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    Guidelines for Summoners


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    Guidelines for Summoners Empty Guidelines for Summoners

    Post by Abraxas on Mon Jul 04, 2016 5:07 pm

    Guidelines for Summoners

    If you decided to become a Summoner, hopefully by now you put Summoning as your Primary Element in the Character App. If you haven't go do that now........ Ok, you're back right? Good, now lets move on with what you need to know. So Summoners are different than anyone else on the site. Summoners, in general, don't like to be in the center of the action, nor do they particularly like to put themselves in any dangerous situation. To avoid this they summon creatures or beings to do their work for them instead. Below are the needs to know about Summoners and their Summons.

    Special Rules for Summoners

    Summoners are capable of summoning creatures or beings that can aid them in any thread. While that is not entirely unique, Summons called forth by a Summoner are the only ones that gain spells or abilities of their own. Because of this Summoners have a greater limitation on their stats compared to everyone else. They may have two Legendary Stats like everyone else, but from that point on their stats may not rise above Fighter. As well, any time a Summoner purchases a Stat Upgrade for themselves, they get a Stat Upgrade for 1 summon as well.

    How can I make a Summon?

    A summon is anything that your character can bring for that takes on a life of it's own. If you wish to summon a demon or maybe bring the dead back to life, this is how you go about doing it. Summoning is just the creature or creatures, yes you may have a single summon ability summon multiple things though they are all weaker than just one summon. The last thing on summons, most of the time there must be a duration and a cool down period before you can summon again. However, you can by pass this restriction as long as you make it so that if the summon is destroyed, you may not re-summon it.

    Summon Statistics

    Summons, like Player Characters, get stats. They basically follow the same pattern that a Player's stats have with a few exceptions. The Exceptions:

    • Summons lack the Intel Stat. They have a set number of skills which will be explained later
    • Starting Stats for Summons are only allowed 6 upgrades
    • A Summon's stats can never be higher than the Summoner's Mystic Power Stat
    • A Summon can only have 1 Legend Stat, 1 at Hero, The rest cannot be higher than Warrior.
    • Stat Upgrades for a Summon is a lot cheaper than for Characters.

    Summons Abilities/Skills

    Just like with Characters, Summons made by Summoners gain abilities or spells themselves. They all start off 1 Ability or 4 Spells, following the same rules for those as normal characters. Summoners can purchase 1 Additional Ability for a Summon or up to 4 Additional Spells.

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