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    Armor Master Armory

    Post by Amon on Fri Feb 10, 2017 8:48 am

    Demon Armor:
    Name: Demon Armor: Tyrant
    Description: Tyrant is a armor that takes the form of black, full-body armor with a phantasmagoric defensive film which floats behind its back. The armor is made from the flesh of a demon named Tyrant that Amon encountered when he first arrived on Abraxas. This is the armor that made Amon famous throughout most countries, due to its evil and sinister feel and look.
    Elemental Affinity: Dark
    Trait: The armor gives the user the ability of flight
    Limits: Weak against light based attacks. If armor is desummoned there is a 4 post cooldown before it can be used again
    Falling Star:
    Name: Falling Star
    Element: Dark
    Ability: The user leaps above the target by using Tyrant's flight ability and performs a drop-kick on the target with a leg that is covered in darkness, which causes high damage.
    Limits: The cooldown for this spell is 3 post
    Range: Melee
    Absolute Darkness:
    Name: Absolute Darkness
    Ability: The user spreads a sphere of darkness that measures out a 50 meters radius. The sphere makes it so that nobody but the user can see or hear unless they are in contact with the user. This spell last for 5 post.
    Limits: The cooldown for this spell is 6 post
    Range: 50 meter radius
    Shadow Lance:
    Name: Shadow Lance
    Ability: The user creates a javelin-like weapon using dark magic. The javelins have energy flowing off of each end in a fashion similar to flames, making it look more arrow-shaped. He can use this weapon as a projectile. When thrown, it produces an incredibly destructive explosion on impact that measures 10 meters in radius. The user can create and/or throw 2 spears before cooldown. The spears can be thrown 10 meters for every rank the user has in strength.
    Limits: The spell has a 5 post cooldown
    Range: Blast radius is 10 meters
    Cero Oscuras:
    Name: Cero Oscuras
    Element: Dark
    Ability: The user shoots a beam of darkness energy at the target. The beam measures out to have a diameter of 1 meter. The beam has a range of 20 meters. When the beam hits something regardless if it is the intended target or not it creates a blast with a radius of 5 meters. The beam can be shot from the user's hand, finger, or mouth.
    Limits: The spell has a cooldown of 5 post
    Range: 20 meters

    Angel Armor:
    Name: Angel Armor: Valkyrie
    Description: A white, black, and grey full body armor that has a cape down its back. The armor is made from the flash of an angel named Valkyrie. Amon killed the angel in a town it was terrorizing after it had gone insane.
    Elemental Affinity: Light
    Trait: Due to the armor's ability to use light magic, the user is able to turn invisible. However the user cannot attack while invisible, also it only hides the user's physical presence. Anyone with the ability to sense or see magic will have no problems finding them.
    Limits: If armor is desummoned there is a 4 post cooldown before it can be used again
    Light Shield:
    Name: Light Shield
    Element: Light
    Ability: The user creates a shield of light around themselves to block any incoming attack. The shield is big enough to cover the user and up to 2 other people.
    Limits: This spell's cooldown is 3 post.
    Range: Self
    Heaven's Gift:
    Name: Heaven's Gift
    Element: Light
    Ability: The user is able to heal any and all wounds on a single target. Minor wounds heal instantly, moderate wounds take 2 post, major wounds take 3 post, and anything that could be considered fatal takes 5 post. The user can heal himself or anyone he wishes.
    Limits: This spell has a 6 post cooldown. If the wound is anything beyond moderate the user must sit still and concentrate on the healing and cannot attack.
    Range: Self  
    Light Form:
    Name: Light Form
    Element: Light
    Ability: The user sacrifices their physical form to turn into light. While in this form the user cannot interact with the physical world at all. This means any and all attacks, other than those made from darkness will phase through the user thus causing no damage. This is usually used to catch opponents off guard due to the fact the user still looks normal, until you try to touch them(very similar to a well done hologram). This only remains active for 1 post.
    Limits: This spell has a 4 post cooldown
    Range: Self
    Holy Nova:
    Name: Holy Nova
    Element: Light
    Ability: The user gathers a large quantity of light around their fist and then rushes at the target, punching them, thereby explosively releasing the stored light upon impact. The resulting blast is 10 meters in radius, and those no harm to the user.
    Limits: The cooldown for this spell is 6 post
    Range: Melee

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    Re: Armor Master Armory

    Post by Takai on Sat Feb 11, 2017 10:00 pm

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