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    (Moderate) The Black Fiends Empty (Moderate) The Black Fiends

    Post by Abraxas on Thu Feb 09, 2017 9:14 am

    Name: The Black Fiends
    Mission Difficulty: Moderate

    Prerequisites: 1 Manchou character - Minimum of 2 characters, maximum of five

    Requirements: Thread has to be at least 40 posts long

    Reward: 150,000 per character

    Description: This time they broke the last straw. The Black Fiends are a notorious pirate crew that attack the ships sailing into Nautica's port ever so often. But next time will be different. We are hiring specialists! Mercenaries of great skill! We are laying out a bait for the pirate scum to come and attack us. Little do they know the ship will have absolutely NOTHING on it but you, the specialists! You are to fight and apprehend the thieving and murdering scum. Nautica is sick of sacrificing good men to protect shipments from these bastards. Take care of them! Make sure they never come back!

    Mission Success Criteria: The ship you are sailing on will be a large longship that Nautica is ready to sink for this mission. It holds enough space for 150 people. Space you will need. The Black Fiends is a crew of 60 men armed to the teeth. All outlaws and bandits with little skill, but the determination and strength to compensate. Are you have killed the first 20 men, the Black Fiend Commanders will come out. There will be one for each participant of this mission, and their stats and skills will be roughly equal to whichever participant they end up facing. Their powers are ultimately up to you. After defeating the commanders, the captain will board the longship. The captain possesses a fierce ability that can turn anything he touches into a weapon. Defeat the Captain and return to Nautica's port with either the unconscious captain or his corpse. The reward will be the same. The Captain's stats Str Warrior - Spd Soldier - End Warrior - Mys BanditĀ - Int Bandit

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