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    (Moderate) Operation GRIMJAW Empty (Moderate) Operation GRIMJAW

    Post by Abraxas on Thu Feb 16, 2017 2:38 pm

    Name: Operation GRIMJAW

    Mission Difficulty: Moderate

    Prerequisites: At least one of the member must be from Ryuujin, maximum 3 members can do this thread together.

    Requirements: At least 40 posts long. Minimum of 200 words per post.

    Reward: 120,000 Ryo per participant

    Description: Attention all citizens!

    There is currently an extremely dangerous situation developing in the Mallyacker Mine! It seems a dragon, codename GRIMJAW, has found it's way inside the mines and cannot get out. This has led to it raging senselessly, destroying all the equipment inside and causing catastrophic damages. As you all know, the Mallyacker Mine is one of the most important resources we people of Ryuujin have, and without it, our entire economy may collapse in an instant! This mission is of vital importance, but is also terribly dangerous. Only experienced heroes should considering taking this on!

    Your job is to infiltrate the mines and find GRIMJAW as soon as possible, and attempt to calm it in any way possible. This can include merely speaking to it, capture, or even killing it if necessary. The mines are extremely dangerous, especially the lower down you get. You may be facing other creatures that live below the earths core, such as fire elementals or slime monsters. The environment itself is especially trecherous the further down you go, as lava flows freely down there, meaning it can blast through walls and create rivers at any moment. Be warned, however, this dragon is versed with the way of fire, able to eat lava and fire as well as cast fire from its mouth at a deadly range, and has full access to the lava underneath the mines. It is of vital importance to avoid any further environmental damage, as the amount of wrecked equipment is already costing the government millions of ryo. In the event of soothing the dragon, you shall be reimbursed with a vast wealth.

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