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    Elysant's Abilities


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    Elysant's Abilities

    Post by Elysant on Mon Feb 13, 2017 10:20 pm

    Name: Will of Crystals
    Element: Crystal
    Ability: Being one with the natural make of Crystals, Elysant can use her energy to form crystals to use to her advantage. She can make spikes that she can shoot out, grow a defensive wall from her hands or even by pressing her hands to the ground make the crystal grow across the ground to follow after and grow around a person trapping them.
    Limits: All crystals must come from her hands only, the further away it gets or the bigger the crystal form the longer it takes for her grow. Like normal crystals, while they're at strong on one plane (like the point) from the other plane (its side) it is fragile and easy to break.
    Range: 30 Meters
    Link to purchase: Starter

    Name: Creeping Amethyst
    Element: Crystal
    Ability: Creeping Amethyst is special kind of crystal that Elysant can make that has unique properties. Normally this kind of crystal that is liquid when she starts creating it, but the moment it touches the air, it hardens like normal crystal. This does have a unique property though when it touches a person or something that has been enchanted. This crystal will suppress the powers of a piece of equipment and use isn't own power to grow. This same phenomenon happens when it forms around a person but instead sapping their physical strength to grow.
    Limits: Because of the nature of this ability, for the most part she must touch someone to get it to work unless she can form it within an air tight container. This crystal can only grow about a foot every post but every post it stays on a person, draining their strength based around how much of their body it is covering. Same goes for a piece of equipment. Once a piece of equipment is completely covered, it will suppress their power completely, the same for a person's strength. If broken though, this effect breaks and all power/strength is returned immediately.
    Range: Self
    Link to purchase: Starter
    Roland Gates

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    Re: Elysant's Abilities

    Post by Roland Gates on Tue Feb 14, 2017 1:00 pm

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