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    Nexus Nightingale  Empty Nexus Nightingale

    Post by Nexus Nightingale on Wed Jan 11, 2017 9:36 pm

    Nexus Nightingale  Raw

    Basic Info
    Name: Nexus Nightingale
    Nickname: Knight of the Night
    Gender: Male
    Visual Age: 17
    Real Age: 20
    Personality: Nexus is what most would consider chaotic good. He doesn't care much for authorit or people in general, but is almost always on the side of good(regardless if it shows or not). On the outside NNexus seems very cold, unmoved, and uninterested in people and what they think of him. Whenever he meets new people, he makes an evaluation of their abilities: those he perceives to be weaker than himself he arrogantly disregards, giving them as little attention as possible so that they won't hold him back; those he perceives as stronger he fixates over and tries to surpass, especially when he believes he should be their equal.

    Nexus on several occasions has been known to use people and throw them away once they have surpassed their usefulness. Nexus is shown to be highly perceptive, observant, discerning, analytical, intelligent, very quick-witted, controlled, disciplined and clear-headed, quick-thinking, showing a great maturity, responsibility and intuitiveness; rarely being caught off guard or deceived. He rarely shows any sign of alarm or distress, and often has entire situations planned out well in advance. Nexus is very perceptive, fully aware of the limits of his abilities, and anything he states in comparison to an opponent is usually justified. A person with incredibly strong resolve, Nexus will do anything and everything in his power to accomplish something that's important to him, without any hesitation. Nexus has a macabre sense of humor. He is also a natural leader.

    Nexus is a proficient in manipulation, either by subtly corrupting his target's own goals, omitting parts of stories or events to his own benefit, or by appearing to share their beliefs. Nexus is a strong believer than the ends make up for the means and is willing to do things of a dark nature in order to achieve something good or vice versa. Nexus believes that the world should be united under a single person or goal. On the inside and to his closest of friends/allies Nexus is a very warm and caring person. Due to this warm personality, Nexus has been seen to have great charisma and a deep sense of loyalty(that he would also like to see in other people). He can be seen with a near permanent scowl on his face, due to his realist nature.

    • Learning: As a scholar enjoys learning about different things in the world be it history, math, science, or whatever
    • Reading: Nexus believes books hold knowledge and knowledge is power
    • Playing strategy games: With such a high intelligence level he enjoys to make strategies for battle and playing these games helps him improve that skill
    • Listening to music: Nexus is a firm believer that music is expression and he believes that everybody should be able to express themselves.

    • Overly sweet food: Nexus is very into fitness and such things so he believes that he should eat a healthy diet
    • Limitations of his body: He wishes to take away the limits of his body so that he can be as strong as possible
    • Being deceived: He believes loyalty and honesty is the best quality a person can have
    • Inferiority: He strives to be the strongest fighter and hates to be inferior to people but will gladly praise people’s abilities

    • Becoming strong: Nexus' only motivtion in life was gaining power so that he could get revenge on those who did his family wrong. He has spent almost half his life chasing after power, and he promised that he would obtain the power needed even if t wasn't his own.
    • Becoming Kami: Nexus' wants to become Kami in order to make his country a safe place for all. Not only that but he wishes to become Kami so that he can help other countries change and become a safe place to live.
    • Forming his own faction: Nexus wishes to start a faction or a brotherhood filled with strong warriors who he believes are ready and willing to live and die for each other.

    • Himself: Nexus is afraid of himself, the things he can do, and the person he may become.
      What comes after death: Nexus isn't the least bit afraid to die, he is however fearful of what will come after he dies.
    • Sleeping: Nexus tries his best to only sleep as much as his body really needs. This is due to his coma, and him being afraid that he wont wake up from his slumber the next time around.
    • Spiders: Any time Nexus sees a spider his stomach instantly knots itself up, and his mind gets stressed. This is due to one crawling in his ear as a kid.

    Physical Traits
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 119 lbs
    Hair Color/Length: Black/Medium
    Eye Color: Black
    Appearance: Nexus has short spiky black hair with a blue tint. Nexus is fair skinned and average male height. He is rather slender yet his muscles are very toned and can be clearly seen. Nexus wears dark blue pants, over and a blue cloth that covers him from his stomach to his knees and which he secures with a purple rope belt. He wears a grey zippered, high-collared, short-sleeved shirt and black wrist warmers. He wears a hooded cloak over his clothing at different points, usually an unadorned black one.
    Nexus Nightingale  Latest?cb=20141217204721

    Character Information
    Character's Race: Human
    Racial Trait: Through the honing of his abilities Nexus is able to sense anyone who has any type of magical energy.
    Country: Hyouden
    Primary Element: Lightning
    Individual Statistics:
    -Strength: Bandit
    -Speed: Militia
    -Endurance: Bandit
    -Mystic Power: Soldier
    -Intelligence: Fighter

    Character History
    Background:  Nexus was born to a family with him, his mother, and his two sisters. Their father had abandoned them when Nexus was only 2 so he never knew his dad, or what it was like to have a male role model. Their mother struggled to pay bills and keep the house in order and as a result when Nexus got a bit older(age 10) he took it upon himself to help his mother any way he could. He got small jobs doing things for his neighbors and doing things around the city. After a while Nexus realized that such a thing wouldn't get the bills paid, and so he turned to a life of crime.

    By the age of 15 Nexus had been in and out of jail at least a dozen times, something which broke his mother's heart into pieces. His mother had enough of Nexus and so she had sent him to live with his grandparents, where he would learn to use magic and learn respect. His grandfather taught him the magic that almost all of their family used, and that magic was Lightning Magic. Although it was a very basic magic it could be used in many different ways by someone creative. Nexus trained for many of years to perfect and hone his skills. During his time with his grandfather he also trained in other kinds of elemental magic.

    On the day of Nexus' 17th birthday he was training trying to learn to use his magic to control the natural lightning of the environment. During this training something went wrong and Nexus was struck by a bolt of lightning too powerful for him to control. The smell of burnt flesh could be smelled from yards and yards away as his grandfather would rush to his aid. However nothing could be done to help as Nexus was stuck in a coma. He was taken to a doctor for treatment where he would remain stuck asleep until he was 20 years old. When he woke, he would have no memory of anything other than the lightning bolt that struck him down.

    Extras! (optional!) N/A

    Source: N/A

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    Nexus Nightingale  Empty Re: Nexus Nightingale

    Post by Takai on Wed Jan 11, 2017 10:43 pm

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