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    Thace's Abilities


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    Thace's Abilities  Empty Thace's Abilities

    Post by Thace on Fri Feb 03, 2017 11:31 pm

    Name:[/b ]Blades of Arsène
    Mugenjin: Shirīzu 1 (無限刃:シリーズ1/ ∞ Infinite Blades: Series One)

    Thace's Abilities  Holy_m10

    Element: Arcane
    Ability: Using the pages of the Codex, Thace has invented an ability that allows him to wield multiple swords in battle. Upon bonding with the codex with his soul and mind, he discovered the he is able to summon individual pages from the codex itself. By using eight of these pages Thace is capable of creating eight hardened swords to hover and surround Thace, for immediate usage. The versatility of this ability is impressive, as it combines both defense and offense into one because of the adjacent blades. Due to the close proximity and number of the involved swords, Thace can unleash the full potential of his expert swordsmanship to then bombard the enemy with an unrelenting stream of attacks. In order to make up for lack of range Thace is developed an attraction and repulsion effect with his pages. He is able to repulse the blades in a straight line to attack from afar, for moderate piercing damage and pull them right back. He is also capable of using the same effect on himself, being able to push/pull his body to a nearby sword for increased speed and mobility. When using the effect on himself he travels at 4 times his normal speed, to the sword of his choosing.

    Limits: While incredibly versatile this ability does come with a number of limits. Though being harder and sharper than a simple average blade, the swords are not unbreakable. If someone’s physical strength or mystic power is higher than Thace’s own mystic power they can simply break the swords with minimum effort. If one of the sword's do happen to break Thace has to wait three posts before he can recreate it. Thace’s limit to his attraction and repulsion effect is two times per post between him and his swords. For example if he were to use it on himself and one swords that would be it, if repulsed two swords he would reach his limit. Individually the sword’s themselves do little to minimal damage when used. Only when sent as a repulse attack can do they slightly moderate piercing damage.

    Range: Though connected to the swords because of The Codex, Thace still has a rather limiting range. The swords only hover and follow him within close proximity of about 5 feet. He has no outright mental control over all of them. Also goes for his attraction and repulsion effect only being able to push/pull himself and his swords about 20 meters.

    Link to purchase: Freebe

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    Thace's Abilities  Empty Re: Thace's Abilities

    Post by Takai on Sat Feb 11, 2017 6:01 pm

    Thace's Abilities  N0MLFVQ

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