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    Deck of Gates

    Roland Gates
    Roland Gates

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    Deck of Gates Empty Deck of Gates

    Post by Roland Gates on Thu Feb 02, 2017 2:33 am

    Name: Deck of Gates
    Deck of Gates:
    Deck of Gates 78cdcbf6884b4f11af2e56c12b8fa294
    A deck of 54 separate yet identical cards, marked with intricate magical symbols not only to assist in the process of summoning, but also to protect the summoner in the form of the cards being fully functionable throwing weapons which Roland has learned to throw with deadly precision. The cards themselves were made out of a special resin that's highly receptive to magical energies, this very same resin having been prepared in such a way as to react exclusively to Roland's particular magical signature.

    The range of the cards will depend on his strenght stat, making their range 15 meters for every point he has in strength.

    1: Given their nature as throwing weapons, it would be quite the bother to gather every single card after the fact. As such, the cards are armed to teleport back into Roland's hands with but a thought.

    2: The edges of the cards have been made incredibly sharp by magical means, each and every card being razor-sharp to any but Roland's hands. With such considerable sharpness paired with the magical nature of said sharpness, these cards are more than capable of cutting through just about every non-magical material there is, and even then there's plenty of magical substances they would cut through all the same, running a person through being terrifyingly easy as a result.

    3: By scattering a total of 18 cards in the air in front of him, the scattered cards will align and form a half domed barrier in front of him, said barrier being able to completely cover for what little space it covers from just about any manner of attack. All in all, he can spend as much as his entire deck to form a total of 3 barriers at the same time, either able to put them out in layers or spread them throughout a party of 2 or 3.

    1: While but a snap of his fingers, it will still take Roland an entire post to call back any cards he's thrown away, this including any cards used for erecting barriers.

    2: As sharp as the edges are, the surface of the cards are harmless to the touch, making it possible for someone with good enough reflexes to potentially catch at least a few cards in midair

    3: Said barriers will cover for little but the recipient, making the range of the barriers themselves quite narrow, making it hard to cover for parties of 4 and more with said barriers. The one way around this being standing just behind the recipient of said barrier.

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    Deck of Gates Empty Re: Deck of Gates

    Post by Takai on Thu Feb 02, 2017 2:58 am

    Deck of Gates N0MLFVQ



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