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    Post by Jugram on Tue Feb 07, 2017 3:43 pm

    Basic Info
    Name: Yú "Jugram" Huáng
    Nickname: Heavenly Duke, The Jade Emperor.
    Gender: Male
    Visual Age: 15
    Real Age: Unknown; Presumed to be Eons old.

    Jugram is what many consider a loving, caring, people person. He loves to talk and mingle with others, as he sees making new friends to be a great thing. He will go as far as too approach someone he sees along his journey weather they look happy, mad, or sad. This typically makes everything think he is a weirdo but in all actuality this is a trait he gets from being the Jade Emperor, but he doesn't know it. Even though he was reincarnated into another body the ancient god still loves all creatures of heaven, earth, and even hell at times. He may not remember why he loves everyone and everything, besides great evil, he goes along with his strong urge to help anyone that he sees needs it. If he sees someone and does not help them, he will fell a sense of sadness and anger at himself for not doing so. When he does help someone or something he feels a great sense of joy and happiness, usually moving on to do the next task that will help someone else.

    Jugram carries no ill will towards anyone, including some of his old enemies, primarily because he just can't. He sees the good in everything and everyone, often helping those who don't see the good in themselves to see it. The only real thing that he can hold Ill will towards is anything that causes great evil to be brought into the world because it can kill many and has no remorse for anything at all. If a great evil where to ever come about upon his journey, he would try to do anything too stop it and do it as quickly as possible to lower the number of casualties hat it may cause in its wake.

    Jugram also is a very lively person. He loved to go out and party with others weather he knows them or not but he typically doesn't drink or anything. It sounds weird but he feeds off the happiness from the people around him which makes him feel really good enough to have fun whenever he can but if someone is sad or needs his help, he will completely stop his partying and help them. Due to the emperors severe case of amnesia, he remembers nothing from his past life, only knowing that he born as well as his name. However he will typically get flash backs from time to time showing him his past life as the Jade Emperor. When this happens he tends to freak out a bit as his current body does not recognize these memories as well as the fact that he looked completely different in them as well. Also when his memories start to resurface he does not wish to believe them, due to the graphic content that they might show or the simple fact he refuses to believe something he thinks doesn't belong to him.

    On a very rare occasion does Jugram like to be alone but when he do it is to meditate or just relax period. He loves to meditate because it makes him feel safe and it seems that his body is use to it, like he has been doing it for ages. Meditating also helps Jugram think about and figure out hard decisions that come his way or figure anything out period, often coming up with his best ideas through meditation. Even though it is rare, Jugram loves to take a short relaxing period for himself. This could be done through meditating, laying down, or just sleeping doing this is helps him clear all negativity from his mind from the cloudiness that could come from his travels.

    Food is also a big part of Jugram as well, he is a individual who loves to eat no matter the circumstances. Jugram loves to eat so much he will take free food from anyone or anything as long as he thinks it looks edible, but this typically means he has a higher chance of being poisoned but refuses to acknowledge that fact. Jugram will even openly state that he could eat someone out of house and home or a whole restaurant if he could. He also is a person who loves to joke around with others, often pulling various pranks on others that he is close too just to get a good laugh. Even if a joke is horrible or pulled on him, he will laugh his heart out, sometimes so the person doesn't feel bad about telling such a crappy joke. However if he is in a serious situation, he will loose both his appetite as well as his mood to laugh.

    Last, Jugram is a fighter for what he believes in. If he thinks something is wrong he will openly state it and fight till he can prove what he says is right. This also goes into the fact he will always fight for everyone and ever creature that he comes by and befriends on his journey on this new world. If someone threatens them he will take up for them and fight their battle, especially if they are too weak too defend them self. This trait is why he is so loved by most he meets, seeing him a some sort of hero in their eyes. Jugram just sees it as doing his duty to the world to make sure that everyone lives in peace and harmony for as long as he is around.

    Physical Traits
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 120
    Hair Color/Length:
    Eye Color:
    Appearance: (Give a basic description here or put a picture in Spoilers.)

    Character Information
    Character's Race: Name your race here,
    Racial Trait: Here you may choose to put ONE trait your race possesses. This trait must not be able to be used to directly defend or attack. EX. Angels may choose wings so they can fly, or Werewolves great sense of smell. This is based on your race so no having an Ice Element that has a heat aura about them.
    Country: What country would you like to live in?
    Primary Element: What your character's Primary Element. (can be original but make sure to have an application already done for it. Application found in Misc. Creation Forum. For Summoners, put Summoner in this Spot.)
    Individual Statistics:
    -Strength: Peasant
    -Speed: Peasant
    -Endurance: Peasant
    -Mystic Power: Peasant
    -Intelligence: Peasant
    For beginning stats your allowed to add 10 upgrades to your stats. Your not allowed to however upgrade anyone stat above the Militia level. For example I can make the strength stat to Militia level and that takes up 3 upgrades. DELETE THIS FROM YOUR APP

    Character History
    Background: This is the part where you tell your character's story! Where did they come from? Where have they been? What did they do and how did they get to be where they are? Be Creative and have fun with it, we don't bite! Hard O.O
    Alt Purchase Link: This your 3rd alt now? Please put the link of your purchase for your new character here!

    Extras! (optional!) Anything else you would like to add about your character that wasn't listed above?

    Source: If someone invited you to the site, put their name here and let us reward them.

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