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    List of Open Elements


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    List of Open Elements

    Post by Abraxas on Sun Jul 08, 2012 9:26 am

    Open Elements

    The following is a list of Elements that are open to all members on the site. We'll put some descriptions to help you understand what the elements do.

    Basic Element Tree

    Name: Fire
    Appearance: It looks like fire.
    Strength: Wind
    Weakness: Water
    Description: Its fire. Abilities and weapons with this element burns those who are hit with them. Burns inflict constant pain to those that receive them, better get some ointment on that.
    Restrictions: N/A

    Name: Water
    Appearance: Liquid, normally thought of as blue
    Strength: Fire
    Weakness: Earth
    Description: Is very fluid, able to bend and shift in ways that no other element can. It can also be a driving force when there is a large amount of lots of pressure behind it.
    Restrictions: N/A

    Name: Wind
    Appearance: Its the wind, hard to see without any real form
    Strength: Lightning
    Weakness: Fire
    Description: Though it has no effect like Fire or Ice does, wind for the most part is difficult to see only the ripple in the air its self caused by the force of it will give it away.
    Restrictions: N/A

    Name: Lightning
    Appearance: Looks like Lightning or Electricity
    Strength: Earth
    Weakness: Wind
    Description: Lightning Shocks, that's what it does, so lightning in this case it can stun or paralyze a person hit with it.
    Restrictions: N/A

    Name: Earth
    Appearance: Usually Stone or Dirt
    Strength: Water
    Weakness: Lightning
    Description: Earth is naturally strong and thus naturally has increased defensive power against other magics beside its own weakness.
    Restrictions: N/A

    Clue 2 - Yes it was a misdirect, there is no spoilers. The Imps note had no clear direction into how you can find cupid but it did hold a Map with a place marked that might help you. Further into the Kalidor forest you must go, there is hermit a little ways deeper into the forest heading east. It is said on the map that he has the ability to feel all the creatures in the forest. He can easily pick out each and tell you it's entire life story. Whether this is true or not doesn't matter, this is your best bet when it comes to finding the one called Cupid. Be wary though, the area around his home has several quicksand pits, deadly vines that will grab you and try to pull you apart, and worst of all it is said that there are flowers that grow all over that cause Hallucinations when you breath their pollen. You must navigate these dangers to the best of your ability, be aware there is no way for you to escape all of them without incident, especially the flowers because it's Pollen Season.

    Basic Alignment Tree
    Name: Dark
    Appearance: Black in color, magic cast by this element usually looks wicked somehow
    Strength: Arcane
    Weakness: Light
    Description: Dark magic is usually associated with Evil. As such those that use it are usually evil themselves. This magic usually is associated with Destruction
    Restrictions: N/A

    Name: Light
    Appearance: Made of the Purest white, spells used with this usually has a purity to it.
    Strength: Dark
    Weakness: Arcane
    Description: Light Magic is normally linked with Good or can be considered Holy. So normally those that use this magic are aligned to good. This magic is normally deal with Healing
    Restrictions: N/A

    Name: Arcane
    Appearance: Arcane is Pure Magic, appearance may change based on user
    Strength: Light
    Weakness: Dark
    Description: Arcane is neutral, neither good or evil. Because it is just a neutral form, isn't associated with anything and thus can be used in more ways than other magic can.
    Restrictions: N/A

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