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    Takai Sakage Empty Takai Sakage

    Post by Takai on Sun Jun 26, 2016 9:47 pm

    Takai Sakage

    Basic Info

    Name: Takai Sakage
    Nickname: The Grim Reaper
    Gender: Male
    Visual Age: 25
    Real Age: Over 1000 years old
    Takai use to be the scared simple human. On Abraxas, being Human in no way meant that you were inferior, though some like to think so. Some of the Strongest men and women Takai knew had been Human. For him though, he was never the strongest or fastest. He couldn't grasp the the complexities of Magic, or harness the innate power within to forge abilities to use in battle. Lacking the brilliant minds of the scholars within the Capital, or the fortitude to face the raging monsters prevalent on Abraxas. With no real excellence in any normal area, Takai had to develop his own. So he learned to be cautious, to study environments instead of charging head long into them. He sharpened his mind, learning to be cunning, observant. The years spent with the Grim Reaper as his symbiotic companion dulled this learned trait, but didn't not get rid of it all together. Takai is cautious when he is walking into situations he isn't fully aware of everything going on.

    For the most part Takai is a good natured individual. He enjoys the simple things in life. Pleasant company, a good meal, a warm bed. It's those things the really make him happy, that bring him the joy in his world. He is more than willing to share with those that are less fortunate them himself, offering what he has to those that actually need it. Seeing the joy his small acts of kindness can bring to another gives him a sense of purpose beyond the one bestowed on him sense fusing with the Grim Reaper. It reminds him of back when he was just a human. While he doesn't regret the fusion, though it can be annoying, it's always nice to get a reminder that he is at least still part human.

    Though caution and benevolence have their place in the world, and within Takai. There are times that he knows that he must be more. Be the Reaper that he now is. This means putting aside his good nature, his caring attitude and look at what needs to be done. There is an understanding that he must have that not everything in the world is black and white. Good and Evil aren't clear lines. It is a necessity in the world to sometimes sacrifice the lives of innocents, the lives of children, to accomplish a goal. Takai knows that what he does as the Grim Reaper as an assassin is not always a good thing, but he doesn't it because that is what is required of him.

    Then there are the times when his anger gets the better of him. A temper is a horrible thing to lose control of and Takai has never had to work hard to keep his reigned in. Fusing with the Grim Reaper solidified that control. The Grim Reaper has spent eons dealing with the worst of any species or race. Never once did he have a reason to lose his temper. He had the patience of someone that would never die. Seven centuries was just a moment in his life, so why lose one's temper over anything. While neither can really lose their temper, this doesn't mean that they don't get angry. The main difference is that they never let that anger control their actions. Takai's eyes tend to glow a dark red when his rage begins to rise. The anger that Takai possesses cause him to become extremely calm, like a quiet before a storm. Then when the time is right, he'll direct all that fury in one direction, into one purpose which can make him even deadlier than before.

    Physical Traits

    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 190 lbs
    Hair Color/Length: Takai's hair is a deep black that lays on this head in a mess of tangles and locks. It is fairly long compared to some, though it doesn't stray any farther than the to the tops of his shoulders. There is the smallest hint of blue in his hair that when caught in the right light gives his hair just a faint glow to it.
    Eye Color: Takai's eyes are a deep grayish hazel color that seem to look into the very soul of a person when he looks into their eyes. Though that is just a feeling someone gets not that he actually can. When angered his eyes become a deep glowing red, dark like the color of blood.

    Takai Sakage App_pi10

    Character Information

    Character's Race: Altered Human /  Reaper
    Racial Trait:
    Eyes of the Void - Over them many eons, Death has had many would try to hide themselves in cheap disguises or in magic to block them from view. His sight is beyond the understanding of most, able to pierce through flesh to see the soul of a person or the spirits that roam free in the world. Now fused with Death, Takai is able to see magic itself. His gaze piercing through any illusion or invisibility of any kind. For the eyes of the Reaper can't be tricked. While able to see souls, Death only had to look at a person, Takai must look into their eyes.

    Country: Freelands
    Primary Element: Void
    Individual Statistics:
    -Strength: Peasant
    -Speed: Legend
    -Endurance: Bandit
    -Mystic Power: Warrior
    -Intelligence: Bandit

    Character History

    Born on Abraxas, Takai was raised knowing the land and the history of the world. His family were poor merchants for the most part, barely having enough money to support their small family. Takai helped out when ever he was able to but being so young there was only so much he could do. So for the most part of his early childhood, Takai didn't have very much always seeking to have something more. He swore to himself that he wasn't going to grow up to have a life just like that he grew up with, he was going to make something of himself.

    When he was old enough, Takai joined up with the Ryuujin army to work as a soldier and try to better his life. In training he was a wreck, wasn't good at fighting, wasn't really able to control magic, was the fastest or the strongest, all and all he wasn't that good of a soldier. There was only one skill that Takai excelled in was stealth and recon. Eventually that was exactly what division of the army he was placed into, Stealth Recon. This he did well, always being able to gather information any time he was asked to infiltrate enemy forces. Advancing in rank quickly, Takai was making his dream a reality earning pay enough to send plenty home to his parents to give them a chance at a better life too.

    Years into his service, Takai was sent with a squad of three to scope out what was reported as a dangerous situation in the Rock Wurm Tunnels. Searching through the tunnels for what came to a week, the patrol found nothing to report. It wasn't unheard of that a report would turn out to be nothing more than a rumor but it was still something of a disappointment to have to go home with nothing. On their return trip, the patrol came across the mother of all Rock wurms. It was the length of three football fields and something about it screamed something was wrong. Being only a small patrol of recon soldiers, they stood no chance against this beast.

    The first attack from the wurm, killed Takai's three partners and severely injured Takai himself. He thought he was going to die, he was absolutely sure this was the end. Until something in on the inside of the wurm's body burst out of its skull sending the creature dead on the floor. The being that had been in the creatures skull looked different from any kind Takai had ever seen on Abraxas, and he had seen a lot. Cloaked and a dark tattered clothe, the being held a scythe of black metal and looked to be a thin frail body yet power emanated from it. "This world is strange to me," The being spoke as it stared at nothing, "I cannot exist here, at least not as I am right now." The hooded face turned to Takai as he lay bleeding on the ground of the wurm tunnel. Blood spurted from Takai's mouth as he spoke, "What are you?" The being chuckled at the question, his voice deep and menacing, "I am the Grim Reaper, I am he that takes the souls of men to that after life you all fear."

    The Grim Reaper moved towards Takai, his body floating as it he was a cloud, "I would come to men like you and take them." "However I've never been in a true physical form before," the Reaper said as he brought his skeletal hand up to his hooded head, voice questioning, "I cannot exist like this, yet I must be." The Grim Reaper's eyes turned towards Takai, "you are dying, there is no chance of healing your wounds. I however will make you an offer, by my vessel and you will survive." Another cough of blood came out of Takai's mouth as he looked into the dark eyes of Death himself, "What will I have to do?" Death floated clothes and leaned down with a skeletal hand, "you have to do nothing, just accept me." Takai nodded slowly as he coughed a bit more blood and waited for it to happen. He wanted to survive he wanted to still make something with his life and would do whatever it took to make it happen.

    Death lowered his hand just above Takai's chest and held it there as he looked into the dying man's eyes, "I do not know what will become either of us, but it is the only way either of us can survive." With a second nod, Death continued placing the skeletal hand firmly against Takai's torso. The touch alone was unbearable, a searing heat that ripped through Takai's whole body and soul. If Takai hadn't already been so close to death, he would have screamed probably the most blood curdling sound as man could have made. Death pressed harder and his body slowly began to melt, pushing itself into Takai's body. The pain increased a hundred fold knocking Takai unconscious as the processed continued.

    Eternal Blackness engulfed Takai for so long that he believed that he had actually died and this was the after life. He was actually scared to that was what happened and the combination of the two entities was a failure. His eyes suddenly snapped open finding himself in fact alive but something was different, he felt stronger and faster it was exhilarating. Clothed an a strange out fit, heavy cloak and a strange mask in his hand, Takai looked around where he was. There were two problems he identified, first he was no longer in the rock wurm tunnels and the second that he couldn't remember what happened. It wasn't that he couldn't remember what happened that made him black out, he couldn't remember his life but in brief glimpses. It was like he had lived a second life and he was remembering bits and pieces of it.

    'Takai,' The voice sounded as if it was coming from everywhere and Takai where the source of the voice was. 'Takai, it is I, Death the Grim Reaper,' the voice continued again speaking from within Takai's mind, 'Well I was, I have become something completely different now. You have been asleep for hundreds of years.' Flashes from what had happened in the tunnels rushed through Takai's mind, his hand pressing against his temple in an attempt to cease the pain. 'What to you mean your different? Where are we? 'I'm still Death, but I"m different no longer the Grim Reaper. I still devour the souls of men so I shall be Death, the Devourer. As to where we are, I'm not sure I have no idea the landscape of this world.

    Nodding to the voice within his mind, Takai stood from where he was to get a bearing of where he is. The room was dark and had a brisk chill to it, there were lots of items of all kinds through out the room covered in dust and webs. Every step Takai took, a foot mark was left in the deep dust all over the floor. Where ever he was the place had seen another living being for quite a while. A heavy black tattered cloak covered Takai keeping his body warm in the cold environment, the door of the room setting in the farm corner. Takai made his way towards the door looking at the many things still left in the building. A glint of metal caught Takai's eyes as he made his way to the door. Stopping briefly to see what it was, Takai reached in and pulled out a uniquely designed sword from out of the darkness. 'Perfect, though we don't know where we are we'll at least be armed,' Takai thought as he continued on to the door.

    The door wouldn't open, no matter how hard Takai tried to get it open. It eventually led to Takai breaking down revealing a wall of snow and ice. It took several hours before Takai was able to dig his way out to the surface once more. All he could see for miles was ice and snow. 'Hyouden, we're in Hyouden,' Takai thought as another flash of memories soared through his mind, 'I think this is the Frozen fields, we have to hurry up and make it to Icithia if it's still there.' The being deep within Takai's body nodded mentally in agreement and urged Takai forward. Awake from years of slumber with nothing but a second conscious and a unique blade found in a worn down building, Takai made his way through the snow on his way to start his legend.....

    A Hundred of years from that point have passed, Wars have been fought, Kami changed time and time again. At first Takai had envisioned going back to Ryuujin, rejoining the ranks of the Military Scouts. The join to there was a harrowing one and he faced things he never thought he could stand against, but he did. It was clear that he was no longer the same frail human he was before. His calling was no longer to be a scout, but to be something more. He defected from the country of Ryuujin and made his own way in the Freelands, eventually becoming a revered member of the Freelands and known Assassin for Hire.
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