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    Post by Eleisys on Tue Jul 12, 2016 1:01 pm

    Basic Info
    Name: Eleisys Faerwyn (Born Quetsiyah Galadria)
    Nickname: Elise, Lise, Lady Eleisys
    Gender: Female
    Visual Age: 21
    Real Age: 113
    Personality: Eleisys is kind and cares deeply for the people she loves and will come to the aid of anyone who should ask her for it, rapid-firing apologies if she had done something to upset others, likely inheriting this habit from her adoptive mother. Despite having been sheltered throughout all of her childhood, she is quite social and conversational, as well as persuasive to the point of convincing some of the Mavenwood Soldiers to join her cause. Aside from being unusually charismatic and attracting people to her, Eleisys is also mentioned to have a way with animals, as it is said the that taming animals was always natural. As she spent the majority of her time growing up within the Northern Territories of Thaindruil land, Eleisys is very curious about the outside world, and quite eager to come across new sights.

    She is often conflicted on her feelings toward the Mavenwood Elves, due to knowing that she is the true heir to their throne, but she knows in her heart that from the history of the wars that had taken place within Sanrin, that Mavenwood had been nothing, but selfish. While she can understand their anger when Titania had fallen, the Kitsune have proven to care more deeply about the forest they call home than the Mavenwood do now. It has come to a point where their cities have become more urban and wasteful, all because of their fury and lust for revenge.

    She does not truly know much about the powers she holds, because she herself has not been able to use this power. It only comes in times of great peril, and the only times she has ever encountered it, she had blacked out completely. This engraved a fear of the celestial energy within her, as she does not know if she will ever be able to fully control it, unleashing devastating power onto anyone who she comes in contact with.

    Because of the fueds between Thandruil and Mavenwood, Eleisys is forced to choose in what she believes in. Mavenwood is her true home, and yet, it’s as though they only want her for what she holds within. Thaindruil may have been deceitful by robbing her as a child and forcing her to stay sheltered for the first few decades of her life, but they were the ones who then treated her as their own and protected her as though she were truly one of them. She only wants peace between the two, and she knows that this may never happen.

    Despite being sheltered as a child, Eleisys is no stranger to the battlefield. The King and Queen fully trusted her to be able to go on hunting and scouting missions, as well as meeting with other diplomats within Sanrin who hold same alliances. She had been slowly learning the ropes of how to become a ruler herself one day, as the Queen had fully intended on having her rule when their reign of power had ended.
    After the attack on Thaindruil, Eleisys was forced to run and never look back. Her mother had promised that they would soon meet again, and that they would be okay, but as she had fled from the city, large flames had towered over the trees, and she feared the worst. She knew that if the Mavenwood soldiers had gotten ahold of her, she would be forced back to their ranks, and if she disagreed to cooperate, they would imprison her. She now travels within the forest, trying to keep a low profile, and being somewhat weary of trusting strangers, although she is secretly longing to find companionship so that she doesn’t have to be alone anymore.

    Physical Traits
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 115 lbs
    Hair Color/Length: Silver/Falls to mid back
    Eye Color: Primarily Gray, but turn brown when threatened
    Eleisys Faerwyn  Elf_dr10

    One strange anomaly of the elves that differentiates from most other races, is that their eyes will adapt to the mood of the individual. While most elves naturally appear to have green or blue eyes, they will fade into a deep chestnut color when they become angered, focused, or feel threatened. It acts as a defense mechanism to scare away certain creatures and unknowing travels that trespass into sacred land.

    Another signature more seen in the royalty of the elves, are Eleisys's silver locks. Most elves are born with natural hairs of brown, blonde, black, or red, however due to the mystical birthright of heirs to the throne, Elves of nobility often have hair that appears platinum or silver.

    Eleisys enjoys interchanging between keeping her hair down and putting it into two pigtail braids. Depending on the nature of her plans, she will choose to keep it back, or to let it flow. She favors the flowing look over the braids, for the most part.

    The princess wears earthy colors as most wood elves do, in order to camouflage with the forests. As such, they often wear colors of browns and greens. Eleisys often wears a deep green tunic with long, leather brown boots that stop past her knees and gloves. Over this, she wears a long, dark brown cloak.

    Character Information
    Character's Race: Elf (Host of the Celestial)
    Racial Trait: While others of elven race are limited in their heightening of senses, Eleisys hosts the very spirit of the Celestial Goddess that has, according to legend, made the elves who they are today. This immense power gives Eleisys the ability to hear, see, smell, and detect magic on a much higher level than her elven brethren.
    Country: Sanrin
    Primary Element: Light

    Individual Statistics:
    -Strength: Citizen
    -Speed: Warrior
    -Endurance: Militia
    -Mystic Power: Warrior
    -Intelligence: Soldier

    Character History
    Background: Before the Sanrin war, there was only peace. Lead by the Fairy Queen Titania, the Goddess of Elves and Sprites, the elven race was united under one city known as Mavenwood. The Elves had originated in this land and have always lived in harmony. It was only until foreign races from outside of Abraxas had arrived to Sanrin when tension began to increase.

    The race that concerned Titania the most was the Kitsune clan. She did not understand their potential or what they had desired from the lush forests of Sanrin, and therefore was afraid for her kin. When they had begun their journey to finding humanoid forms, she feared for the worst. What if these beasts could not control their animalistic behaviors when the free will of man took over? She feared for the forest and so did many of the other gods. It was then decided that they would have to do everything they can to stop them.

    No one was prepared for the devastation that came with the Nine Tailed Fox being released from Kurama. Many gods had fallen to his demonic power, and Titania feared she would not survive to save her people. She had then made the ultimate decision to sacrifice herself, using the last of her energy to transfer what was left of her celestial being into the Queen of Elves, Aewhen before disappearing completely.

    Aewhen was unable to use the power she was granted. Titania had known that now would not be the time to act upon trying to slay the Nine Tailed Beast, and therefore made her power unable to be used for thousands of years. Since the average lifespan of an Elf had been 700-900 years, Aewhen would never see the power herself. She had to ensure that her line would continue, for when the time came that the power be released.

    Many elves began to branch off from Mavenwood as the centuries passed. After Titania and many other gods had fallen, the Kitsune clan had become rather quiet once being granted their wishes. Many had even sought to protect their new home, the forest and had not become hostile unless attacked. This caused many mixed emotions toward the Kitsune clan for many elves, causing several hundreds to branch off and even create alliances with Kitsune. They no longer agreed with Mavenwood's militant ways and only wanted to live in peace. Many even offered to fight alongside the Kitsune if Mavenwood ever waged war.

    Because of this, several clans had formed, though the main villages had included the ever living Mavenwood, and a new haven known as Thaindruil.

    Eleisys, born Quetsiyah Galadria, was the daughter of Queen Arindel and King Arathor of Mavenwood, and is a known heir to the power of Titania. Many people foresaw Quetsiyah of being the next able descendant to harness the power, and therefore there was great celebration when she was born. This, of course, concerned many elves of Thaindriel, and several of the Kitsune, since many had known that Mavenwood would attempt to use her as a weapon to wipe out the Kitsune and gain dominion over Sanrin.

    It was then decided that something needed to be done.

    The Queen of Thaindruil, Elewhyn had planned out a kidnapping of the child. Many of the elves had wanted to simply kill the child, in order for the power to lay dormant once more, but Elewhyn had felt that the child deserved a chance to live a better life. When Quetsiyah was only 6 months old, several trained soldiers of Thaindriel had climbed into her bedroom and snatched her in the night.

    The child was then renamed Eleisys, and given an entirely new identity as the Princess of Thaindruil.

    Although there was an uproar about Eleisys going missing, the Thaindruil Elves took every precaution they could to protect the child and make it seem as though she was not the princess they were looking for. This, of course, lead to further strain on the relationship between Mavenwood and Thaindruil. They believed that the Kitsune people were behind her disappearance, and promised to reap the forest until she was found. Eleisys was kept hidden within the northern most territory that was aligned to the Thaindruil elves, within a keep for twenty years of her life. When she had finally been released, she was taken to the actual city, where she then learned the truth of who she was on the way.

    Eleisys had a run in with someone who had claimed to be her brother, and that she belonged in Mavenwood with her real family. He called her Quetsiyah, and said that his name was Leonitas. The Thaindruilian soldiers had quickly intervened though, creating enough of a distraction until she was safely escorted away.

    Confused by the altercation that took place, The King and Queen had decided that it was time to tell her of her past. They admitted to her what they had done when she was born, and explained their reasoning. She could barely believe what they had told her, living her entire life to believe that the Mavenwood Alliance were evil and selfish, and yet, the very people who raised her were just as deceitful.

    It took several months before she could fully understand just what her parents had done for her though, and why they took the actions that they did. And while Mavenwood was her true home, she knew that their hearts were not in the right place.

    It's been over a century since Eleisys had been taken by the Thaindruil Elves, and the Mavenwood Legions have continued searching the forests for any signs of Quetsiyah. Her brother had alerted their birth parents that he believed that the Thaindruil princess was truly his sister, and so the King and Queen of Mavenbrook  It wasn't very long ago that one of the scouts had caught their eyes on Eleisys, who had been out on a mission, gauging that her magical affinity was off the charts. It was so overwhelming, that there was no denying that she had to be Quetsiyah. When word had been given back to Mavenbrook, it had been decided that it was time to attack.

    As smoke filled the skies and trees burned to the ground, the city of Thaindruil was taken by the legions of Mavenwood. The royal family had feared for this moment and had arranged an escape for such plans to happen. The had taken Eleisys away from the fires, begging her to run, going as far from Thaindruil as possible, and that they would reunite with time. She is now on the run, trying to stay hidden from Mavenwood.
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