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    Post by Artemis on Wed Jun 29, 2016 9:18 pm

    [DONE] Artemis YmBB3i3
    Cassandra Marie d'Blakc
    Name: Cassandra Marie d'Blakc
    Nickname: Artemis
    Gender: Female
    Visual Age: 19 years old
    Real Age: Unknown
    Personality: Little is truly known about the young Artemis, but, like most, her personality and manner of being depicts far more than the eyes can see. For despite the hardships the young huntress has faced throughout almost the entirety of her life, Cassandra could simply be described, by many, as a free spirited woman. Her personality is surprisingly joyous and quite optimistic, suiting the taste that she holds dear for crazy adventures and daring quests. Therefore, it is safe to say that Cassandra enjoys spending her time outdoors. This has made her become a rather independent woman, but she enjoys working and spending time with people nonetheless.  Her quick mind and witty attitude further enhances the spirit of the free natured woman, steering her away from or, sometimes, towards the road of trouble. She isn't one to be afraid to try new things and usually can be seen diving into a situation, but rarely without some sort of plan at hand. Yet, regardless of the situations she may find herself in, the young warrior simply goes along with what she believes, at that time, to be an appropriate response to the situation at hand. Unfortunately though, Cassandra has trusting issues and a wary attitude when it comes to complete strangers. Needless to say, this has caused her to be quite the lonesome adventurer and a woman of great reservation although she will be willing to work alongside them. Furthermore, Cassandra sees betrayal as the worst offense a person can commit. It is something that she cannot easily, if at all, forgive of a person. She is also rather mission drive so if something stands in her way between her and her goal, then she will find a way to take it out so she can continue. Unlike most, when Cassandra gives her word, she honors it no matter the consequences it may bring. It is, after all, what she got herself into and it is her duty to keep it. As to why this is, it can only be boiled down to a mere few words -reputation and honor. Reputation, for her, is what matters most. So far so that it could be seen far greater than life itself for it marks the person forever, even after death. It is a legacy that lives. Still, she isn't one to look for fame or recognition thus, she sees reputation as something else.

    It goes along to note that Cassandra is as calculating as she is headstrong and stubborn. Her being calculative is especially true when it is outside of battle. Seldom will she be inside of battle. She is a thinker and, at times, a philosopher. She enjoys dreaming of the future of the days to come. Cassandra, when in a pensive state, is talkative. She would try to enter in a spiraling conversation of the world and what it could and could not be. Her nature changes to that of gentleness, even with people, causing her to leave herself open. Yet, like mentioned above, due to her assertive nature, the huntress tries to keep herself on her toes so that she isn't taken by surprise. If someone does earn her trust, then they will find her an invaluable asset. Cassandra isn't one to back down. She fights until the end.  This is due to her pride. As such, it is then safe to say she is a competitive woman. She finds it hard to ask for help, but if she ever does, it means she respects the person greatly. In the midst of battle, Artemis fights to win. If it means that she must play dirty to obtain her goals, then she will. This is because she cannot defend herself in a non-weapon, hand to hand combat as she never learned how, but when she gets her hand on a blade, then that is when the tables turn to her favor.  After all, that's how one survives the harsh world outside. Anything she can get her hands on serves as her makeshift, temporary weapon. This makes her rather sneaky and evasive as no one really knows what goes on in her mind. She prefers to strike in the midst of the shadows and disappear into the mist. There are times that she will be stubborn and do something she should not have done, but she never regrets. This is due to the fact that she sees failure as a learning experience, but that does not mean she likes it one bit. She hates failure, but she also knows that it is a necessary part of life. That said, the huntress can be ruthless as well as she can be forgiving and merciful. Still, it is quite important to mention that during battle or fight, no matter the circumstances she may find herself in, she has never "killed" anyone. Yet that does not mean that she will severely injure an opponent if it comes down to it. Despite this fact, though, Cassandra has no issue killing, unless it is necessary. If instructed and she deems the person's death unnecessary, then she will leave the place and hand the weapon to someone else. The only exception to this is war and in a 'no solution' situation. After all, these are where the choice between life and death are at it's peak.

    Physical Traits
    Height: 5 feet, 6 inches
    Weight: 175 lbs
    Hair Color/Length: Cassandra's hair is of a bright orange color with tints of red which flows past her shoulders. Her hair, although quite long, does not extend past her waist. It holds various shades of orange, red and blonde, giving it an exotic appeal. On top of this, her hair flows straight down in slight curves with bangs that stop right at her chin. Artemis, though, will seldom ever have her hair tied up for she prefers to have it fly free into the wind, but she will adorn it every so often with small, decorative hair accessories.
    Eye Color: Although not quite unusual for a Spirit Bourne, Artemis's eyes are of a particular design. Contrary to having a simple and regular eye color and basic design, her eyes are adorned with what appears to be the silhouette of a tree within her silvery, aquamarine colored eyes. In closer perspective and under the enhancement of the light, her eyes appear as if they are sparkling. Upon occasion, though, Artemis's right eye will glows a silvery black. This tint engulfs the eye completely so that you can see none of the eye's characteristics but the red glow. Only happens when she is under duress and or when she is studying someone or something closely..
    Appearance:  Artemis is a young woman of average height with fair, ivory skin. Her cheeks hold within itself a natural pale, rosy blush to compliment her overall appearance. Along with her height, she is gifted with large womanly assets and curves that she mostly keeps hidden with the type of clothing she wears. Regardless, she holds herself with grace and delicacy although she is far from the image of the hopeless damsel in distress. On a usual day, she will wear anything that she feels the more comfortable with although she holds a particular love towards the formal attire. She also bares the symbol of the original Nox Animus on her right shoulder thus marking her part of the original Pandoreans.

    Character Information
    Character Type: Spirit Bourne [Half Huntress/Fallen Spirit]
    Racial Trait: As a Spirit Bourne, Artemis has a deep connection with the spirits around her. Unlike most, she is able to communicate with and, sometimes, even touch them momentarily as if they were normal human beings. This connection has deemed her insane by those who do not understand her, but she finds great warmth in the ability to make friends even if they are long since dead
    Country: Free Lands
    Primary Element:
    Individual Statistics:
    -Strength: Citizen
    -Speed: Fighter
    -Stamina: Soldier
    -Mystic Power: Fighter
    -Intelligence: Fighter

    Character History
    The Beginning:

    [DONE] Artemis JdxYPAI
    What makes a hunt worthwhile? The thrill.”

    Preview/Background: Centuries ago and before the start of all realms, the world of Genesis was unlike it was today. The new planet who had once been created to become a safe haven for all of mankind, began to become filled to the brim with rampaging monsters and indescribable horrors. These beasts ran wild and without a care to the lush lives around them, swiftly wiping out most of the world’s existence in a small matter of time. Furthermore, they had begun to take over the resources, killing those who tried to access them. This further pushed the living towards the brink of extinction. In a frantic call for help, hunters and huntresses arose to to the calling to hunt down those deemed the supernatural; races and species considered monsters and dangerous within societal norms. For the first time, as this calling spread throughout the world, it began uniting those who displayed remarkable talents and superior intellect into a single mind and body. Through their incredible talents and quick action, these hunters and huntresses were able to repel the onslaught that the monsters had caused, bringing about a new era of peace. Yet, fully knowing well that the dangers were nowhere near gone, the band of hunters combined, forming into large clans that specialized in their own divisions and protecting their personal territory. Among them, and the leader of them all, was the d’Pryde clan.

    Although these hunters rose to the calling in an effort to eliminate the supernatural, they became divided from the rest of the world -hiding and sheltering themselves in large efforts to become pure. For them, due to the fact that they had become something far greater than the rest of Genesis’s vast species and kinds, they wished to preserve themselves to continue growing much more than they had originally done. After all, in accounts to outdoing themselves and their abilities, they had later become known as a greater form of homo sapiens -homo superiors. Therefore, it is of no surprise that it brought about much disdain and tension between those of various clans and surrounding cities. Yet, regardless of the friction the hunters held with those around them, they were still looked upon with great respect and admiration as well with fear. As to why, it could only be due to the fact that the hunters no longer cared about life outside of their own. Over the years, they gained enormous amounts of information which proved useful for their cause. They adapted themselves to the fast growing world and evolutionized themselves to become a force to be reckoned with, by, and against anyone through the many centuries to come. Now, they were considered the mercenaries and the bounty hunters for the unknown due to their high records of specialized assassination when coming to those of the supernatural variety.

    Decades later, Cassandra, later known as Artemis, was born into their ranks.

    [DONE] Artemis ZEFg2Ly
    “Home is where the heart is.”

    Artemis’s History: Artemis was born to the wealthy, yet well hidden family and pack of supernatural hunters called the Pryde's under the name of Cassandra Marie d'Blakc. As were the ways of the large clan, the young girl grew up under  the wing, protection, and power of her clan’s name. And, as were customs, forever searching for a way to eradicate the "monsters" of the world undetected and unnoticed by anyone or anything. The hunters worked undercover as an underground network and under the blanket of secrecy, thriving in their success to eliminate those found to be a threat to any and all human life. Their mannerisms and way of dealing with the so called monsters made them quite the assassins and bounty hunters that, in order to expand these networks, they held their own black market dedicated to the cause of elimination; a premium bounty hunter market.

    Yet, unbeknownst to the young Artemis, she too was born a monster, much like the ones she hunted. How? Her mother Serenity, a purebred huntress, had enloped with what had been considered to be a highly 'dangerous’ Fallen Demon going by the name of Viktor Alexander d’Blakc. Yet, Serenity later returned (forced) to the clan years after when the clan had figured out what had happened and mercilessly killed the young Alexander despite his wife's pleas. Distraught, Serenity shut herself into the darkness of the clan and, when Artemis had been birthed, killed herself as the child was a reminder of what she had lost. Not knowing what to do, the clan decided to house the child as an orphan due to the fact that she did not display any features her father had had.

    Artemis grew up not fully understanding the loss of her parents until she had reached the age of twelve when she was forbidden to participate in the 'coming of age' rituals the Hunters held. Angered by the unfairness, Artemis secluded herself to teach herself all that she needed to know in order to survive. When Artemis reached the age of eighteen, her demonic abilities manifested. Immediately and without a hint of hesitation, she was casted out of the clan and hunted for sport. On the run, Artemis met a tragic end when a village she entered to hide herself in was set up in flames. Yet, Cassandra's story did not end there. Seeing as her time had not yet come, Artemis as transported to Pandora where she was able to reunite with her father. There, she gained a new look on life and regained the spark to continue on.  Not a few years later, Abraxas pulled her from the realm of spirits and thrust her into a completely new world. As to how she will fair, only time will tell.
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