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    The Akechi Manor. Empty The Akechi Manor.

    Post by Jinn on Tue Jan 17, 2017 9:49 pm

    The Akechi Manor

    The once beautiful and radiant home of Countess Ayame Akechi. She possessed little to no actual notoriety among the nobles of the kingdoms yet her family had owned their own land for nearly ten generations of their family starting with the founder of the current form of the Clan Mitsuhide Akechi whom vanished from his homeland after slaying a famous warlord. Like Many nobles of the world Lady Ayame possessed a group of servants ranging from the typical butler and maid to a gaming coach. Lady Ayame lived a life of peacefull luxury until one during one dark and stormy night a lone figure appeared beyond the locked gates of the manor beyond the guards station in an ethereal green light.
    The figure was that of a radiant elven woman known to her tribe as Qin-Liangyu. She possessed a slim yet tone build with onyx black hair and silver eyes. She was dressed in a black Yukata with crimson cherry blossom petals across her sleeves and skirt. In her left hand was a typical wooden umbrella which kept the rain from hitting her face. Yet even with the umbrella her face was drenched currently with tears as in her right hand rest her only child born between her and her deceased husband. Qin Liangyu was a member of the sakuya elven tribe one of the oldest and most prideful tribes through out Sanrin due to this when the elder's found out that one of their own member's daughter fell in love with a human and gave birth to a half elf they quickly ordered her to either kill the child or abandon and vow to never approach it again.
    Qin-Liangyu was a currently a broken woman as she held her child lovingly to her breast in an attempt to comfort the crying child whom wailed relentlessly due to the continuous lightning strikes. Qin-Laingyu gently sung to the infant in elven as she quietly walked across the grounds as her mind drifted to her memories of the child's father and their time together.*

    Flash back

    *Qin-Liangyu was walking through the forest near her tribe's main village enjoying the tranquil serenity of sounds of the forests under the azure light of the moon. However her typical evening stroll was cut short by the sounds of conflict coming from a nearby lake. Qin-Laingyu ran towards the noise until she was just before the lake's shoreline. The sight before her both amazed her and terrified her beyond her years. A tan silver haired man with crimson eyes in a strange grab stood with his back to the lake as a large earth dragon which was proximately around twenty feet tall and five meters wide. The beast with it's brown scales practically glowing in the moonlight stood at the other side of clearing aproximately fifty meters away. The strange male smirked as he threw what appeared to be nine playing cards in front of him varying from five meters to forty five meters and in a cocky fashion taunted the massive beast with a beckoning gesture with his entire hand.
    The earthen dragon let out a mighty roar as it began it's relentless charge in an attempt to crush the ignorant human under it's mighty claws. However the second the proud creature stepped within two meters of the furthest card in began to glow violently until a massive pit the size of the dragon opened from under it causing the beast to stumble into the next card which like the first glowed violently before a rift opened under the dragon with barbed wire shooting out from it slicing through the normally armor thick scales as if they were nothing more then whet paper. The dragon roared as it's blood began to paint the surrounding earth in a gory display of agony and pain for the dragon as it recklessly continued it's charge.
    Six Traps later and the once mighty dragon was basically limping towards the man in a rather pathetic display of valor. The near death creature after being sliced open by the barbed wire was blown up by a mine, blinded by noxious gas, impaled by a slew of spears and blades, stricken with frost bite by a sudden burst of freezing wind, and nearly paralyzed by a burst of electricity. Finally as the dragon crawled towards the unknown male as the final trap activated as the dragon came within five meters of it a tiny little orb of pure energy flew out of the card and lightly popped in front of the dragon's unleashing the slight burst causing the severly wounded beast to fall over with no way of geting back to it's feet and was forced to lie in a pool of it's own blood as it slowly and painfully bleed to death!*

    Flash back end

    *Qin-Laingyu smiled sadly at the memory of how she met her fomorer lover and looked down to her infant child. Knowing that it would be impossible for her to kill her own child an even more so one of the last things in this world that reminded her of her lover. She decided that it was best for him to live away from the clan's influence as a simple orphan. The infant's crying stopped as he gently nuzzled against his mother's bosom releshing the warmth she radiated while listening to the soothing rythem of her heartbeat.As Qin-Liangyu reached the front door she gently pulled the infant away from her breast and lovingly kissed his forehead before knocking violently on the door in an attempt to alert a servant to her presence before placing the child onto one of the steps with the deck of cards from his father and a letter from her explaining who the infant was and if he came of age where he could see her. As Qin-Liangyu left her infant alone one the step he began to cry violently once more until a young maid opened the door and carefully picked up the crying child, cards, and letter before looking around for who could have left him there to begin with. Upon seeing no one the young maid took the child in and began to carefully warm him up from the bitter rain that drenched his blanket. The next day the maid took the child to her madam and handed her the letter explaining that the child simply appeared late last night and that the letter said that it's name was Jinn and that the deck of cards belonged to his late father. Lady Ayame asked to take hold of the child who had just opened his eyes and looked up to the unknown woman's face and started to cry violently as he thrashed and squirmed begging for his mother's warmth and the soothing sound of her heartbeat. Ayame smiled understandingly to the child and spent the entire day in an attempt to calm the infant now know as Jinn down.*

    *Years passed from that day until Jinn had reached the age of ten yet possessed a four year old's body as he moved diligently and swiftly through Lady Ayame's bedroom with a vacuum and duster cleaning with the proficiency of a butler twice his age. He smiled with a child like glee as he finished his final task before noon and carried his supplies towards the door.* "Phew it's a good thing milady has been away for the last week otherwise that would have taken me all day." *While Jinn cherished his Motherly figure his opinion of her wavered slightly when she returned from a long trip due to the fact that she commonly spent the next few days trashing her room and drinking as much liquor as she could. This maybe the fact that Jinn is merely ten and he wanted to spend a brief amount of time today to actually do something that he wanted to do. After that brief moment of childish thought Jinn opened the door and proceeded to walk towards the closet to put his supplies away. As Jinn headed back to his room he heard with his sensitive hearing that milady would be arriving soon with gifts for everyone. Jinn smiled softly and quickly put his supplies away and quickly dashed down the hall and into the foyer practically jumping ecstatically. Unfortunately for Jinn due to his excitement he accidently caused one of his cards to fall out of his pocket which had the picture by his ice wolf pup know as Fenrir how promptly appeared on his head wagging his tail in excitement at the possibility of a gift. As the rest of the servants walked in several of them openly snickered at the wild antics of the boy and the pup while others scoffed as to why their mistress would taken in a hapless orphan with less table manners than his... Pets. The main door opened to revel Lady Ayame with the head butler Sebastion carrying an insane amount of suitcases while Ayame held a small cage in her arms with gleeful joy.*

    *Lady Ayame had just traveled home from the freelands to one of the larger villages because she heard of a unqiue festival that sounded familliar to her parent's stories about their founder's homeland. On her travels she acquired as vast asortment of goods including an actual baby earth dragon. Ayame had heard that in her founder's world. Their were dragons of water, wind, lightning, and even fire yet earth dragons were practically nonexistent. While Ayame loved this dragon she was nearing her thirtieth and knew that raising dragon took centuries that she did not possess. After handing out the rest of the gifts to the staff Jinn was the last one standing in front of Lady Ayame with and cheery grin on his face.* " Welcome home milady" * He said with a grin as Fenrir yipped happily as Lady Ayame gave the pup a chilled oni bone which the pup happily munched on while rolling around on the floor. Ayame giggled and handed the small dragon still under the shroud to Jinn with a smile. " *This is for you Jinn make sure to take good care of it okay?" Jinn nodded happily as he took the gift before Ayame removed the shroud and reveled the infant dragon to the boy. Time stood still as Jinn's eyes locked with the dog sized creature as something within his very DNA was triggered at the mere sight of the earth dragon. Fenrir being a creature who is manifested my Jinn's own energy was completely in sync with his mental state as he quickly dropped the bone and began to viciously growl while his bark grew more and more louder and deeper* ".... Dragon detected primary combat limiter release activating level one threat protocol." *Jinn said in a dark and calculated voice almost as if he was actually a machine as he threw the cage to the ground and quickly pulled out of the cards in his deck and threw it at the cage with the full intent of destroying it. In the blink of an eye Sebastian grabbed hold of Lady Ayame and jumped out of the way as Jinn's trap activated blowing up the cage allowing the dragon to escape and breath a small blast of green flames as Fenrir unleashed a blast of frigid gale to snuff out the weakened flame while freezing the tiny dragon's wings causing it to fall to the ground. Jinn's mind surge as it analyzed the trajectory and velocity of the dragon's rapid descent and the amount of force required to send another card below it's position with lethal accuracy. Jinn picked a pit fall trap and threw it under the tiny dragon as it quickly activated and sent the dragon into a miniature and five second sustaining black hole which swallows the dragon whole and proceeds to crush it violently causing the infant dragon to screech out in agony.(The difference between Jinn's father's pit and his own is due to the mental and physical mode Jinn is currently in. Jinn's father in this mode could easily kill an elder dragon. Jinn however has no actual proper combat experience therefore this mode is more impulse to him actually in control of his actions.) As the pit closed on the dragon Jinn's hand extended towards the card causing it to fly back to his hand which he placed back into the deck before his body suddenly going limb while saying.* " Target neutralized returning to standby mode." *Before falling to the ground with a thud as blood began to leak from his nose. Ayame and Sebastian after the initial shock rushed over and examined the seemingly injured boy whom was found to be sleeping peacefully completely unaware of the chaos and power he just unleashed.*

    *After that day the staff besides Sebastian became much more open about their distaste for Jinn and did everything they could to damage his image to their mistress. Sadly during the night they were much more violent in their methods were far more brutal ranging from assaults to openly taunting the fact that he was abandoned. One of the more snide and young butlers took his distaste to the extreme and during Jinn's thirteenth birthday slammed Jinn's skull against one of the pillars and attempted to slice off Jinn's ears but was quickly stopped by Jinn unconsciously summoning his latest summons the lightning bird with sent out a shock through the butlers arm and to his brain killing him instantly. The staff's efforts only grew after the death of their colleague and with each assault Jinn's trust in humans became weaker and weaker until the only people he could honestly trust was Lady Ayame and Sebastian; sadly in the following months the aging butler grew frailer and senile before long had finally passed away leaving Jinn to be Lady Ayame's closest butler. This however did not sit well with the staff causing their hatred for him to grow all the more stronger yet Jinn was rarely away from Lady Ayame's side and his skills with his deck of cards only made him an even greater threat, and while Jinn remained roughly the same they all began to grow older and had less energy during the day to torment the young half-elf. *

    *After five years Ayame's thirty eighth birthday she announced to the staff that she was going to get married to one of the suitors Sebastian had set her up before his death. Ayame's body was practically shining during the announcement as she giggled like a school girl as she spun around in her wedding dress a few months later when a knock on the door could be heard. As Ayame opened the door her butler Alexander barged into the room in a drunken stupor and professed his hidden love of her and attempted to kiss her only for Jinn now nearly fifteen years old yet looking like he was ten stopped Alexander and pushed him away.* " Alex your drunk I suggest you leave. Today is Milady's wedding day such a day should not be spent on your ass from a hangover." *Jinn said in a saddened tone as Alexander was once Jinn's friend. Alexander growled while his drunken line of thinking looked at Jinn as an obstacle to his and Ayame's happiness and pulled out a dagger from his hip and pushed Jinn to the ground and stared manically at the half-elf.* "yoooouu Disgesting freeuuk of naturrree I'mmm gonna kill youuu!" Alex slurred out as the dagger he had was coated in a special poison designed to kill elves

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