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Welcome to Abraxas, a world of mystery and legends. We urge you to join and start your character that would be your avatar upon this place. This is a new site and some changes may still be made, such as adding new locations in the world. Thank you for your patience and enjoy your time on Abraxas.

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    Jaeha (wip)

    Post by Jaeha on Tue Jan 17, 2017 6:36 am

    Basic Info
    Name: Jaeha [재하]
    Nickname: (Anything else you prefer to be called? Or a title [Ex: The Witless Wonder])
    Gender: (Male or female?)
    Visual Age: (How old your character appears.)
    Real Age: (The true age of your character.)
    Personality: (What is your character's personality? Ex: Serious and quiet, Joyful and Hyper, Suicidal and a Loner, Evil? Give detail please.)

    Physical Traits
    Hair Color/Length:
    Eye Color:

    Character Information
    Character's Race: Name your race here,
    Racial Trait: Here you may choose to put ONE trait your race possesses. This trait must not be able to be used to directly defend or attack. EX. Angels may choose wings so they can fly, or Werewolves great sense of smell. This is based on your race so no having an Ice Element that has a heat aura about them.
    Country: What country would you like to live in?
    Primary Element: What your character's Primary Element. (can be original but make sure to have an application already done for it. Application found in Misc. Creation Forum. For Summoners, put Summoner in this Spot.)
    Individual Statistics:
    -Strength: Peasant
    -Speed: Peasant
    -Endurance: Peasant
    -Mystic Power: Peasant
    -Intelligence: Peasant
    For beginning stats your allowed to add 10 upgrades to your stats. Your not allowed to however upgrade anyone stat above the Militia level. For example I can make the strength stat to Militia level and that takes up 3 upgrades. DELETE THIS FROM YOUR APP

    Character History
    Background: This is the part where you tell your character's story! Where did they come from? Where have they been? What did they do and how did they get to be where they are? Be Creative and have fun with it, we don't bite! Hard O.O
    Alt Purchase Link: This your 3rd alt now? Please put the link of your purchase for your new character here!

    Extras! (optional!) Anything else you would like to add about your character that wasn't listed above?

    Source: If someone invited you to the site, put their name here and let us reward them.

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