being what they will be within ten years a threat or a friend? Even though it seems out of place, he is a man of action to say no the less with traits of a complex individual making decisions purely based on his accord examining a situation and playing his card the best way he feels it will result to his benefit in the end.  Many may feel this to be rather common trait, but the meaning of it has been lost for generations as they accept outside appeal and listen to the concerns of other. If he feels it needs an immediate ending than that is the conclusion he will attempt to provide or if he feels it needs to be preserved than he will put his life on the line to do just that. Thus, in summary, he is a man fixed upon being himself in every moment not truly being able to pinpoint a set personality but an array of experiences and actions that show him to be the man that he is going to be.

    Physical Traits

    Height: 48 kg (105 lbs.)
    Weight: 160 cm (5'2 ft.)
    Hair Color/Length: White  (Snow White) , shoulder length
    Eye Color: Red (Crimson)
    The Whistler:

    Oda "The Whistler" Ryota [Done] Suzuya_juuzou_render_by_fvckfdaname-d8tvqlc
    Oda "The Whistler" Ryota [Done] 276525
    Oda "The Whistler" Ryota [Done] Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQeYUQ9j98iVeaR3NOlnh2Cgz5myDhfU4-rm_v1WrxS1jaxa6FM8A
    Oda "The Whistler" Ryota [Done] Suzuya_juuzou__tokyo_ghoul____render_by_azizkeybackspace-d8357lt

    Character Information

    Character's Race: Demi - God
    Racial Trait: Sealed by his father
    Country: The Freelands
    Primary Element: Decay/Necromancy
    Individual Statistics:
    -Strength: Militia
    -Speed: Fighter
    -Endurance: Legend
    -Mystic Power: Citizen
    -Intelligence: Citizen

    Character History


    Oda "The Whistler" Ryota [Done] Med_gallery_2656_54_74951
    The son of Phobetor and hel Ryota born within the heavens, his mother cased down to the world below as his father no longer had a use for her. Her head filled with nightmares and chaotic emotions so that her words would be caught and the heaves being tarnished by a horrible stroy from some whore. Therefore, instead of being born within the realm of on Abraxas, Oda was raised knowing the land of the gods and raised  the history of the world or so he would have thought. He was raised  to believe his mother was someone who abandoned him and the only family that would truly accept him would be that of those from the underworld. Thus from a young childhood he drew to have a unknown or backed hatred for the likes of mortals and refused to see himself as a part of their race.

    So when it was time for his place within the world of the god he had but one goal and that task was given to him by his father direct and clear he would have been sent to kill his mother. Which he would have gladly accepted. He had been preparing for years for this moment he had no care within the world as to why she had seemed off as he would have watched her from afar however, it would have been the moments that would have lead up to the moment after that would have given him the greatest lesson that he would always would have kept with him to this very day. Trust no one for there is darkness and despair around every corner...

    Thus as he would have approached his mother's bed from which she slept he would have felt nothing but warmth from this woman before him as he would have held his scythe onto her neck. Why? Why was he hesitating in these moments? It was something that he would have later figured out and that was the love that was radiating from her it was an emotion that he hadn't felt in the darkness of the underworld all there was beneath was kill or be killed. Sadly it wouldn't have lasted his mother's beautiful purple eyes would have begun to open as the cold blade of his scythe of have rested upon her neck as a slight cut almost as deep or rather slightly deeper than a paper cut could be felt as a single drop of crimson liquid would have dropped from around her. Though it wasn't fear that meet his eyes no it was excitement for even through the haze that would have been her mind at this moment she would be able to see not only her son but the humanity that still rested within him. Even if it were buried deep within him, she would have mumbled only a few words before she would have raised her head with a smile upon her face for she knew it was the only way.  

    As the blade would have severed her head and her crimson blood splattered upon him his once jet black her would turn to that of fresh snow descending down, his skin going from a tan almost golden brown to that of a pale white as if his soul would have left his body and the little bit of humanity that was within him faded. His once playful yet murderous eyes turned soft and weak as he gazed upon the sight before him. However, he had no time for the emotions that were building within him for as soon as his father felt the last bit of life force drain from the boy's mother he would pulled his son back to the underworld. However, this time he truly embraced him as a son and finally let his guard down which allowed for a slight glimpse of what his powers could have been to come to life and allow the boy to see within his father's head before his father sealed them away in hopes that his son would have never learned the truth.  

    But it would have been too late, Oda would have saw the truth that was so crystal clear. His father was the man of legends past down by the mortals. The God Of nightmares and despair he cared for no one but himself and would use anyone to get the means to and end that he desired. So even though he would have hated it he would have had to stay within this world growing and training for perhaps one day in which he would be strong enough to take down his father. Thus it would take what seemed to be two centuries he would have constantly trained day in and day out learning to harness the little ability that his father would have left him with and training to become a sharpshooter and death dealer with two very interesting weapons the first being that of the scythe and the second being of a rather uncommon nature among the underworld and that was the art of throwing knifes.  

    Oda "The Whistler" Ryota [Done] 9b887c1fb229cb9dfb256be3edb7545e

    Though many may have thought it was silly of him to focus on his more human abilities instead of purely focusing upon the magical gifts of which he could have rightfully claimed he would have had a plan and to which he would let no one attempt to push him from. However, his goal wasn't ultimate power but yet to once again be free and feel the air of the human world upon his skin the rush and sensation that he truly was a live and not simply a shallow shell of his former self. But as the times would pass and he would grow it would have seemed that he would have never going to get out of the plain that he dwelled within it seemed he would never truly be free... Yet that is when it would happen he could feel it the bonds of his powers fading and the power locked down within him that he was attempting to grasp rushing toward the surface, the look upon his face when he would feel the first bit of corruption flowing outside of his body instead of within was magical. As he would have been within training his white coat would have flapped open revealing the seemingly hundreds of knives that he would have kept on his person and he would have tilted his head to the side and said "farewell peasant" to the training partner he was working with that day as he father would have begun to approached.

    With this moment in hand he would have thought his father was finally weak enough for him to finally make his move thus he would have filled his knifes with his new found power and let the slowly eat away at his opponent as he would have danced around him in excitement as he would have shredded him apart and then he would have bowed as the last of his remains would have landed against the ground corroding as if ash falling from the sky. But through his excitement he wouldn't have realized that this was yet another test of his fathers and would have acted to soon leaping toward him with all his bloodlust pouring to the surface his father would have made easy work him in injuring his right arm and right eye and lower right lip which would have all simultaneously been sawn shut. It would have seemed his father carried the same weaness for his son and Oda did for his mother.  

    So he would have been banished to forever walk the earth realm known as Abraxas, thus his memories would have been changed however, before he could ever fully forget his time within the underworld his father cursed him to always feel the pain of his mother from the stiches upon his body if he ever forgot his place and a single sentence would ring through his mind for the rest of his life which truly helped shape him into the person he is today.  

    "You shall never be free of me as I shall never be free of you..."

    As it would fade out Oda would shoot up from his slumber finding himself with little knowledge or material from this plain as he would simply began his journey to truly figure out his perhaps within this world and who he truly was...

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    Extras! (optional!) Anything else you would like to add about your character that wasn't listed above?

    Source: Takai

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    Oda "The Whistler" Ryota [Done] Empty Re: Oda "The Whistler" Ryota [Done]

    Post by Takai on Tue Feb 07, 2017 4:58 pm

    Congrats on getting Plat, you have 10 Stat points you can use for your character



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