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    Children of Gods


    Children of Gods

    Post by SEDAIYUS on Mon Feb 20, 2017 8:34 am

    [url=n0xaeterna.proboards.com/]Children of Gods[/url]

    It is 2017 and the world is as we all know it. Humanity prospers with their technology and faith taking many forms. Monsters and magical creatures are hidden or take refuge in their own worlds and the gods have created an elaborate naturally occurring illusion hiding most supernatural occurrences from mortals which some refer to as the divine veil, mirage, or mist. Though some more gifted or attuned can see through it and those of divine origin or blessed are not effected. The different pantheons and factions generally stay out of each others way living where their power is the greatest and serving their followers only when it pleases them to. The world generally is left in the hands of their children; demi-gods. It is on them to protect humanity from the evils that plague them and while most affairs of the gods are left unchecked because of godly squabbles and rivalries, often demi-gods and magical beings alike are left responsible with dealing with these matters as well.

    PART 1:

    Currently a shadowy figure unseen by any seer, oracle, psychic, or divination of sight godly or otherwise is enticing chaos across many worlds, planes, and countries. Whether anyone takes notice before real damage is done remains to be seen. This figure and its agents have enticed unrest among the pantheons stirring up infighting and distracting them from noticing apocalyptic threats. As the pantheons fight amongst themselves the titans cage begins shaking loose in Tartarus, the chaos growing in the world fuels Apophis's power to the verge of breaking free from his sealment in Duat, and Ragnarök unbeknownst to Asgard approaches prematurely. The balance of Hinduism takes a terrible turn as Vishnu disappears preventing harmony within the universe invoking Shiva to plan their universes destruction early so Brahma can renew things once more. More and more demons seem to be breaking free from Hell and monsters become more and more daring as well. Will the world survive another titanomachy if it cannot be stopped? Will chaos be unleashed through Apophis? Will Ragnarök be prevented?Will balance be restored to the Daeva pantheon before drastic steps are taken? Does the demonic incursion mean the gates of Hell to Earth are about to be thrown open? In the end it appears it is up to clearer minds no matter how unprepared to find this out, but who will they be?

    Chaos will spread in a world of monsters, immortals, and gods. There is chaos on all fronts as the balance the godly pantheons have kept collapse. This sinister shadow even the gods cannot identify is letting loose the greatest evils the world has seen. It is up to the children and chosen heroes of these gods to help stop this evil and protect the mortal realms from annihilation. The titans stir ever ready to reclaim the world for themselves and punish their children and their followers, horrible monsters of legends like harpies and cyclops have began the assault already on heroes and innocent around the world, hunting any threat that might stop them. Loki convinced by an unknown figure was enticed with the aid of a handful of other Norse gods and have brought Asgard on the brink of civil war inciting conflict between the Aesir and Vanir once more with peace barely holding on. With this distraction an army of Jotunn marched into Midgard to enslave humanity to their will. Immortal giants of all kinds with great magic and strength invade secretly ready to take the world in one quick move. Set the Egyptian god of deserts, storms, strength, chaos, and evil has vowed to dethrone the current Egyptian God head Horus and as their forces clash and sides are taken, Apophis prison weakens. All because whispers in Sets ear of how unworthy Horus was of replacing Osiris when Set killed him in his first attempt at a coup and all by a mysterious figure.

    Whether you are a Demi-God, Legacy of the Gods, Descended Pharoah, or child of magic, courage, and valor, heroes will be needed, heroes will fall, but heroes must succeed!

    This is an original rpg not based cannon wise on but strongly influenced by Rick Riordans Percy Jackson & the Olympians Series, The Heroes of Olympus Series, The Kane Chronicles Series, and Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard Series. Cassandra Clare & Joshua Lewis The Mortal Instruments Series as well. TV shows like Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries/Originals, Charmed, and True Blood have inspired elements found on the site. And ideas from games like Diablo & Witcher helped too. So if you like any of these things, you might just like the site and the direction I plan to take with it, plot wise. Be the first to join and head what ever faction that interests you.

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