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    Zaveid's Spells (WIP)


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    Zaveid's Spells (WIP)

    Post by Zaveid on Sat Feb 04, 2017 8:09 am

    Name: The Dead's Embrace
    Element: Decay
    Ability: Zaveid opens up 12 small portals leading towards the dead's domain around his opponent commanding the dead within to reach froth and grab hold of his enemy. The portals appear behind the opponent as such, 2 at each arm, 2 at each leg, 1 chest high on the right, 1 high on the left, 2 behind the head. The skeletal hands of the dead, grab hold and keep the target in place.
    Limits: Cool Down of 7 posts. The hold lasts for 1 posts +1 post for every level Zaveid's mystic power is greater than the opponents strength, up to 5 posts. If an opponents strength stat is greater that Zaveid's Mystic Power stat they would be able to break the hold of the dead and get free.
    Range: With in 50 Meters
    Link to purchase: Starting Spell

    Name: Necro blast
    Element: Decay
    Ability: Zaveid casts forth a blasts about the size of his head from his hand or weapon to injure his opponent. Being struck by this spell causes area hit to immediately start decaying.
    Limits: Cool Down 2 posts
    Range: 50 Meters
    Link to purchase: Starting Spell

    Name: Field of Decay
    Element: Decay
    Ability: Upon casting the spell, a field surrounds Zaveid. This field is an aura of decaying magic, causing all within the field to be to rot. Those within the field will feel sluggish and weak, losing a point in speed for ever post they remain in the field. If they leave the field they'll gain 1 speed back for every post they remain out. The field will remain active for 7 posts
    Limits: Cool down of 10 posts.  So -1 one in speed when they first enter and will continue to lose until -7 in the speed stat.
    Range: 40 Meters Radius
    Link to purchase: Starting Spell

    Name: Necrotizing Fasciitis
    Element: Decay
    Ability: This spell is a deadly disease capable of killing any race, species or being save but the dead themselves. This inflicts a target with source of Necromancy, decaying their body over a period of 2 weeks. During the two weeks the afflicted become ever weaker, halving all their stats except for intelligence by the end of the first week and by the end of the final week, killing the afflicted.
    Limits: It is not easy infect someone with this spell, requiring a full hour of concentration to cast the spell. However if someone was to ingest or be injected by something that has already received the affliction within 3 days since the spell was cast on it, they too will be infected. Necrotizing Fasciitis can be removed by Zaveid or an extremely powerful healing spell, a spell strong enough to grow a limb or likewise.
    Range: N/A
    Link to purchase: Starting Spell

    Name: Grand Dragons of the Undead
    Element: Decay
    Ability: Zaveid opens four portals in the sky leading to the Dead Domain, each one resting on a cardinal point, North, South, East, and West. From those Portals the heads of 4 Undead Grand Dragons emerge, building up energy before blasting out an immensely destructive ray. This the four blasts cut the ground in front of each head before they meet in the middle and explode with such destructive force and decaying power, filling the area between each Dragon's head.
    Limits: This spell takes 2 posts to Cast, the first to summon the dragon and charging the attack. The 2nd post they blast it forth and create the damaging area. This spell can only be used once per thread.
    Range: 100 Meters Radius
    Link to purchase: Starting Spell

    Element: Decay
    Link to purchase: Starting Spell

    Element: Decay
    Link to purchase: Starting Spell

    Element: Decay
    Link to purchase: Starting Spell

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