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    Post by Serephine on Tue Jan 31, 2017 7:06 pm

    Serephine Remiel  ZMchKy7
    Basic Info
    Name: Serephine Remiel
    Nickname: Ice Queen
    Gender: Female
    Visual Age: 19
    Real Age: 19
    Cool. Calm. Collected. Calculated.

    The Ice Queen: Serephine's nickname goes much further than just her Hyounen heritage. The young woman has a tendency to come off as cold, and uncaring, as she tends not to go out of her way to interact with others. An introvert by nature, she doesn't require social interaction to function. This isn't to say that she is completely ego-centric, however.

    She has a tendency to be the quiet observer. She mostly refrains from social interactions of large groups, so that she can have a better grasp on the situation as a whole. Constantly studying others, making predictions on their actions and emotions, she prefers to keep a feel of the room, rather than be engrossed in a small fraction of it, particularly when there are variables that she doesn't yet have a grasp on. This being said, she enjoys people watching, and studying others around her. Generally a detailed-oriented person, her keen observing gaze is easily interpreted as judgmental, particularly of those that don't know the young woman well.

    While there is truth in the statement of judgement, it's more of neutral predictions, constantly assessing the situation. A bit of a control freak, unpredictable situations often stress the young woman out. A perfectionist by nature, she feels compelled to calculate the the most likely situations and prepare for them, so that she may not appear foolish. This is a trait stemming from her childhood, in which she was rarely caught off guard, taking cues from details that even her adult counterparts didn't pick up on. Due to this, she is often bored by situations that others find "compelling" adding to her "ice queen" persona.  

    Serephine has a tendency to be rather calm, even in dubious conditions, as she has likely forseen the outcome of most actions. This makes her a natural leader in what others may consider high-stress environments. She is unafraid to step into altercations, if she feels that her intervention is likely to lead to a positive outcome for herself and those she is surrounded herself with. Such a demeanor lends itself to Serephine's calm and collected persona. Of course, like everyone else (as much as Serephine hates it) the young woman is imperfect. She does not always make the right choices, even as she has calculated them with care and tact. While she does well to hide the panic that strikes her in such situations, it weighs heavily on her, ransacking her with stress and guilt-- negative emotions that can be debilitating to the perfectionist.

    While unpredictable situations stress the young woman out, she is genuinely intrigued by individuals that may catch her off guard. These type of people catch her interest, and she feels compelled to get to know them better: challenge herself to also be unpredictable, attempting to keep the individual as on their toes as she is. She enjoys to explore every facet of such individuals' personalities. It is with such people, that Serephine becomes open enough to display the complexities of her personality that the general public tends not to see.

    Outside of large groups, Serephine can actually be a very social being. She enjoys complex conversations, and is in general a very happy individual, even if her outwards personality tends not to be a smiley one. Feeding into her persona of "Ice Queen" she often attempts to be neutral in every situation, but around those she trusts, this persona quickly melts away. While she is often successful in suppressing negative emotions, she finds it much more challenging to do so with the positive ones.

    Indeed, within her inner circle (and on a rare occasion with an acquaintance she gets along with) the young woman tends to be quite smiley, and playful. While sometimes this can be positive, and bubbly, but can also be represented with a dark, snarky sense of humor. She enjoys banter, and thrashing playful insults back and forth.

    Certainly the same dark, snarky humor can also be used as a mechanism to test individuals that she is starting to feel comforatble with-- as many people that aren't detail-oriented enough to catch the playful smirks that often accompany such statements, to know that it is meant in good humor. Serephine doesn't mind if such people are offended by her words: after all, such a thorny, icy exterior is a way to test others to see if they are thick-skinned enough to be relied upon. She would rather not waste her trust on people who are easily offended. It means that they take themselves too seriously. Perhaps this is some sort of inward criticism of herself, as the young woman does, in fact care about people's opinions of her-- in her perfectionist ways.

    Despite her inner snarkiness, Serephine is actually rather eloquent. Well-read and educated, she has great composure when she speaks. She commands attention with her words, and she knows how to be respectful and concise in her speech patterns. Certainly such a demeanor is partly a farce, to be used as it is needed, but it is often the face that is seen by most people, as it gets her more from the general public, than harsh, stinging words and insults.

    Due to her general Ice Queen-y nature, many believe that Serephine is a selfish being. To some extent they are right. Highly logical, Serephine is not opposed to putting her own needs, safety and desires before others. She prides herself on this belief-- After all in the icy tundra that is Hyounen, survival of the fittest is a strong theme: one cannot survive by putting everyone before their own well-being. Serephine likes to think that she lives by this belief, but again: it's another farce.

    The young woman is often philanthropically driven to charitable actions, particularly if they involve children or animals. She always tries to justify it, to herself or others, as a logical decision, rather than an emotional one-- as she feels that emotional decisions show weakness that if remained unchecked can lead to one's demise. This being said, Serephine is also a strong proponent of loyalty. She is careful of who she places trust in (a logical decision) but once her trust is earned, she will do anything in her power to support that individual, even if it means self-sacrifice, as loyalty runs deep both ways.  

    Physical Traits
    Height: 5' 5" | 160 cm
    Weight: 120 lbs | 54.5 kg
    Hair Color/Length:Pale blue, to her mid back.
    Eye Color: Grey
    Appearance: The young woman, Serephine Remiel, has rather striking features. She has a milky white complexion that is framed by her long, blue locks that sweep against her lower back. Typically her hair is worn down, accented by a perfectly woven braid that lays flat against the crown of her hairline. Each strand of her icy blue hair is well placed and pinned-- a manicured detail that could clue an onlooker to her perfectionist tendencies.

    The cool under(and over)tones of her hair accent the silver-grey glint of her eyes. Often considered "icy" or "cold" by those on the receiving end of her stare, the steel gaze lacks the warmth that is otherwise associated with affection. While much of the time there is validity behind such statements, even as the young woman watches a scene with tenderness, there is often a misconception (particularly designed and maintained by mere acquaintances) that the gaze is instead one of judgement or apathy. Such nomenclature of her disposition lends itself to the young woman's moniker of "Ice Queen"

    Generally perceived as calm and refined, the young woman's body language and composure lends itself to such perceptions. While not particularly well-endowed in stature, Serephine often appears much taller than her measurements credit her. This is due to her immaculate posture-- which is maintained at nearly all times: a straight back and squared shoulders. She walks with her head raised high, chin parallel to the ground, as though an imaginary stack of books remained perched on the center of her head. Such elegance, is frequently misinterpreted as pompousness, a trait that Serephine has learned to embrace over the years, rather than fight.

    Beyond her straightened posture, Serephine has other perfectionist quirks that define her overall appearance. The first being her attire. The young woman has a varied closet, though she gravitates most to dresses, which are always in pristine condition-- well ironed (by herself, mind you) and pressed. She was always taught growing up that your personal appearance is one of the few things that can help influence another person's thoughts-- negatively or positively, either of which: quickly. As such, she takes pride in her attire. This being said, she attempts to keep things classic and simple, though she pairs such feminine classics (such as dresses, lace and bows) with a bit of edge, including a black choker that she wears constantly, hiding a scar that stretches across her neck. Her clothes, while well tailored, don't over-accentuate the curvy frame that lies beneath them-- as she is a fond proponent of forcing a man to use his imagination. She much prefers moderate comfort over complete style. She would be found in a supple pair of leather boots before a pair of platform heels, adding to the edgy demeanor of her attire. Similarly, her nails are well manicured-- clean and well shaped, though rarely polished.

    Despite the relative elegance and cold demeanor both implied and inferred, Serephine is in fact quite expressive-- in the right situations. Subtle transitions of her eyes and purse of the lips are quick indicators of her internal dialogue, if someone is detail-oriented enough to spot them. While she does well at limiting her negative expressions and keeping a neutral face when needed, she has a much more difficult time pressing back positive emotions. Her face lights up when she is genuinely happy. She can, when around people she is comfortable with be a "smiley" effervescent type of person-- as shocking as it may be to strangers. She actually quite enjoys being happy, and it's obvious by her body language in jovial situations. It is typically when people see this part of her that the ice queen persona melts away.  

    Serephine Remiel  AX96v2b_700b

    Character Information
    Character's Race: Demi-Angel (Half Human/Half Angel)
    Racial Trait: Levitation
    Country: Current Residence: Sanrin | Homeland: Hyouden
    Primary Element: Ice
    Individual Statistics:
    -Strength: Bandit
    -Speed: Soldier
    -Endurance: Militia
    -Mystic Power: Knight
    -Intelligence: Soldier

    Character History
    The soft wails of a baby crying were nearly drown out by the howl of the icy wind in the heart of Hyounen's tundra. The infant, despite being wrapped in a blanket, was left defensive-less to the unforgiving frost. Its neck was covered in a deep crimson, where a knife had threatened to end the young child's life. Had the wind not mellowed for the briefest of moments, the man whose boots sloshed in the deep snow would not have heard the cries that were becoming progressively softer.

    The fresh coat of snow covered the area that surrounded the child, and any evidence of the person that left the infant had already been completely erased by the unforgiving powder. By the time the man had tracked down the being that was making the noise, he had been convinced that it was already dead. The once persistent wailing silenced, the shallow breaths the child drew nearly unrecognizable. Still, he took the bloodied infant, and pressed it against his chest beneath his down jacket. When he got back to the city, he was convinced, he would give the child a proper burial.

    It was to his surprise, as he returned home, lay the child on the counter, to rinse the blood from its limp body, that he was met with a pulse. Tirelessly, he worked, attempting to keep the child alive, if only for a minute. Minutes turned to hours... which turned to days... months... As the child slowly grew stronger  there was hope that she would actually survive the long winter. The man named her Serephine, a name that came to him from an angel in a dream.

    The man was older, his whiskers were already grey when he had found the child half-dead in the snow. He was an inventor: a man that had devoted his life to his study-- a man that had lost all hopes of a family, as he progressed into his adult life, committed only to his work. He had not realized how lonely he had been-- how unfulfilled his life, until he had brought the child home. For the first time... as he gazed into the reflective silver eyes of the baby... he was in love with something other than science. The man raised the girl with great care.

    He watched the girl grow, realizing quickly, that within the blink of the eye, she had passed each developmental stage he read about. How his minutes, and hours, and days, and months, and years, passed by quicker with this beautiful creature that he had happened upon now in his life. Sickness and stories, and laughter all bled together into memories--both good and bad, but filled with far more good than could ever be bad. He protected the child, as if she were his own, but refused to shelter her. She grew up strong... intelligent... independent. She was eloquent and poised but determined and steadfast. She was cautious and careful but decisive and brave. Logical but caring. She was... a walking conundrum-- deep and hard to understand at times; crystal clear in others.

    Perhaps it was his own fault, that the child didn't make friends easily. He was, after all, not the most socially aware person himself. Just like him, the child much preferred the solidarity of watching others, rather than engaging with them. But it was okay... They had each other: their own unique, dark sense of humor, inside jokes that didn't need words... a mutual love of books.

    Nothing, and no one would ever separate them. Except for death. As the young girl transitioned into a young woman: as she raced towards the prime of her life, the man was racing towards the end of his.

    She was fifteen when he first collapsed. It was late. He had been working on an experiment, the scattered pieces fell to the floor with his limp body. His pulse was weak, and the town doctor gave a grim diagnosis for his future... It was bleak... but she had years. Years meant hope. The girl, would become the man's nurse, lifting water to his lips... reading him stories as he lay awake in bed, late at night, telling jokes with nothing but a glance-- but she couldn't stop time. Years faded into months... which faded into days which faded to hours... and then to minutes.

    She was eighteen when the man took his final breath.

    She was sure to give her father a proper burial. She was the only one to stand before his grave site. It was winter. It was snowing. The wind was howling... and it would have been symbolic, if it weren't like that every day in Hyouden.

    As she gazed at the grave, she realized how lonely she was. And so the girl left... to somewhere where there was no empty house... No bookshelves filled with painful memories... No deafening echoing memories of joy and laughter... No snow... No howling wind.

    So she set her sights to Sanrin, suppressing the guilt and grief that had settled in her stomach. She would be back one day. Perhaps when she was strong enough.

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