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    Jinn Chosokabe Empty Jinn Chosokabe

    Post by Jinn on Fri Jan 13, 2017 8:59 pm

    Basic Info
    Name: Jinn Chosokabe
    Nickname: The Tyrannical butler
    Visual Age: 18
    Real Age: 124
    Personality: Jinn has lived a very solitary life while under the servitude of his late mistress. He had no friends among his fellow servants due to his status as a half elf this lead him to grow spiteful of the world. His only comfort in his miserable life was his late mistress who employed him after finding him on her doorstep as an infant.

    Physical Traits
    Height: 5.11
    Weight: 154 lbs
    Hair Color/Length: Black / short
    Eye Color: Crimson
    Jinn Chosokabe Alvaro11

    Character Information
    Character's Race: Half-elf
    Racial Trait:Enhanced Dexterity : ( Primarily for butler duties but those can transfer to his card throwing skills.)
    Country: Sanrin
    Primary Element: Summoner
    Individual Statistics:
    -Strength: Peasant
    -Speed: Citizen
    -Endurance: Militia
    -Mystic Power: Militia
    -Intelligence: Militia

    Character History
    Background: Jinn was born to a human father and an elven mother. His father came from another world with no recollection of who he was; while his mother was the one who found him outside of her village. The two fell in love blah blah blah and Jinn was born from their union. After a few months the elven village's leader learned of their union and had Jinn's father killed and threatened to kill his mother if she did not give up her child. Heart broken the mother agreed and left him on the doorstep of a unknown Duchess with his father deck of cards and a letter telling the duchess of the child's birth. An elderly butler opened the door and looked down to see Jinn crying .Years past and Jinn grew up as the duchess personal servant serving her faithfully and without fail. During his off time Jinn would be locked in his room with his father's deck of cards playing with the creatures he spawned from them. Sadly due to his heritage he was viciously mocked and assaulted by the other servants all the while doing everything in their power to try and get him thrown out of the house. Jinn spent three years of his young life in that living hell with his only comfort being the Duchess whom was tragically killed but another butler who fell in love with her during his endless years of service. Jinn grew spiteful of the world after his mistress's murder by a spiteful butler whose romantic feelings were rejected leading him to become a violent force of death and destruction. After killing everyone beside his whet nurse within the manor he shut himself within his room at the end of the western wing his only companions being the creatures he summoned from his father's deck who now roam the halls attacking anyone foolish enough the enter.

    Source: Artemis/

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    Post by Takai on Fri Jan 13, 2017 9:03 pm

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