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    Post by Axium Zikari on Fri Jan 06, 2017 6:24 pm

    Basic Info
    Name: Axium Zikari
    Nickname: Mage Killer
    Gender: Male
    Visual Age: 28
    Real Age: 28
    Personality: Axium is a very very straight-forward person and sadly somewhat of a common trope, or so he thinks. He tries his best to act like the knight in white shining armor around those who do not know him, and to be honest, he does it around those he IS close to too. He tries to act like he is stronger than he really is and even when he is proven horribly wrong, either by a test or show of strength or just a straight up beat-down, he tends to act like he was not even trying. He also tends to be a bit of a ditzy person when it comes to more social etiquette, usually going a bit too over board on the niceties and courtesies, making them look like jokes.

    Even with all these slight flaws he has, he tends to have a very kind heart and the right intentions. He tends to try to make friends with people, rather than going straight for the 'your probably a jerk, and I hate you' route. Even deeper with his friendships, he tends to let people get close to him rather quickly, for better or for worst. His overall nature is with good intent and just sometimes says or does the wrong things at times.

    When it comes to combat though is where is varies, and tends to have completely polar opposites depending on the situation.When it comes to just a standard sparring match, with say a comrade or friend, he tends to keep his happy tone often complimenting them on their technique or last maneuver. He rarely keeps grudges in these matches and tends to not take them seriously even though he most likely should at times. He does tend to make more mistakes when in a for-fun-match than he would normally, causing him to look more like an idiot than he actually is. He just likes to have fun and to do new things, and to help others improve their own game at the same time.

    Now, with the aforementioned 'polar opposite' is when he comes into contact with a hostile group member or the target of a mission. At this point, he would most likely already have knowledge of what he would be coming into contact with and would change almost instantly. Axium becomes quite cold to his surrounding, looking to have the focus of a hunting dog and the metaphorical senses of a prowling tiger. He tends to turn into more of a hunter, looking for his prey rather than his normal care-free self. Axium also starts to be more aware of his allies, keeping track of almost their every movement to ensure their safety, more so over his own. In the end, he turns into a more serious and focused member of the team, trying his best to coordinate with them and to help them survive.

    When it comes to Axium being part of a team or leading a team, he tends to not differ from his usual pieces of personality, still trying to keep them all at the most safest part of the group and using his skills to the utmost advantage. He is still as careful as he can be and still like to plan as much as he can before engagements.

    Physical Traits
    Height: 6'1"(185cm)
    Hair Color/Length: Axium's hair is a well groomed jet black. The length is longer than most men's along with being more tended to than most.
    Eye Color: Violet

    Axium stands tall and built, living a militaristic life sculpting his sun-kissed body. He wears two kinds of outfits, his preferred black suit and trench coat or his red samurai like armor. His suit consists of a black coat with magenta highlights decorating the outline of it. Beneath the coat lies a standard black and white suit, looking clean and ironed. His 'warriors' outfit looks to be a personal design of a samurai's armor, being a combination of blacks, reds, oranges, and yellows in the form of fire.
    Axium Zikari  Latest?cb=20130826171539

    Character Information
    Character's Race: Human [Ki User]
    Racial Trait:The Use of Ki: This trait simply causes all of the abilities used by this race to be based off of Ki, rather than the base energy used in the world.
    Country: Akiraka
    Primary Element: Arcane
    Individual Statistics:
    -Strength: Fighter
    -Speed: Warrior
    -Endurance: Fighter
    -Mystic Power: Peasant
    -Intelligence: Citizen

    Character History
    The Story of Soldier:

    For one to know the circumstances the young Axium was born into, one must know the family in which he descends from. The Zikari family are long line of warriors and soldiers spanning almost to the beginning. During the wars, they fought for whoever paid them the most and could provided them the most blood. As time went on, their name gain prestige, power, and infamy among the battlefield. This was able to be achieved through their families natural abilities and unique powers. They brought the power of Ki into this world and were masters of its power. Even through countless trials and attempts, this power could never be replicated without the blood of a Zikari. Eventually they settled within the faction that is known today as Akiraka, providing a military school to the country. As time passed, the point was reached when the next heir to the Zikari name was born.

    Axium was the first male child born from his generation, granting him the title of heir to the Zikari Militiary School. His time as a newborn were similar to that of lower nobility. He received proper care and nurturing from house maids and butlers, ensuring that he would grow without any problems. As he grew older, he reached his toddler years and started a academic  program. This program had Axium on an accelerated learning curriculum, in hopes of teaching him the basics within a few years. With the program progressing, and with great success, Axium was learning even faster than expected.

    More years passed and the time had come for Axium to begin his combat training. This training brought him into manhood, and a new life. No longer was he pampered by the house or by those around, rather he was thrown into a open field. It was here, with his teacher, that he lived, trained, and survived for years. With his time, he learned to use his weapon of choice, a halberd, and mastered its techniques and flaws. Eventually, he had completed his weapon training, even to the point he could teach others and was sent back to the school to learn his next technique, Magic Negation.

    This technique was passed down through the main branch, and was the treasured strength of the family. It was also the time for Axium to learn it, and he was truly ready for it. At this point, one would consider Axium to be a prodigy and it continued to show as he learned a technique that took most a lifetime to learn. With the years progressing, Axium began to learn its in and outs and joined Akiraka's military. At the age of 28, Axium has learned all he can and now protects the country with his life. He waits for his next story to happened, and seeks it with great anticipation.
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    Source: Takai

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    Post by Takai on Thu Jan 12, 2017 6:45 pm

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