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    General Plot to Abraxas


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    General Plot to Abraxas

    Post by Abraxas on Wed Jun 20, 2012 8:12 pm

    Plot to Abraxas

    Abraxas, a planet located far out on the edge of the universe, is a world of Magic all of its own. The planet rich with resources and life of almost every kind save for that of any sentient beings. No one was sure how it happened, when it started or even why, but out of no where beings like those of the elves, orcs, demons, etc. started to appear upon its surface. Though not one of these people were aware of how they arrived on Abraxas, each story of what had happened on their planet it before hand was all the same. Each group of a semi large number was in one way or another lost, whether it was in a forest, desert, mountain pass or even the sea. After traveling for what seemed like weeks, the groups would finally find something to indicate a change in scenery. Those on the sea would find land, in a forest would find an exit, so on and so forth. There was only one problem, the places they were now was no longer their home.

    This wasn't the only change that those who had arrived on Abraxas noticed. There were those that had arrived on Abraxas were on their own world they had been living gods, with power that could be not be matched by any of there people. Upon those that were gods arrival to Abraxas they noticed a considerable drop in their powers becoming barely stronger than those that served them. In contrast those that had once been powerless seemed to gain strength and abilities that allowed them to up rise against they're weakened gods. Not all the people new to this world suffered this change but for those who did it meant a power struggle. War broke between the old gods and they once servants. They gods greatly out numbered sought to find allies with others they found on the planet bringing almost every species to join in the fight. The war was brutal leaving much of the land damage beyond repair. The cities that had been built so far, crumbled beneath the continual onslaught that erupted from all sides. Parts of the land changed forever, volcanoes now erupting where the had been none, deserts taking the place of what was once forests. It was destruction and death everywhere, the war lasting for several hundreds of years.

    It was in the seventh century of the war that it finally came to an end. The hatred of the past having long been forgotten and the having been nothing more than tradition, the leaders of each war faction came to a cease fire that allowed the planet of Abraxas to finally be at peace. There was still some issues that the faction leaders took many years to decide, such as the division of the land to support each factions. The bickering over the land dispute nearly started another war, but in the end they were able to divide the land save one spot they called the neutral zone. These divisions of land eventually became the countries they are now today with the neutral zone being decided to be called the Freelands.

    The countries lived in relative peace, a shaky alliance among every country. There were still those that wished for the fight to continue and they often formed bands that would strike at each country in attempt to start up another war. These bands usually led by a powerful creature called the Shinga, a terrifying being that none but the strongest members of each countries military were able to put down. These groups of renegades were often put down almost as quickly as they were started, though usually at great cost to each country. At times still these groups would be successful in their attempts and small wars would break out among the countries, but nothing that even came close to the full scale war that had once ravaged the world. Even with these short skirmishes among the countries, the peace on Abraxas still held.

    Centuries of years have past leading to the present. It had been a hundred years since the last time a being that could be called a Shinga had been located, though rebels still attempt to strike at the countries. The Appearance of other beings from different worlds still on occasion arrive to Abraxas, confused and wondering where they were and how they got there. (The current technology level is similar to the same tech era as medieval Europe) This is where your story begins, born on Abraxas or appear after being lost on your own home world is for you to decide. Choose your path, native or new comer, rebel or loyal countryman, and become a Legend on Abraxas........

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