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    Nexus' Spells

    Nexus Nightingale

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    Nexus' Spells

    Post by Nexus Nightingale on Fri Jan 13, 2017 6:03 am

    Name: Chidori
    Element: Lightning
    Ability: To perform, the user first gathers lightning to their hand; the high concentration of electricity produces a sound reminiscent of many birds chirping, hence the name. Once the lightning is gathered, users charge at their target and thrust the Chidori into them, piercing them and typically causing damage. This spell causes second degree burns around the pierced or any touch area. The hole that is created from being pierced is the size of the user's hand, and the depth of it is equal to how far the user can plunge their hand through the object t usually goes completely through the object as long as the user's arm is long enough.
    Limits: The Cool Down for this Spell is 4 posts
    Range: Melee range

    Name: Great Fireball
    Element: Fire
    Ability: The user generates fire in their mouth and then expels it as a fireball measuring 10 meters in diameter. This spell cause first to second degree burns depending on if the contact with the flames was dead on or a graze.
    Limits: The Cool Down for this Spell is 5 posts
    Range: 15 meters

    Name: Lightning Speed Lvl 1
    Element: Lightning
    Ability: The user surrounds their feet with lightning, thus allowing them to move as if their speed was one stat level higher than normal. This boost last 3 post.
    Limits: The Cool Down for this Spell is 3 posts
    Range: Self

    Name: Fire Wall
    Element: Fire
    Ability: The user holds their arms in front of them and each hand emits a wall of fire which then connects, to create a defense against all frontal attacks. If a person was to touch this wall they would recieve first degree burns on contact. Even though the wall is made of fire it feels like a real solid structure.
    Limits: The Cool Down for this Spell is 4 posts
    Range: Self

    Name: Lightning Radar
    Element: Lightning
    Ability: The user calls forth a rain cloud that strikes down lightning randomly for 3 post. This lighting marks down the location of everything within a 30 meter radius around the user and gives the user a mental picture of where everything in this area is. This spell can even show people who are using some variation of a cloaking spell or ability. This spell does no damage.
    Limits: The Cool Down for this Spell is 5 posts
    Range: 30 meter radius

    Name: Lightning Fire Hammer
    Element: Fire & Lightning
    Ability: The user engulfs lightning and fire around both fist and forearm and uses it to strike the target. The lightning and fire stays active around the user for up to 3 post. The contacted areas are stunned and dealt second degree burns.
    Limits: The Cool Down for this Spell is 4 posts
    Range: Self

    Name: Pale Lightning
    Element: Lighting
    Ability: The practitioner points at the intended target with their index finger and generates a concentrated bolt of lighting to use against the target. The bolt is about 2 inches in diameter, travels at 10 m/s, and travels a distance of 20 meters before dissipating. The lightning bolt is cable of piercing anyone with a endurance stat lower than the user's intelligence. The spell also causes 2nd degree burns around the hit area.
    Limits: The Cool Down for this Spell is 3 posts
    Range: 20 meters

    Name: C1
    Element: Fire
    Ability: The user marks a spot on the ground using their own magic, which requires the user to have some physical contact with the location. The marked location can anytime within 2 post be engulfed in a column of fire that measures 8 meters in radius. Anything caught within the column excluding the user is burned and given 2nd degree burns.
    Limits: The Cool Down for this Spell is 7 posts
    Range: 8 meter radius

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    Re: Nexus' Spells

    Post by Takai on Mon Jan 16, 2017 10:56 pm



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