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    Aveira Vanidicus Empty Aveira Vanidicus

    Post by Aveira Vanidicus on Fri Feb 10, 2017 1:31 pm

    Aveira Vanidicus H1hbiqE Aveira Vanidicus QvH9miy Aveira Vanidicus IXFzTYF

    Basic Info
    Name: Aveira Vanidicus
    Nickname: Ave or Veira, it's personal preference.
    Gender: Female
    Visual Age: 20
    Real Age: 20
    Personality: Aveira is mostly a quiet girl, and prefers solitude above anything, but tends to find comfort in having large amounts of people around her. It's more of a tug-of-war thing with her, as isolation kept her very used to being one of the only people around. Though she enjoys company, as long as it's not obnoxious company. Ave is also a very curious girl, and asks questions about almost everything. Sometimes these questions might come off as blunt, maybe even come off as if she's poking into one's life, but it should be known it's all in good intention. On top of being curious she's also very much of a bookworm and is very serious when it comes to her studies. She enjoys lessons and explanations more than one may think, along with any form of advice someone may have for her. Aveira also tries to keep her appearance looking presentable and well-kept. She likes to make sure she carries herself how she wants people to perceive her (which is hopefully in a positive light).

    Sometimes Ave can come off as a little impatient. When things don't go right, or a spell she tries to cast fails, she might find herself become increasingly frustrated to the point she can't necessarily think straight. Over the years she's tried to learn how to be more patient, but the practice has mostly ended up failing. Also her lack of social norms may come off as odd to many others. Socially she's still lacking greatly and she has a long way to go until she understands personal space, respecting one's own business, and when to catch hints of how people feel towards subjects, questions, or situations. Finally, Aveira isn't very experienced in handling confrontations and prefers to avoid any if possible. She's aware this may not be as easy as she pleases.

    Physical Traits
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 121 lbs
    Hair Color/Length: Ebony/Waist with two small side tails.
    Eye Color: Dark purple.
    Appearance: Aveira is a slender young woman, standing 5 foot 7 inches with a body weight of one hundred and twenty-one pounds. Since she's stopped growing Aveira hasn't been able to gain any weight, leaving her essentially stuck at where she is right now; not that she'd want to gain weight anyways. She also takes great pride in keeping her hair nice and presentable, given that hair as long as hers (falling down to her waist) could easily become matted or snarled. Aveira does this simply to keep a respectable appearance for herself. Her eyes are also a dark purple but may seem lighter due to the light she's exposed to.

    Aveira Vanidicus:
    Aveira Vanidicus 200px-FEA_Tharja

    Character Information
    Character's Race: Cambion (Balanced)
    Racial Trait: Aveira has a secondary appearance, although this is nothing but an appearance. With it comes a darker grey skin tone, white eyes, and two black horns protruding from the top of her head. Aveira cannot control this form from activating, but I will activate on its own if a powerful magic source is being used or nearby. Staying away from source for a bit will cause it to disappear.

    Country: Ryuujin
    Primary Element: Arcane
    Individual Statistics:
    -Strength: Citizen
    -Speed: Citizen
    -Endurance: Militia
    -Mystic Power: Warrior
    -Intelligence: Warrior

    Character History
    Background: Aveira's story begins with her mother, a young spell-caster living on the edge of Ryuujin in one of the various tunnels hoping to stay in isolation after being torn from her own world and dropped here. Isolation wasn't her mother's best friend, at least in the beginning. There was plenty of times that she wondered if seeing if there was any sort of life other than herself in this new world, but instead she stayed away and waited.

    It wasn't until she became deathly ill that she knew she would have to give up her fears of what lurked in this world and get help. Only, she didn't have to. Help found her. Specifically a demon.

    Drawn to her near death state, a Demon had tracked her down from miles away to seek out what was giving off the presence. He thought at first it was some powerful creature, maybe even a dragon, but instead found it to be who would come to be the woman he fell in love with. With his help her mother was nursed back into perfect shape if not better than her previous state. The Demon decided he would stay with the lady, and before either of them knew it Aveira would be on the way.

    Now, her mother, while convincing herself she loved him, knew exactly what he was. He never had to tell her, and he never bothered to. Not even because he knew she knew, simply because he thought if he told her she may have left him. It wasn't until near the time that Aveira would be born that he revealed his true appearance: beastly and wicked, as her mother would later tell Ave. Her mother was afraid the child would end up more like him, more demonic, and planned to run away with the child after Ave was birthed.

    And while her mother claimed she loved Ave's father, something deep down inside her told her their love was something that would have never worked. In her world, demons had been vicious killers and sent lives into downward spirals. While she wanted to believe they could make it work her mother wanted her to grow up more mortal despite the blood running through her veins.

    A plan was devised and put into action after the birth of Aveira Vanidicus. While he went out her mother used as much magic power to mask the child's and her presence so it was almost like they never existed to begin with. Her mother ran deeper into the heart of Ryuujin, but still kept the two of them out of sight as much as humanly possible. After two years of not being found her mother could only assume the Demon had given up on looking for the two of them. And during Aveira's fourth year the fears melted only to the back of her mother's mind that he would find them.


    Aveira knew by the tenth year of her life what she was; that demon blood resided within her mixed with mortal's. To her, it meant nothing. Maybe if her mother had tried harder to get her to be repulsed by her demonic side she would care. Only her mother could never bring herself to do it. Instead, Aveira found herself more repulsed by her mother and how her mother forced her to live. Ave knew she had a lot of potential for magical expertise, but due to the isolated conditions her mother forced upon her she was being suppressed.

    Even when Ave convinced her mother to teach her magic she felt like her mother wouldn't let her fly off. Aveira made excuses in her mind as to why this was so: her demonic blood, the fact she might be more powerful than her own mother, or just her mother thought she might go looking for her father if she got powerful enough. And when she turned fourteen she found herself abandoning her mother to take control of her own life and power.

    It took many years for Aveira to adjust to the customs and norms of life in general, as living in isolation with just her mother and little interaction with others taught her practically nothing of what was expected of most people aside from what manners her mother taught her. But she merged in with life, finding there was a plethora of different races and powerful beings littering the country. She also found her abilities no longer being suppressed thanks to Ryuujin's advanced magical studies and found herself diving into the studies of Arcane magics.

    Here, in Ryuujin, she was finally starting to feel whole. Though, this was only the beginning of Aveira's story.
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    Post by Takai on Sun Feb 12, 2017 10:24 am

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