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    Post by Phirron on Wed Feb 08, 2017 5:25 am

    Name: Psionics
    Appearance: Any aura of pulsating semi-translucent energy that is uniquely colored too every user of the element.
    Strength: Arcane and Psionics
    Weakness: Physical Attacks and Defenses
    Description: Psionics is similar in nature to the element of arcane as it revolves around the usage of energy to manifest things into reality. The key difference is the source of the energy. Arcane is energy derived from the heart and/or soul of a person where as psionics comes from a person’s mind. Not only is it derived from the mind it is also primarily limited to powers of the mind telepathy, telekinesis, mind reading, mental bonding, memory stealing, information passing. The exception to this is much like arcane energy psionic energy can be manifested into a physical form, which looks something akin to lightly colored clear glass. With practice this physical psionic energy can molded into detailed items such as weapons and armor. However unlike arcane energy this physical psionic energies much better stronger against pure energy, psionic and arcane in particular, and objects/effects made from pure energy rather than physical attacks. As such a psionic barrier is only half as effective against a mundane sword as it is against a sword made out of psionic or arcane energy.  Likewise a blast of arcane energy against a mundane shield carries more oomph than a blast of psionic energy against the same mundane shield.
    Restrictions: Learning to tap into the energies of the mind and use them for abilities or spells require endless years of dedication to meditation and mental exercises. As such physical training is nearly forgotten in comparison. Psionic users must have their Mystic Power and Intelligence stats as their 2 highest stats and Strength has to be the lowest or second lowest stat.

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    Re: Psionics

    Post by Takai on Wed Feb 08, 2017 5:43 am

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