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    Ilia's Abilities Empty Ilia's Abilities

    Post by Ilia on Mon Feb 06, 2017 9:14 am

    Ilia's Abilities 01c73b87c3bf0c7018333cffa57f9501

    Vow of the Ice Dragons

    Name: Roar of Ice
    Element: Ice
    Ability: With this ability, Ilia is able to manipulate her dragon blood into forming a large burst of ice originating from the mouth, and is able to manipulate it in a variety of ways. She can breath softly, which causes any object she breathes on to instantly freeze, or she can breath powerfully, sending a blast of ice at her opponent, dealing more damage with minimal freezing. These effects are made stronger, or weaker, based on the temperature environment. In a prime environment, she can encase someone completely in ice in a single blow, but they may break out immediately if their endurance is higher than their strength. If not, they are stuck. In the event of a score tie, the character can break out.
    Limits: This ability is made significantly weaker in a warmer environment, like Ryuujin. This ability may only be used every other post, as Ilia's lungs need to recharge. 
    Range: 10ft (soft breath), 80ft (power breath)
    Link to purchase: Starter

    Name: Dance of Snow
    Element: Ice
    Ability: Ilia harnesses the power of her blood in order to freeze the air around her, turning it into soft, malleable snow. She can funnel this into an opaque blizzard that forms around her and moves with her. Due to her nature as a dragon, however, she is able to see through the blizzard fine, giving her a significant advantage over those who come in too close. If an ally or opponent enters the field, their vision is blocked, unless they have an equal or higher speed rank than Ilia, in which case they will be able to see past the snow freely. It causes enemies to lose visibility while near, giving her increased dodging capabilities. While under the blanket of the blizzard, Ilia's Mystic Power increases by two ranks for any ice ability she uses, as she learns to harness the power of the snow around her.
    Limits: Unusable in a significantly dry or warm environment. If the blizzard is hit with a fire spell, it is immediately dispelled, leaving her vulnerable. This renders her unable to re-summon her blizzard until after her next post.
    Range: 30ft radius.
    Link to purchase: Starter

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    Ilia's Abilities Empty Re: Ilia's Abilities

    Post by Takai on Wed Feb 08, 2017 7:33 pm

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