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    The Dawn of a New Journey (Navi Training Topic)


    The Dawn of a New Journey (Navi Training Topic)

    Post by Guest on Mon Nov 18, 2013 2:46 pm

    Darkness. Simply black surrounding him from all sides. Was this where the portal had taken him? Some part of the empty infinity of space? Maybe a strange dimension where nothing existed, a black area where life had never taken form. 

    Oh wait, his eyes were closed. 

    They now blinked open to see this strange world around him. Navi was lying on his back, staring up at the sky with trees reaching out for the stars in his peripheral vision. After a few moments to appreciate the beauty, he sat up, finding himself. An entire forest already, a large smile spreading across Navi's face as the possibilities and secrets that could be hidden around the planet washed over him. After a few moments he worked his way onto his feet, a whole new place and world to explore had been opened up to him. 

    No familiarity, nobody to tell him otherwise, and most importantly: no maps. 

    Navi breathed a short sigh as he looked over his person, glancing especially at his amulet and looking over all his clothing. After checking his pockets and stretching out his arms, it seemed like everything made it through the portal in one piece. All of the items he had were still on him as well. "All of the items" being only a couple pieces of equipment of course, but that and his instinct was all he needed. In his right jacket pocket a grappling hook was tucked away with a considerable amount of rope rolled up. The rope was loosely attached to one of the belts on his pants, allowing for a quick rapel if needed. At the same time, the hook could be easily accessed to reach a variety of hidden places that would otherwise be very difficult to get to. Over his youth he had plenty of time to master throwing it and wrapping it around a variety of creative objects as a tether. 

    His second and only other notable piece of equipment was his amulet, a token that strengthened his magical ability considerably. It had the ability to generate a variety objects, but most importantly a bow that he could fire certain spells from at a longer range. It was always handy to have a few combat abilities up your sleeve, especially if you find yourself confronted by a wild beast or two. 

    The boy stretched his shoulders out and put on his right hand, stretching it open to reveal a ball of blue and white magic that glowed in front of him. It seemed he still had his powers for the most part as well, they would undoubtedly be helpful on a foreign planet. In school everyone called him "Ezreal" a name based on a celebrity with magical talent that traveled a lot back on his home planet. He came away with that nickname with some level of pride, since his favorite hobby was traveling and his preferred talent was magic usage. He graduated as a "mage" pretty easily and early, having a natural talent for it and carving out his own style of combat as more of a rapid spell caster. 

    The night sky shone over the boy, and without any sense of direction or bearings yet, Navi began to walk. The random direction he found himself in seemed to take him deeper into the forest, surrounded by distant chirping and wildlife oddities somewhat similar to what he had seen in the more exotic places of his old planet. Perhaps they had similar eco systems, or maybe this was just one of the few places that bore any resemblance. Either way, these short discoveries only served as encouragement as Ezreal pressed on. 

    After a few minutes of walking a strange growl broke the soothing mixture of chirps and insect music that had come to dominate the forest. Whirling around Ezreal's eyes locked with a wolf-looking creature, the beast about ten meters away with two more coming up on either side of the threatening creature. At first Navi continued backing up, wanting to get further away from the beast and not wanting to start a fight if he didn't have to with innocent creatures. The small pack of wolves creeped closer though, making Navi realize he was likely perceived as their prey. 

    His left hand glowed luminously before two prongs for a bow sprouted from either side of his now outstretched arm. An arrow appeared in his right hand now, both objects glowing with a blue light that created a dim light in the forest. The creatures growled, likely seeing this as a threat and beginning to charge in a triangle formation. The arrow spins around in Ezreal's hand with some finesse, being notched onto the string before firing a moment later on the beast at the front of the pack. The projectile flew forth, sticking itself directly into the skull of the incoming beast and killing it instantly, the momentum causing it to slide forward through the dirt for about a meter before coming to a stop. 

    Immediately following the arrow fire came the appearance of another bolt of energy mounted on Ezreal's bow, the second projectile being fired at the second wolf and its death almost mirroring the one of his comrade. As the third and final wolf pounced towards him, an envelope of bright energy surrounded the boy, his movement allowing him to roll under the lunging beast and appear behind it. This motion appears to be teleportation to the average viewer, as such a maneuver is done almost instantaneously. As the wolf lands on the ground having jumped through the thin air Navi had just disappeared from, a wave of energy flies forth from behind to slam into the creature, killing it immediately. 

    With a sigh he puts his hands in his pockets, stretching his arms a bit and letting the energy bow dissipate a moment later. It didn't seem like there were any other predators nearby, allowing for Ezreal to continue his journey through the forest. A short while later a small settlement appears to him in the distance. Surprisingly he had found civilization rather quickly in this place. With a shrug he heads towards the town with a smile on his face, curious to see what the native people of this planet look like.

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    Re: The Dawn of a New Journey (Navi Training Topic)

    Post by Abraxas on Tue Nov 19, 2013 6:34 pm

    10,500 Ryo granted for this training thread

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