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    Post by Zerina Zayne on Tue Jan 10, 2017 9:58 am

    Zerina Zayne 0cPrrxR
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    Zerina Zayne V6lLFYN

    Name: Zerina Zayne
    Nickname: The Rainbow Reaper
    Gender: Female
    Visual Age: 20
    Real Age: 346
    Personality: Zerina has always been alone, Since the dawn of her existence the only thing that kept her going was the thought of her family and race surviving on wards. Her race had been hunted for their supernatural abilities in which Slave Masters craved. Riddled with time and emotions in what seemed like a never ending abyss of regret and failure, Zerina had traveled this world searching for answers which had only ended in strengthening her Darkness and loner personality. However, even so, Zerina had found glimmers of light within herself that she often brought out when the scene was filled with fun and joy.
    Alas, When the fun was done she would still seep back into the shadows of her own thoughts and reminisce in the fading memories of her past.

    Beginning her spiritual walk about when she was 246 she had seen the ages of this cursed plane of existence for nearly one hundred years. Zerina had learned to love the moments she had while still hating the countless kings and governments that had rose and fallen. Those who had crossed her path know her to be scary and heartless; seeing within her eyes that there is no longer anyone for her to trust or look up to for support. Therefore she avoids working with others and In combat she would rather go out on her own, keeping hidden in the darkness than to fight side by side with anyone.

    Zerina does, however, have a soft spot for slaves and will do anything in her power to free those enslaved by others. Zerina will stop at nothing to get to the bottom of mysteries and will also fight anyone who is powerful enough to stand up to her. Zerina overall is one scary, Loner, that people will avoid at any cost, especially in a dark alley.

    Zerina Zayne HmCZm6X

    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 140LB
    Hair Color/Length: Zerina has Jet black hair that flows down her spine like the feathers of a Raven. Her hair reaches all the way to the base of her spine and shines with a radiant Abyss.
    Eye Color: A Majestic Emerald Green.

    Zerina Zayne DWfjS8P

    Zerina Zayne HCeD8oT

    Zerina Zayne T72mg8g

    Zerina Zayne 2oOP3Ic

    Zerina Zayne GCNGuAQ

    Zerina Zayne DrtB4XG

    Zerina Zayne KziufQM

    Character's Race: Zerina Zayne WhNaW90
    Racial Trait: Faery Orb: Able to transform at will into a 5 Inch X 5 Inch Orb that is able to change Its color and Either Glows with that color or becomes Dark and Hidden.

    Country: The Freelands
    Primary Element: Light
    Individual Statistics:
       -Strength: Peasant
       -Speed: Fighter
       -Endurance: Bandit
       -Mystic Power: Fighter
       -Intelligence: Bandit

    Zerina Zayne J6DKKZA
    Background: Our Tale begins on a Dark and stormy night.. The wind howled like a grey wolf to the full moon and it spun around like a Tasmanian Devil eating Candy. The Dark Faery tribe had just finished their evening rites and everyone was off to bed. However, unlike other nights the Dark Faery world turned upside down. One moment they were safely within their own world.. and the next, Gone. Their race had been wiped off of one map and slapped on another.. But who could have done this? ..Or Rather.. What could have? Among the Faery Tribes there was a Fae no older than 203. A curious and beautiful Faery that was quite happy where she was; However, Even though she was one of the Happiest among the Tribes, This new land would cause her to seep into the darkest planes of emotion and dismay. After the race had been taken away from their original home they set off into this foreign world in hopes to build themselves a new life. The Race had traveled by Faery dust which in Fae Terms is flying, Into the Forest they went and when they stopped they had arrived at the deepest point, Calling it their new home. The Tribes called it the Emerald Forest but of course, it was probably called something different..

    Zerina was the youngest daughter of the Zayne Clan but she was in fact high royalty and knew of the Rainbow Magic which was passed down to all high royals. For 43 years the clan remained untouched and in harmony with both nature and themselves until one fateful day. Slavers and Warriors came into the deepest parts of the forest searching for a run away slave but instead they found the Faery Tribes. They quickly dashed, chaining and capturing all they could before they fought back. Zerina watched as fire consumed her home and her race was enslaved. Trembling, She fled her home in hopes they would not get her.. But if she would have stayed to fight like the rest she may have been able to free her Family and Race.. She did not realize this until it was too late. Luckily for Zerina she had escaped without them knowing but at the price of Regret, Sadness, and a Dark Abyss in her heart that was cursed upon her. And So.. This tale Began Zerina's Journey to find her family, Home, and Race with nothing but her mother's Crimson Umbrella and the clothes on her back.
    Alt Purchase Link: N/A

    Extras! (optional!) N/A

    Source: Amichu

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    Statistics : The Grim Reaper
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    MYS: Knight
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    Post by Takai on Sat Jan 14, 2017 4:12 pm

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