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    Roland Gates Empty Roland Gates

    Post by Roland Gates on Wed Jan 11, 2017 7:14 am

    Basic Info
    Name: Roland Gates
    Nickname: (I suppose he'll earn one at some point or another)
    Gender: Male
    Visual Age: 18
    Real Age: 18
    Personality: A mostly mild-mannered, sensitive yet serious young man. Due to his often infectious cheerful manner he is rarely on bad terms with anyone and more often than not decides to make friends with the people he meets, whether they like it or not. He can be very affectionate and is often quick to resort to hugs, petting and the like when dealing with people he likes, this goes especially for small animals and cute enough monsters. He tries to keep a positive outlook on life, that being hard at times given how he's perfectly aware just how horrible the world can be to perfectly good people. He's very open about his feelings, always acting in a manner befitting his mood rather than keeping up appearances.

    Now free from the oppressive government of his homeworld, he's out to do good for no reason other than the act in itself. To him, performing good deeds isn't as much a matter of self-imposed duty as it is something he genuinely wants to do. Most people tend to dismiss his endearing positivity as an overbearing naivete on his part, the truth rather being that he does his utmost best to see the best in people, choosing to focus on the bright side of things as a means for him to cope with the obvious cons of the world.

    He views authority with indifference given the nature of his former superiors, putting much more faith in his own judgement than he would a king or god. That's not to say he's unwilling to work under others, just that he's prone to disobeying orders provided he doesn't like them. He's not opposed to the concept of order in its entirety and may even accept it as necessary or even good, but he will never let such laws get in the way of him doing the right thing. To him, laws are within reason as long as they don't needlessly restrict people's lives in any way. Should they do so, he will take action if possible, willing to break another 10 laws if doing so would be setting things straight. Needless to say, he's very much for freedom unless such freedom is used to delibarately harm others in which case he will strike such villains down. Slavery in particular is the single-handedly most vile of crimes in his eyes, more than willing to brutalize whoever dares to tell him they legally own another person.

    He's possessed of a great intellect, able to grasp theoretical work on a high level but somehwat lacking in putting such into practice, this reflecting especially in combat where he's very grateful to have his Summonings to provide support and make up for the things he couldn't possibly achieve by his own power. His considerable experience gained as a soldier and Summoner has made him a more than capable leader, capable of directing his allies and adapt to the flow of battle accordingly, this extending to both his Summons and whoever else might find themselves under his command. While he's seen plenty of death throughout his life and being accountable for quite a share of such, he will not kill without proper reason to do so, more prone to take prisoners and would never lay a hand on an innocent. Still, if required to kill for the better good or in the defense of himself and/or others, he won't hesitate in the slightest.

    Having spent two thirds of his life in service to an oppressive military regime, it's a wonder to many just how Roland ended up as well mannered as he did. The answer being that the powerful Espers he bonded with would come to practically raise him given his lack of a proper parent figure by the time he was conscripted. In more than one way, they'd become more or less a family to him, each and every one of them having fostered very specific traits of his, for better or worse.  

    He considers himself a great judge of character, quick to put his trust in people who strikes his fancy and just as quick to blow off people who doesn't. He's very relaxed and laid-back while in the company of friends, and will force a reserved and almost stuck-up attitude when forced to deal with the sort of people he'd rather just sic his Summons on and get it over with. As for romantic interests, assuming he ever finds one, he'd probably be unable to keep it cool nor properly conceal his feelings on the matter. In any case, anyone dear to him is guaranteed the support of him and his Summons, thinking not even twice about defending his loved ones from harm.

    Physical Traits
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 132lbs
    Hair Color/Length: Blonde/Medium
    Eye Color: Light Blue
    Appearance: A youth of fair skin, medium length blonde hair and light blue eyes. Possessed of almost-feminine features, silky blond hair and what one might describe as a refined beauty, his eyes bright yet sharp. He's more often than not seen wearing the very same uniform he would wear while in servive to the military in his world of origin. That which consists of a black jacket with brass-like shoulderguards, white pants, a medium-sized red cape and a brown pack. He's somewhat below the average height for a man his age, his height only serving to betray his physical prowess, sporting a fit enough body under that uniform of his. He carries himself in such a manner that he comes off as both laid-back yet dignified at the same time, this stemming from his body refusing to fully let go off it's military upbringing, still insisting to upkeep proper posture.
    Roland Gates Latest?cb=20160221093102

    Character Information
    Character's Race: Human
    Racial Trait: Thanks to the specialized operative training he received in his world of origin, he has developed a sort of sixth sense which allows him to sense and accurately gauge magical energy as if by second nature.
    Country: Ryuujin
    Primary Element: Summoner
    Individual Statistics:
    -Strength: Bandit
    -Speed: Soldier
    -Endurance: Militia
    -Mystic Power: Legend
    -Intelligence: Citizen

    Character History
    Roland Gates was born to the realm of Eos, a realm of constant conflict in which the magic arts is mostly used to further such conflicts and specifically developed to do just that. Despite several groundbreaking discoveries in the the field of magic, it couldn't make up for actual soldiers to channel said discoveries. Actual manpower remained in high demand and was secured early on for proper training from an early stage in the aspiring soldier's emotional development. Thus, little Roland Gates was conscripted at the mere age of 6 like so many before him.

    His family nor his life prior to conscription wasn't anything out of the ordinary. His parents knew it was just a matter of time before the military would be coming for him and that they'd be generously compensated when they did so. Knowing that didn't make it any easier to give him up when it came down to it. Still, law is law and Roland ended up within the grasp of his country. He was confirmed to possess innate magical potential and was sent away to receive proper training with his fellow recruits of similiar ability. So it was that Roland received his training in the mystic arts, and among all the recruits of his generation, his gift proved itself outright superior to theirs. Not that it warranted any special treatment until he learned how to control or better yet harness this incredible potential of his .

    Given time and practice, he eventually learned how to tap into this incredible power of his and was soon considered for Summoner training. Summoning being among the few arts that the inhabitants of Eos hadn't managed to exploit for war just yet given how rarely someone with the aptitude for such feats would come along. That paired with how it was up to the fickle Espers themselves whether to cooperate with the aspiring summoners only made them that much harder to foster. Still, they decided that the potential earnings from such an endeavor far outweighed whatever injury or worse might befall the boy.

    By the time he was 16 he'd already amassed a considerable arsenal of powerful espers. Having scoured every corner of the realm to secure the aid of these powerful beings, sometimes having been forced far into enemy territory to do so. While few of them approved of the heinous acts commited by any faction of Eos, they all chose to believe in the young man them, all for their own reasons. Roland's arsenal now consisting of several powerful spirit of natures, ghosts of the past and the arguably most fuzzy of companions.

    As Roland's collection grew larger, so did the efforts to research and potentially harnessing the energy of these espers in a way that would benefit future war efforts. As they would learn, it was impossible to recreate the particular aptitude nor the bond fostered between Summoner and Esper, thus they couldn't create any additional summoners through artificial means. So they instead attempted to create their own espers, something they managed in the form of succesfully restoring the legendary esper: Bahamut from it's fossolized remains. Following such a tremendous success, they decided it was time to go yet a step further.

    This time, they would attempt to create an esper from nothing. A creature without previous bonds to the realm, nothing to hold it back. It took them 2 years of further study to construct a vessel worthy of this Ultimate esper of theirs. This "Ultima Weapon" could naturally only be utilized by Roland as the only genuine summoner in the realm and was thrust into his care yet only allowed to call upon it when granted clearance to do so. It didn't take him too long to get such clearance as he was to provide support to a siege effort on an enemy fortress. He'd been ordered to summon Ultima Weapon at earliest convenience from the rear as the siege effort began, that's about when it all went to hell.

    Roland looked upon the battlefield in horror as hundreds of thousands of footsoldiers, comrades and classmates of his was plowed through like wheat. They'd walked into a slaughter and worse yet, the Ultima Weapon wouldn't respond to his commands, just staring blankly at the slaughter in front of it. Then even as their forces had been completely anihiliated, his superiors would still refuse to sound a retreat.  As it would turn out, his superiors had knowingly sacrificed their subordinates to ensure that the Ultima Weapon would absorb their lifeforce to make up a core or one might call it a soul of its own, it being much easier to harvest lifeforce from already living beings rather than attempting to outright create life from nothing. With so many souls successfully harvested in the face of such carnage, the construct came to life with a deafening screech and as if just now hearing Roland's pleas, it fired a massive beam of light which transformed the now former battlefield into a barren valley, the casualties serving to fuel the weapon even further.

    Having the plan explained to him after the fact, Roland finally snapped and had the Ultima Weapon kill his superiors in a fit of rage. He'd finally had enough, he had to get away, he had to go somewhere where they couldn't make him hurt people anymore. While the Ultima Weapon had made short work of his former allies, Roland was on the verge of exhaustion after spending so much power. Exhausted and cold in this barren tundra for a region, he'd attempted to take shelter in an old mine shaft. He went deep inside the mine to at the very least escape the cold, even going as far summoning two of his companions, one being Shiva for comfort and the other being Ifrit for light and warmth.

    At some point after the trio entered the mines, something very strange occured as the narrow path eventually opened up into an enormous tunnel large enough to be mistaken for a valley, a very hot one at that. Little did they know they had somehow left the very realm they once knew. While it was to the taste of Ifrit, the young man and his cold friend wasn't accustomed to such heat, Roland having spent what little energy he could spare on calling forth Ifrit and Mog, only serving to make it that much harder on him. His tired frame eventually got to him as he lost conciousness and collapsed in the middle of the tunnel. Ifrit and Mog had to do what they could with the little time they had left in the material realm and sped through the seemingly never ending tunnels with Roland safely secured in Ifrit's arms. Finally, they reached the Ryuujin capital, Vucran. Ifrit's menacing appearance causing a panic amongst the citizens after he'd busted through the city's barrier single-handedly. It would take the interruption of Shiva to convince the city they meant no harm, begging the citizens of Ryuujin to save Roland. A city official eventually stepping forward to assure Roland's safety to the two. With one of the two sated with the promise alone, the other insisting on mixing a threat into it, they retreated into Roland's deck of cards as they left the young man in the city's care.

    It took quite a few days for Roland to wake up, his wounds having fully healed by the time he did so. The city's elite had been happy to cover for any expenses during his stay given the power he obviously heard over the two creatures that had infiltrated the city with such ease. It soon became appearent to them that he'd been brought to Abraxas like so many before him, which they informed him of immedieatly upon his awakening. He was quick to accept such seeing as he was about as far away from his former world as he'd possibly get, which was exactly what he'd wanted to begin with. After proper negotiations between him and several officials of Ryuujin, he was allowed full citizenship and the right to further his own magical abilities in exchange for him using said abilities for the benefit of Ryuujin, the country being in need of capable defenders. Roland supposed the people of Ryuujin had hardly given him any reason to distrust them just yet and figured he'd have to earn a living somehow anyway, even offering to share what knowledge of magic he'd carried from his own world. And with that, Roland Gates was officially sworn into the service of Ryuujin.

    He's still getting used to things in this new realm and was further distraught as it would turn out that Shiva and Ifrit were the only ones to respond to his summons, the rest being seemingly unreachable, including the Ultima Weapon. His current goal being to somehow regain the company of his supernatural allies whilst also attempting to lead his new life by his own terms rather than someone else's.
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