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    Yasha's Abilities


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    Yasha's Abilities

    Post by Yasha on Tue Feb 07, 2017 4:39 pm

    Name: Mantra Affinity: Pride
    Element: Arcane
    Ability: The Mantra of Pride allows the user to create a “greater image of themselves”.  What this translates to is that the user is enabled to cast spirit appendages in the image and proportions of their own limbs, but at much greater size. A hand can be summoned with a fingerspan of 4 meters, while a foot can be summoned at 7 meters from heel to toe.
    These appendages will appear in a flaring, white, opaque aura that can deal damage and resist damage equal to the user's Mystical Strength. It can be used to fight opponents physically. The user can create and control up to two spirit appendages at a time. Meaning either two hands, two feet or one hand and a foot. If damaged, the spirit appendages can simply be regenerated. They can be summoned and desummoned at will and moved around at speed equivalent to the user's Mystical Strength.
    Limits: The spirit appendages the user creates will share the damage taken with their creator,meaning if the appendage is harmed, so is the user. And although the spirit appendages can be regenerated, this does not fix the damage dealt to the user.
    Range: The user can cast these spirit appendages in a range of 30 meters, and can control them in a range of 80 meters.
    Link to purchase: n/a

    Name: Mantra Affinity: Sloth
    Element: Arcane
    Ability: The Mantra of Sloth allows the user to “cause everything living thing under heaven to lose its color and radiance, signifying the withering of vitality”. What this translates to is that the user can create a zone around them that lowers the vitality of anyone in it and induces exhaustion. This zone visibly douses the world around the user in a monochrome hue, causing everything in it to completely lose color, only showing shades of grey.
    While in this zone, anyone’s speed and strength stats drop by one rank on the initial post, and then drop further the longer they stay in this zone (this ability can’t drop stats lower than peasant-rank). Regenerating their lost stats back takes as long as the time spent without having these stats (i.e. spend 3 posts in the zone means 3 posts to regain the lost ranks).
    Instant: Speed and Strength dropped by 1 rank, experience light fatigue
    1 post: Speed and Strength dropped by 2 ranks, experience strong fatigue
    3 posts: Speed and Strength dropped by 3 ranks experience drowsiness
    5 posts: Speed and Strength dropped by 5 ranks experience exhaustion and heavy fatigue
    10 posts: Speed and Strength dropped by 6 ranks, experience heavy exhaustion
    Limits: The loss of stats is indiscriminate and affects allies and foes, as well as the user himself, while the user is exempt from the exhaustion that is induced. Enemies of higher Mystical Energy than the user can resist this effect and lengthen the time it takes for the zone to affect them, apart from the initial burst.
    1 Rank higher: takes 1 post more for every increment
    2 Ranks higher: takes 3 posts more for every increment
    3 Ranks higher: takes 5 posts more for every increment
    4 Ranks higher: takes 10 posts more for every increment
    Range: The zone has an 75 meter radius.
    Link to purchase: n/a

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    Re: Yasha's Abilities

    Post by Ilia on Wed Feb 08, 2017 3:10 pm



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