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    Post by Izanagi on Tue Feb 14, 2017 1:49 pm

    All freebies, got some left i think. kk cool cool

    Name: Trigger plate Rune
    Element: Gravity
    Ability: The caster marks a space with a rune that begins to compress air inside of the space. When the rune triggers it, releases the trapped air like a balloon and paradoxically continues to push out using gravity magic, launching any object or person that passed threw it as if the castor had thrown it/them.
    Limits: Any physical thing can trigger the rune, even unintentional folly. Anyone trigger the rune, even the caster. Can only push back objects lighter or equivalent to the caster's Mystic stat. Does no damage.
    Range:Can be up to 5ft cubed in size, of any part of the creature or object passes through, the rune triggers. Once per post.
    Link to purchase:

    Name: Gravity bomb
    Element: Gravity
    Ability: The caster compresses air inside of small balls of gravitational force and launches them at his target. When the fragile outer layer is broken, it releases a small amount of force and a sound that is deafening within two meter, but is concentration breaking within four meters. Orb can be handled by others if handled carefully.
    Limits: Once every two turns. Can only maintain as many orbs as half of caster's Mystic stat until an orb is popped.
    Range: 15m per user's Mystic skill.
    Link to purchase:

    Name: Great Gravity Bomb
    Element: Gravity
    Ability: A modified version of the Gravity bomb, The ball is now five feet in diameter and Deafens for 10 meters, and breaks concentration for 15 meters and deals double the caster's Mystic stat
    Limits:Can only be used once per every four turns, moves at a rate of 25mph if launched.
    Range: 10m per Mystic stat.
    Link to purchase:

    Name: Levitation Rune
    Element: Gravity
    Ability: Using a modified version of his gravity repulsion rune, Arthur developed this rune as means to levitate things and carry them from one place to another without having to use a complex series of levers and pulleys. Can be used on objects to move them from one place to another or on people to travel through the air. (note without the use of some sort of propellant, like wind or some other force, the average person would just float there. A gravity user can walk as if they were on the ground (using small pushes of gravity from their feet)
    Limits:Whatever is in the air, is pushing off of the ground as if it wasn't floating at all, meaning if the floor gives out, it would fall with as well, till it found another surface to push off of. The force bearing down only effects that which has the largest mass (Which in most case is your mother, Gaia[Abraxas?]). The maximum of each object that can be raised is equivalent to the caster's mystic stat converted into the strength stat. Can only carry as many things as the user has points in Mystic stat. The rune placed on object or person is like slightly dried sharpie on skin, It can be removed if vigorously rubbed off. In combat, one can be placed only once per ever two turns.
    Range: 20m per point in Mystic stat of the caster.
    Link to purchase:

    Name: Gravity well
    Element: Gravity
    Ability: Caster inscribes a rune that multiplies natural gravity of that area to 4 times its normal value, decreasing the speed values of all objects and creatures to one fourth their base speed. Anyone with a combined speed and strength value below six, only move or interact but not both at the same time, anyone above this value can do so with no additional difficulty. Gravity users are unaffected
    Limits:Destroy the rune and the field disappears. Three turn cooldown after field goes down. One turn cast duration.
    Range: 25m Diameter
    Link to purchase:

    Name: Get Over here skill
    Ability: When drawn, this rune becomes the gravitational center of everything with in its radius for about 2 seconds with the full force of the user's Mystic stat converted into Strength stat (as if the caster had lifted it and thrown it at the rune. This doesn't effect the deep dirt continuous with the earth, but the superficial dirt will leave a blooming appearance on the ground. Pebbles and rocks are fair game. Gravity users are unaffected.
    Limits: Has a Three turn cool down
    Range: 5m diameter per point in user's Mystic stat.
    Link to purchase:

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    Post by Roland Gates on Tue Feb 14, 2017 2:23 pm

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