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    (Easy) Seven Days of Wonder Empty (Easy) Seven Days of Wonder

    Post by Abraxas on Fri Jul 01, 2016 1:24 am

    Name: Seven Days of Wonder

    Mission Rank: Easy

    Prerequisites: Members from Akiraka only, max. 2 members.

    Requirements: At least 25 posts in total. 150 words per post.

    Reward: 35,000 Ryo per participant.

    Description: The castle, the garden, the decorations all look like they comes from fairytales. The people within? Not so much. The old butler that look after Mr. Hankerchef, a old, rich but miserable old man who enjoy nothing more than making his staff live through hell and back each day, had retired. And the new butler that they hired could not arrive until a week later. How could Mr. Hankerchef survive without a butler for a day? Let alone a whole week? Impossible. So he will pay handsomely for anyone who would be his butler for the week. If you are interested, you are hired. Good Luck surviving this week, Mr. Hankerchef is known for his pickiness and strange habits.
    Mission: Take care of every needs and whims from Mr. Hankerchef without getting fired for the week.

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