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    Spells and Abilities Guidelines


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    Spells and Abilities Guidelines Empty Spells and Abilities Guidelines

    Post by Abraxas on Fri Sep 23, 2011 6:32 pm

    Basic Guidelines for Spells and Abilities

    Here is the basic guide for when you want to make your abilities or spells. This includes what an Ability is, what a Spell is, What an Ultimate is and of course the do's and do not's of Abilities and Spells. If you have more questions after reading this guide, the recommendation is to Make the spell or ability then have a staff member look at it. This will be the response most of the time anyways seeing as in almost anything is allowed it just depends on how you make it. With that being said, let move on to the descriptions.

    What is a Spell?

    Spells are what are typically used by Wizards, Witches, Magi, etc. Spells only have a single purpose not a variety of ones. Cast a fire ball to burn someone, that works. Want to use a spell to unlock a door or a chest, of course you can. Want to make a spell that is capable of Summoning a demon to fight by your side, you can but it will cost 4 Spell slots to do so. Want to make a spell that makes you capable of controlling an element with your mind, sorry but that's a no go. Spells are meant to be very specific in what they're capable of doing. While they might have a variety of uses, a single spell can only do a specific thing and nothing more. This is why those that go the path of the Spell, gets 4 times the amount of spells than someone that uses Abilities. Once Spells are chosen, you must stick with spells.

    What is an Ability?

    Abilities are different from spells. Abilities are meant to cover a wider arc of uses than a spell. To say exactly what an ability can and can't do would be difficult to explain, but these are suppose to be more of like techniques or things that someone is capable of doing all the time. They are much more expansive than a spell, instead of casting a fireball they can control fire, things like that. They are still meant to be semi restricted but that is the general idea of an ability. Abilities can also be something a bit more passive, something that grants your character a bonus or benefit of some kind. Someone may also use an ability to bring forth a summon instead.

    What is an Ultimate?

    An Ultimate is the greatest ability or spell that your character possesses. This is a single use ability or spell. Unlike other abilities this is more of a specific use ability, just like spells. They are unstoppable by any means other than someone uses an Ultimate of their own. They can range in variety from an all consuming blast, a shield that cannot be broken through, or maybe a shift in their form. What ever it is it is powerful. The few exceptions to the Ultimate is that it's effects cannot be permanent and ultimates cannot be a summon. There are few exceptions to the permanent thing, but generally this is the case.

    What are the Do's and Don'ts?

    Ah the good old rules and restrictions. Luckily for you people this isn't going to be too painful. So the basic rules and regulations.

    No Instant Hits
    No Instant Kills
    No Invincibility
    Nothing Too Overpowered (This will depend partially on the grading Staff Member)
    No Instant Full Recovery

    More maybe added to this list as things progress and you members try to find away around these things, but a notice will be posted if such things happen. Thank you for reading this guide and have fun.

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