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    Post by Ilia on Sun Feb 05, 2017 1:57 am

    Ilia Vizier Tinabrand

    Ilia Vizier

    Name: Ilia Vizier
    Nickname: Il, Li, Lia
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17 years old
    Country: Hyouden
    Race: Dragonkin
    Racial Trait:
    Draconic Lineage: As a daughter of dragons, Ilia is able to form her body into a more draconic form. She can morph her body into a more draconic form, both partially and completely. This means she can morph certain parts of her body into their dragon-like counterparts, or completely transform into her dragon-humanoid form. After this form wears off, she is completely depleted of stamina, unable to continue fighting at all.

    Physical Traits

    Human Form:
    Ilia Vizier 1527738-bigthumbnail

    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 118lbs.
    Hair Color: Blonde/Green
    Eye Color: Blue

    In her natural form, Ilia appears as a relatively normal young woman. She is of average height and build, with skin as pale as the snows of Hyouden. Her hair is long and wavy, typically held up in a long ponytail. It is a pale blonde coloration normally, but when she enters a higher emotional state, whether through anger or sadness or adrenaline, a pale green energy seems to flow through it, culminating at the tips. This is a symbol of the power and magic she wields, and gives her an entirely unhuman appearance. Her eyes are pale blue and large, accompanied by a small nose and a mouth that is almost always grinning in some fashion. Her arms are heavily scarred from training with actual dragons, thus she typically covers them up.

    Her clothes are simple, yet luxurious. She wears a short red dress, with small, intricate flower patterns embroidered, that ends about mid-thigh. This dress was a gift from her mother, and she treasures it always. She also wears long, red gloves adorned with gold, in order to cover training scars she's accumulated over the years. She wears skin-tight, black pants in order to protect her lower legs from the cold of Hyouden. Around her neck she wears a light red cape that extends all the way down to her thigh region, giving her a look of authority. This cape is held together by a clasp made from dragon-tooth, a gift from her father. She ties her ponytail in a red ribbon to match the dress. For shoes, she wears sensible, brown boots designed for moving quickly through snow.

    Hybrid Form:
    Ilia Vizier Esper_child_by_clarakerber-d8b8vdy

    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 140lbs.
    Hair Color: Pink
    Eye Color: Yellow

    In her hybrid-draconic form, Ilia is almost entirely unreconizable. She is vaguely feminine in this form, though her body, bare, lacks any human details such as breasts or sexual organs. Even if she had such details, she is entirely covered in a layer soft, pink feathers, due to her origins of the feathered ice dragons. This plumage is relatively light on her torso, but becomes much thicker and darker towards the appendages. On her hands, she has small, sharp purple claws that she can use to strike with, though doesn't very often in order to continue wielding a sword, and on her feet, she has much larger claws that she typically uses in her attacks. The wings on her back, taken alone, would appear almost avian due to the dense feathers that cover them. They are large, with a wingspan of two meters, and from a distance she would appear as almost a large bird, rather than a dragon. Her face, while still resembling her human face, has several dramatic shifts, including much larger eyes, which burn a glowing amber, and a larger mouth full of teeth. Her nose is almost invisible on her face due to being much smaller and blended into her feathers. Her hair is still present, though more voluminous and a bright pink matching her feathers. It flows as though controlled by some magic force, floating as opposed to laying flat.

    Dragon Form:
    Ilia Vizier 0a150568d4379d516b11c2c07049290d

    Length: 14'7"
    Weight: 567lbs.
    Hair Color: White
    Eye Color: Yellow

    Ilia is not yet powerful enough to control this form.

    As a dragon, Ilia resembles her father greatly. In fact, she appears identical to an ice dragon, with the small exception being how, well, small she is. Ilia is only 14 feet in length, whereas some ice dragons and reach up to thirty feet in length, or higher! While this could be a symptom of being young, her development is far behind that of full-blooded dragons. As ice dragons are designed to withstand the cold, they are covered in a warm layer of fur and feathers as opposed to the typical scales of the other dragons. In fact, Ilia's dragon from resembles an animal more than a dragon, though the same could be said of all ice dragons. Ilia is covered in this snow-white fur, with large, expansive wings that are nearly 10 feet in wingspan. Her face has completely shifted into a muzzle with nose slits and large, pupil-less yellow eyes. In the center of her face is a large, yellow gem, representing her allegiance to the ice dragons. Her face is adorned by long, white feathers with blue-green energy flowing through it. Her tail is long and furred, able to whip people at a distance. Her long legs end in paws with razor-sharp claws.

    Magical Traits

    Primary Element: Ice
    Secondary Element: N/A
    Tertiary Element: N/A


    Strength: Fighter
    Speed: Legend
    Endurance: Citizen
    Mystic Power: Citizen
    Intelligence: Militia


    Cool as ice, calm as snow. These are both terms that have been used to describe Ilia before. Known as an uncompromising tactician, she is extremely pragmatic in her decisions both on and off the battlefield. She has a hard time fully understanding the emotions of others, especially humans, and can often completely misread a situation due to her lack of understanding of basic social cues. This can lead people to believe that she's coldhearted and unemotional, but she just tends to not show these feelings in public. She has a hard time communicating properly with people, and shies away from social situations due to this anxiety of failure.

    In addition to her ruthless pragmatism, Ilia is also incredibly dedicated and goal-oriented, always wanting to have a plan in place, and tries to stick to those plans whenever possible. She's not very dynamic, and has a hard time adapting to more random elements, both in and out of battle. She can go into a complete downward spiral if one thing messes up the plan, and has a hard time recovering when things go wrong. She's dedicated to a fault when it comes to her own goals, and will drive herself to exhaustion or even death in order to achieve them. This can be something as small as finishing a piece of paperwork or something as large as finding a missing child in a snowstorm.

    Due to her rough exterior and pragmatism, she can come off as incredibly sarcastic, which, well, she is. Her sarcasm and cynicism is merely a product of her environment growing up. She tries to tone it down in front of officials or strangers, but when it comes to her friends, you can expect her to be sassing you the entire time you know her, and it's definitely a love-it or hate-it quality of hers. She can seem incredibly rude when she insults, but that's simply because of how rough dragons are when they talk to each other. She doesn't really get "hurting someone's feelings", because many of her dragon friends simply insulted each other out of love. It's never seen as a rude thing to other dragons, but it doesn't translate well to human society.

    Because of this, Ilia can withstand a surprising amount of shit-talking about her without even realizing it's intended in a rude way. As previously stated, social cues aren't really her thing, and so when someone is blatantly insulting her in a derogatory manor, she probably will only realize that is the intention one out of ten times. This can lead to her diving deeper into the rabbit hole, becoming friends with someone who might be bad for her.

    Ilia is a major fan of animals, due to spending much of her childhood with only them and her mother as company. Her favourites are dogs, and she would adopt dozens of them if she could. Regardless, she appreciates all forms of life, and takes killing as a very serious matter, as each life weighs heavily on her, despite refusing to let it break her hard exterior.

    Ilia's largest weakness is her fear of the dark. Having spent her childhood in the dark caves in the mountains of Hyouden, she began to associate the dark caverns with her never-ending loneliness that she felt during those years. She internalized those fears, but after the death of her father, this fear resurfaced dramatically, causing her to have panic attacks while in the dark. She sleeps with a candle lit at all times.


    Entry 1 - My Name is Ilia:

    Dear Diary, (did I do this right?)

    Hello! My name  is, um, Ilia, and I'm eleven years old. Papa wants me to improve on my writing, so he's having me write stuff down in you. I asked him what he wanted to me to say, and he just shrugged. So... I don't really know what to talk about.

    I guess I should start with who I am. I'm the daughter of Chief Alieor and Lady Jin Vizier. Yes, that Lady Jin. The human. I guess to most dragons, it's weird to have a dragon dad and a human mum? But I love them both, so I don't really see the problem. Either way, I don't think many people in the tribe approved of their union. She was a... (wassit called?)... a tribute! She was a tribute from the local village in order to appease the tribe. They must think we're savages or something! Either way, Papa and Mama had a talk at the offering table, and they had lots in common, or so Mama tells me. She didn't have a very good life in the village, and Papa offered her a place to stay in the tribal sanctuary. Lots of dragons weren't super happy about that. Either way, Papa looked out for her, and they grew closer. Eventually, they fell in love! and then I was born!

    Lots of dragons in the sanctuary weren't happy about me being born, but Papa, as the chief's son, stood up for me and Mama. Eventually, Papa succeeded his father as chief, so they were forced to respect him, and us. I grew up in relative solitude, as lots of kids my age were too big to play with me. Even when I did meet other kids my age, they always tended to ignore me or make fun of me because I was small. It was hard, but Mama and I survived. She is an expert seamstress, and she taught me how to make all sorts of beautiful clothes and fabrics. Papa let my fly with him in the sky. It was a quiet life, but it was a good life.

    Nowadays, the other dragon kids are letting me hang around them. I met this one boy, Jaran, who is super nice to me, and he always lets me ride on his back whenever I want. He's smaller than Papa, but he's still strong enough to carry me around.

    Well, thanks for listening, Diary! I'm gonna go show Papa.

    Ilia, Age 11.
    Entry 2 - Tensions Rising:

    So, it's been a while since I last wrote in here. Like, a long while. Like, three years.

    In all honesty, I just found this stuffed away under my bed, and I probably wouldn't be writing in it if I didn't really need to talk to someone about what's been going on recently.

    So about a year after my last entry, some of the fire dragons from Ryuujin attacked some of our sentries while on patrol. There have been scuffles between tribes before, but never one as bad as this. Over ten of our dragons were wounded, and one didn't even come home. The entire tribe was furious, and demanded that Father call a council with the rest of the Dragon Chiefs in order to settle the matter. Feeling obligated, he did so, and left a few days later for the council in the Freelands alongside some guards. He returned a few days later, severely injured. He explained that the council had divided almost entirely in half. The Fire and Lightning Tribes of Ryuujin and Akiraka sided with each other, eager to expand their territories into the other Tribes' lands. The Earth and Air Tribes of Sanrin and Manchou aligned with us, wishing to keep the borders the same. This escalated into a brawl between the leaders, with all barely surviving.

    The entire tribe was worried about Father's recovery, mostly because of how screwed we would be if he died. He had no children besides me, and while people had come to respect my mother and I, we were never truly thought of as family to Father. If he died, the only person who could succeed would be me, and that would cause chaos throughout all of the dragon kingdoms. He made a full recovery, but not without serious injuries. His left wing was completely damaged, making fast-paced flying not likely.

    Tensions escalated over the next few years, and slowly, the ice dragons, who hadn't fought in centuries, began preparing for war. Tomorrow, the first conflict will take place on the border between Ryuujin and Hyouden. They're even shipping off kids my age. Not me, because I can't fight a dragon, but Jaran is leaving, along with the rest of my friends. They might never come back.

    I've never felt so alone. I'm gonna try and write in you more, Diary, to keep my sanity.

    Ilia, Age 14.
    Entry 3 - War, What is it Good For?:

    So it's been about six months since my last entry. I've just been so busy, I never really found the time.

    We're losing the war, Diary. That first battle ended in disaster. Jaran never came back. We've been playing on the defensive, forced to hold ground, whereas the fire dragons are able to employ smarter tactics, such as guerilla warfare. They also seem to have no quarrel with playing dirty, attacking the human villages we have sworn to protect instead of us directly. Their numbers are more plentiful, and they've been preparing for this for decades, whereas we have had only two years to prepare. I fear we might lose.

    Father is just as frustrated as I am. He's been sidelined, forced to command rather than lead, due to his injuries. He's been teaching me about battlefield tactics in my spare time. He says I have a knack for it, but I'm not really sure. He's also been teaching me how to fight with weapons. I've mastered the sword, but the lance is keeping me on my toes. I asked him why he thought I would need to learn to fight, but he didn't answer.

    He must fear our impending doom as much as I do.

    Between tactics, training, and constant worrying, I feel like I'm about to fall apart. Mum is worried about me, and about Father. We're both so stressed, it's running us ragged, she says. Mom is looking more tired these days, too. The cold weather and the altitude seems to be taking a toll on her, just as it's taking a toll on me. The other night at dinner, she fell into a coughing fit for a good few minutes, much to the worry of Father. She insisted she was fine.

    I don't think she's fine.

    Ilia, Age 15.
    Entry 4 - Impending Doom:

    Mum is dead.

    I know I left you on a cliffhanger, Diary, and I'm sorry it's been so long. But she finally passed away the other night, and I just... felt like I have no one else to talk to. After last time, her coughing and strength only deteriorated further. She began falling down at inopportune times, and her coughing turned from minutes of coughing to hours of on and off coughing. Father was worried, I was worried, hell, the entire settlement was worried. No one in the tribe was very familiar with human physiology, so there was nothing we could do to help her. Except go to the human village and request their aid.

    They sent me, because of my appearance. Father figured that a human requesting aid for another human would get better results than a dragon asking for help for his human wife. So Father flew us to town, to my mum's birthplace, and told me to find Mum's parents, who were known healers, according to her. Father and I devised a story, and explanation for how she was still alive, and how I existed.

    It took a while of wandering around the small village, but eventually we found the hut my grandparents lived in. As we entered, I explained that Mum managed to escape her bonds as tribute and fled to the mountains, staying in a small village a few miles north of here. I was her daughter from a previous marriage, but the husband died in some freak hunting accident. They seemed grateful, yet wary to see their daughter again, and I begged them to help heal her. They explained that she had a rare disease found only higher up in the mountains, one typically associated with high altitudes and lower temperatures. They were surprised I didn't have it, but I wasn't. My dragon blood was keeping me safe. They explained there was nothing we could do besides keep her warm and pray for her recovery. I met up with Father again, and we flew back home, discouraged.

    Despite doing our best to keep her safe and warm, her condition only grew worse. After a full year of taking care of her between strategy meetings and training, she passed away peacefully in the night. Father is stressed now, due to her death, and his strategies have become sloppier. The Fire Dragons slowly approach our settlement, razing villages and outposts as they come.

    I fear the worst for us all.

    Ilia, Age 16
    Entry 5 - Raid on the Settlement:

    Things have only gotten worse.

    This entry comes a few weeks after my last, and as I had predicted, the Fire Dragons raided our settlement two weeks ago. The call came in the middle of the night, a warning cry echoing through the chasm we called home. Every available fighter, even myself and Father, rose to the occasion, desperate to defend our homeland. I grabbed my Dragontooth Spear, courtesy of father, and my Runesword, courtesy of mother, and rode into battle on my Father's back.

    I didn't do much at first. I took swings at those who got too close to Father's injured wing, but there wasn't much I could do in the midst of an aerial battle. We were actually winning at one point, succeeding at driving them out of the chasm. But this just made them change their tactics. They began siege warfare, waiting us out, starving us out. After that first night, our luck began to change for the worst. Anyone who attempted to leave the chasm was killed on sight, and we were slowly starving. Our most capable fighters began to drop left and right, and we were losing any advantage we had. Finally, Father and I devised a plan to end this, once and for all.

    We planned a pincer movement, one large group leaving through the front entrance while another snuck in from behind and squashed the Fire Dragons between their forces. That night, we put in into action. Father and I were a part of the smaller group, and as soon as we heard the roars of battle, we commenced phase two of the plan. However, as we began, one young ice dragon betrayed us, attacking Father from behind and knocking me off his back. My theory now is that he was offered salvation if he attacked my father, but at that point, all I knew was that I was falling from hundreds of thousands of feet up in the air. I reached out for Father, who didn't even seem to notice my fall, too busy fighting off the backstabber. I reached out, calling for him to save me...

    And my arm seemed to transform, my skin being replaced by plumage that resembled his own, except pink. I felt large... things sprout from by back, and slowly I felt the chill of the air die as my entire body, clothes included, seemed to transform into this furry, feathery mesh. Instincts took over, and I caught myself with my wings. MY WINGS. I looked myself over, and I was shocked to discover that I had become a stranger to my own skin. I resembled a dragon, if morphed into the shape of a human, with large claws on my hands and feet. I still grasped my Dragontooth Spear in my right arm, but any semblance of clothes I had been wearing were nowhere to be seen. As I examined myself, I heard a roar from above, and watched as my father plummeted towards the ground. Above him, I saw the bloody claws of the betrayer. In a fit of anger, I flew up towards him, miniscule in comparison, screeching with an ear-shattering volume. I jammed my spear into his neck, killing him almost immediately due to my size and agility, and I watched as his body fell next to my father.

    Suddenly, I realized I was alone. The sounds of fighting had stopped, and I noticed that there were no more ice dragons beside me. All had fled, and the battle on the other side had finished. We had lost. Desperate to survive, I fled my home, in which I had spent my entire childhood, and headed towards Icithia, as my father had told me to if I was ever in trouble. Outside the gates, I collapsed in the snow, energy spent. I woke up a few days later in a local inn, and they explained that I had severe exhaustion and that they had been taking care of me ever since. I didn't have any money to repay them, so they offered to let me work it off. They don't look at me any different than a regular human, so I must have transformed back at somepoint before they found me.

    And now that I have some free time, I figured I'd write in you, Diary. I have no idea why I kept you with me on the battlefield. Maybe because you reminded me of Mum. But I have no clue whether Father is alive, if any of the tribe is alive, or what I can do about it. But I just have to have hope.

    Ilia, Age 16.
    Entry 6 - Looking Towards the Future:

    Dear Diary,

    It's been a year since I last wrote in you. I guess I've just been trying to avoid thinking about the past. But Given it's been one year, to the day, since the battle where I transformed, I figured now is a good time to reflect.

    I've adapted to city life rather well. I worked with the owners of the Inn, Lorenzo and Anna, for a few months after they found me, for food and board, as well as some modest pay. Eventually, I saved up enough to buy my own place, and moved out. Anna was really sad to see me good, and I was sad to leave, but I knew that it was important that I become more independent. I ended up getting a new job as a nurse at the local infirmary, helping heal wounded soldiers. There was definitely a tinge of irony to it, considering I could probably wipe them out with a single blow, but instead I was helping patch them up.

    In my spare time, I've been training. Hard. I have developed the ability to summon my dragon-humanoid form at will, and can also shift certain parts of my body into their draconic counterparts. This includes summoning my claws, or my wings at will. My spearwork has gotten just as good as my swordplay after some significant training. I wish I knew what happened to my Dragontooth Lance. I'm just grateful to still have my Runesword intact.

    ...I've given up hope that Father is alive. I kept hope for a long time, that he would come and rescue me from this boring routine I've entered into. But after a full year, I have to admit he's gone. Hell, I'm fairly certain the entire Ice Tribe is gone now, as I've not seen a single one in this entire year. A couple of Fire Dragons have been spotted, from what I've heard, so that doesn't bode well. I wish I knew what was going on in the dragon world, but it's as if my connection to it has been severed. I wonder how the Fire and Lightning campaigns went in the other countries. The Earth and Air Dragons could be completely wiped out as well.

    ...Thanks for listening to me complain again, Diary. I guess we'll see where this new path leads me.

    Ilia, Age 17.

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