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    Post by Athena on Wed Feb 15, 2017 9:53 pm

    Basic Info

    Name: Athena
    Nickname: Neko-Takai's girlfriend , God of War
    Gender: Appears Female
    Visual Age: 25
    Real Age: Unknown


    Athena is a uniquely powerful individual who once was even compared toward the level of gods, her ability to bolster armies that could topple entire capitals however is the acts of a teenager. As the years progressed, Athena’s maturity began to express itself in emotional waves that could change the tides of battle. One moment her ability cause everyone one man feel like one hundred, or one man was simply dead along with the rest of the platoon. A difficult war was waged as she tried to identify herself, a moment of temporary disbelief caused her to completely forget herself for centuries at a time. In this moment of time, Athena found herself at the transitioning state of her life where she frankly doesn’t know what she feels or is.

    Her emotional roller coaster ride can take her through an assortment of different states that could leave her wailing in a puddle of her own tears or the grumpy grandpa who shouts at anyone stepping on their lawn. Thankfully, a overarching personality continues to remain for all time frames of her life that focus upon her true purpose and goal in this existence. War is love, war is life. At the core of her essence she thrives on treachery and animosity of the people who worship her. No matter what beliefs one had, the act or thoughts on war continued to feed her fervor. A ferocious appetite that could swallow armies whole from their blood lust. As a war god though she tends to be a strangely gentle creature, due to the lack of physical prowess of expertise in fighting styles. A teacher of countless arts of war can’t manage to muster her own unique talents leaving her in a furious flustered state of confusion. When combating foes obviously weaker it is terrible as her own ego tends to count herself as already won, allowing them to wail on her till she realized she took too long to react. ”All I ever wanted was the blood of your enemies drenched on my garments and flooding your streets!” In the off chance that a ruler grows bored of her blessings she tends to take it as a terrible break up wondering what she did wrong.

    Athena as a human being, is quite well mannered and humorous allowing herself to be the butt of pranks as well as jokes. Due to the countless centuries of life though she tends to demands entertainment that can invigorate her own drive once more. As a war god, she tends to enjoy most rulers and their egotistical views of themselves and their country as it is  easily manipulable. A cruel sense of irony for a goddess so dangerous, she is often looked down upon as nothing but a trophy to win or maiden for rescuing despite her obvious warrior garments. After an eternity of living she tends to find herself slacking off, all the wars worth fighting already fought and the men worth seducing already seduced left a void in her heart. That void constantly eats away as she searches for people who can entertain her which is why she tends to avoid pointless contact in her feline form.

    After the offering and various rituals she tends to find herself in a mostly inebriated state, not ’Drunk on Power’ but the lack thereof. An impulsive and selfish nature takes root in her mind as she expects to be catered and pampered after her assistance and transference of powers. At the top of her game, while at the worst of it, she shows her arrogance gladly flaunting her numerous titles and accomplishments as she seeks to win honor from countless fights. Although, she is generally belligerent toward large groups of people individuals who ask her to calm down will often find quick compliance and apologies as she attempts to focus on being good which consumes her entire mental focus to preserve it causing her to seem a bit slow at times.

    As of this era though she still exhibits similar traits as the ones above she does find herself partially enlightened in her feline as all her past thoughts and memory disappear in an instance leaving her to think she was just a magical cat who had developed extraordinary powers. As a cat she often sees humans as lowly servants who must wait on her hand and foot. The role of a cat in the household of course is to act as empress of the common folk, thus she often will sit where she please and demand all sorts of delicious morsels.

    On the off chance though that she genuinely is intrigued by an individual she will quickly hop into action in winning their favor. As she tends to be rather naive of to others intents she often finds herself turning into a house cat for extended periods of time even forgetting that she has the ability of speech at certain moments. As this feline form can be increased to the size of a great tiger, her intelligence also increases as well as her bronze to face off with the opponents.

    Physical Traits

    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 132 lbs
    Hair Color/Length:
           God - Dark Brown/Medium Cut
           Cat - Snow White/Long Hair
    Eye Color:
          God - Fiery Orange
          Cat -Fiery Orange

    God -Athena’s skin has a darker lacker to it like a glaze coating over the usual pale peach flesh offering up a strange flavor to the usual person. The flesh tightly encompassing her is soft to the touch despite many odd scars and abrasions that she has pertained through some violence Each scar however is strategically located against the sides of her her torso or arms as if she had been attempting to evade the slice or stab of a weapon. Her bosom plumply mounted across her chest, concealed beneath her usual garb. As you move up you finally come to her face, a large scar stretching from the corner of her eye to her ear that is just slightly raised from the rest of her soft skin. Hidden beneath the bangs of her rather short bob cut she glares out with a flame like glow behind her eyes as if signifying the depths of the underworld.

    Cat - As a far as feline go, she appears like a normal cat or jungle cat as her size may depend. In either form she is a pure silver haired cat, with a strange design as if painted on the front. The symbol painted across her face flickers up from the base of it’s nose to the tip of it’s ears. Orange streaks of hair weaving sideways and up her feline face in the image of a flame.

    Apparel: Athena generally wears an ebony two piece gown that is two sizes too large allowing for it to drape over her figure. The top and bottom are both created with the same silk and spider web sewn together to act as a sturdy leather-like material. The black lacing dyed from the ashes of a torched town that she had watched get destroyed. The lower half of her traditional gown is a large cloth that is long at one end and growing to small quarter of a foot thick sash. It is tightly wound about her lower figure till it eventually has taken the form of a shorten dress with a missing front, with large bulky shorts from the front.

    Athena's Image:
    Athena Original_drawn_by_guweiz__sample-a18ad66c00bf3e7818ae3af9b96f338d

    Character Information

    Character's Race: Incarnation of War
    Racial Trait: Altered vision, as she is constantly viewing the world as if it were on fire as well as an increased durability and lifespan that has kept her wandering this world for so long. Shape shifting between human and cat form.

    Country: Freeland

    Primary Element: Fire

    Individual Statistics:

    StrengthSpeedEnduranceMystic PowerIntelligence
    Peasant (0)Peasant (0)Legend (10)Legend (10)Peasant (0)

    Character History


    Creation of the First Humans - As soon as the thought of man could design concepts war existed the simple tribes of humanity constructing rudimentary weapons to bash in the skulls of their enemy. This first act of hatred first inspired the being that would name herself Athena. A gorgeous prise for the first feeble minded men who stumbled across the luscious terrain. As the tribes fought her power grew stronger, each tribe leader yearning for the prize that was her approval so much as to offer her the remnants of the fallen soldiers as a sacrifice to her sheer beauty and power.

    The early years she was nothing but the epitome of power, every day she lived she found herself growing bored with one warlord and yearning for the company of another. Her own will inflicted upon the troops of those who dare thwart her desires fell victim to them. One by the name of Grod was the fiercest and gruesome of them all as he came in a large stone warhammer in hand which he brought crashing down upon his foe, Urga had last taken her to be his bride. Unfortunately, as all great men have a weakness and Grod’s was his inability to show his supremacy even over the prize he had procured. The domineering man warlord found a swift end by his would be bride after she ran him through a fiery torch she had sharpened to appear like the first of spears that were to be constructed.

    This began the reign of Athena where the warlords who all sought after her genius new weapon and intellect that came with it. The ruthless trail to her hand though was one that could only be found through the loss of more lives. The strongest warrior had all pitted themselves against one another, the mindless heathen all failing to recognize that blinding charging into the fray wasn’t the plan. An outlier among them all merely sat and gazed upon the carnage of early homosapien his own time instead being taken to craft a new weapon that was fastened between strands and wood that projected miniaturized versions of her own weapon. Athena was impressed by his invention so much that she approached him, speaking in the tongue that would soon be known by the current world as she assisted in this mass production.

    As they sat on the sidelines watching, the brilliant crafter quickly took flight to a high arching tree where he loomed over the pit sniping out the strongest and leaving the weakest to stare up in terror of his brilliant new tactic. Regald soon after won her heart as well as her hand in marriage as he then went on to establish the first known village that would assist in the very construction of war. War became his benefactor and troops quickly flocked to his side in hopes to protect their families.

    As Regald aged, he began to question the ability of Athena her never ending beauty a mystery to him to be unraveled. It wasn’t long before his curiosity and search for science caused his own unfortunate demise. He bound the woman and experimented upon her in search for a means to immortality to only awaken a new feral side that even the goddess didn’t realize existed in her. One fateful night in his dungeon he tested the limits to the point wear her human intellect snapped and raw survival instincts took over. After a might sneeze he saw the transformation, the first that sent her into the figure of a raging ivory tiger who knew no thoughts of mercy or remorse.

    The Hunt - After the unfortunate slaughter of the first real kingdom, the feral feline began to prow about in search for more strong warriors but in this case it was for it’s own pleasure. The combat and rush of adrenaline caused Athena to be completely overtaken by the primal nature again the villagers wanting to either kill or tame the great beast and destroyer that she was infamous about the local towns as the devil cat that maimed and mauled the people of any town that it came across. To be fair, they were right. Athena’s rage was mindless up till the point where she found herself ramming up against sturdy stone walls. Brute force wasn’t going to allow access to the group of succulent villagers who dwelled inside. It was their she found tranquility through captivity.

    Upon the wall countless village guards spotted the beat form of Athena who continued to gnash and slash her claws against the stone, futile attempts one after the other barely budged the sturdy wall till finally an unknown material leashed her. The chains binding tightly about her neck and legs each step they led her in closer and closer toward a great cell that was designed to imprison such creatures.
    It was months in till she finally managed to regain her self conscious, that portion of her mind that knew she was capable of human speech. The lashing whips and hateful eyes teaching her the lesson of humility in the eyes of more intelligible creatures. Every day that passed her form shrunk, and the people began to recognize the strange magic that had taken effect. By the second year she finally had laid herself to rest as the dangerous warrior of old times in the place of the giant beast.

    The village first reacted in confusion, numerous town meetings discuss the possible discipline or communication to the once odious creature that they finally ensnared. This was when she met the only man she ever truly respected and cared about. Odin recommended diplomacy, as he believed that since she was a human she probably had lost control of her power, a power that he could possibly harness for good use. At first she didn’t recognize the language, the sharp crackling flames across the foe she once hunted caused her to fear Odin till she realized that her own hatred had forever cursed her to see a world that was perpetually on fire.

    This was the moment she realized, that she recalled no portion of her memory prior and post transformation. Odin taught her how to shift in and out of forms, but it didn’t help as she came out she never could recall what had happened other than the simple fact that she knew how to talk which wasn’t normal for a cat and that she couldn’t see anything without those terrible flickering flames.
    Present - In recent years she still recalls nothing, often wandering the world as a house cat wandering in a haze as she wonders what her purpose was. Her memory while fractured at the time of Odin’s reign had fully leaped from the precipice as she no longer even knew she was once the mighty god of wars.

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