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    Atemis' Equipment Empty Atemis' Equipment

    Post by Artemis on Mon Feb 13, 2017 3:07 pm

    Name: Spirit Bow
    Atemis' Equipment Af9c0610
    Enchantment: Artemis' Bow is a magical artifact that came with her from Pandora. This bow requires no Arrow to shoot instead pulling energy from the air all around to from arrows of pure magic. With a single quick draw of the bow, the arrow is formed as a long white beam with silver magic chaotically dancing down its entire length. The Longer the bow is held drawn, the more energy it pulls causing the arrow of magic grows in size and power.
    Limits: From a quick draw, the arrow is only 3 inches in diameter and only hits for Half of Artemis' magic power. At a Full Draw, the arrow grow to about a foot diameter and will hit for equivalent of Artemis' Mystic Power. Finally, If she holds a Draw for a full post, the Arrow grow to be about a meter wide and will hit for twice her magic damage. The Max distance for these arrows is 100 Meters
    Link to Purchase: Starting Freebie
    Extras: The Bow is kept sealed in a Charm on her bracelet, capable of being called forth at a moments notice.

    Upgraded Weapon:
    Enchantment: Artemis has learned to compress the arrow into a sharp needle instead of the larger blasts like before. With the arrow compressed and focused into speed rather than size, it moves far faster than the normal arrow and creates a drag behind that will pull those too close back with the arrow. The arrows, while faster only hit for half of Artemis' Mystic Power.
    Limit: These Arrows can only be shot at Full Draw or Long Draw. Full draw arrow moves Twice as fast and will pull anyone within 2 Meters of the arrow 20 Meters back. Long draw arrows move 4 times the normal speed and will pull anyone within 2 Meters of the 40 meters back or between 2 and 4 meters 20 meters back.
    Link to Purchase: Platinum Bundle

    Upgraded Weapon:
    Enchantment: Artemis is able to store a small part of her own magic into the arrow and cause ti to split mid flight. Splitting the normal arrow at Full or long Draw, Artemis can cover an entire area with a thousand mini needles, dealing damage over a large area but cutting the damage in half. Splitting the Speed arrow at full or long draw, the arrow splits into 10 fragments can move around obstacles and reform into the speeding bolt. The separation and reforming of the speed arrow is near instant.
    Limit: The Normal Arrow can cover up to a 25 Meter Diameter area with it's damaging needles, but does only half damage. The Speed Arrow can only split once and stay separated at for up to a distance of 25 meters. The drag is non-existent during the split though the separated bolts will do normal speed arrow damage.
    Link to Purchase: Platinum Bundle

    Name: Wraith Daggers
    Atemis' Equipment Grandi10
    Enchantment: The Wraith daggers are forged from the hatred of a spirit that did not cross over. The imbued with the fury of the wraith, these dagger hate indiscriminately but their owner most of all. These blades will take any physical attack blocked by them and redirect them down the length of the blade, shooting it out in a stream of force. This however will also send the Owner flying nearly 100 Meters.
    Limits: While this can protect the user from damage, at the same time it can put them into greater trouble. The direction that she is flung is all dependent on the angle of the blade, which can potentially cause her to crash into something or even fall from a great height.
    Link to Purchase: Purchase

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    Post by Ilia on Tue Feb 14, 2017 3:09 pm

    Atemis' Equipment XaxEMNQ



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