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    Post by Nox on Fri Jan 06, 2017 10:36 pm

    Leliana Nox Vysoren Sonia_nevermind_render_by_rosalynnbelle-d7xar0u

    Leliana Nox Vysoren

    Name: Leliana Nox Vysoren
    Nickname: Nox
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19 years old
    Country: Freelands
    Race: Fatetouched
    Racial Trait:
    Airstep: Through the Raven Queen's power, Nox has the ability to maneuver herself in the air, simply by stepping into the air. She can ascend or descend easily, as well as move horizontally. She cannot fly straight up, however. She must remain in motion at all times, or else she loses the momentum and tumbles to the ground.

    Physical Traits

    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 122lbs.
    Appearance: Nox is an abnormally pale, scrawny woman with skinny appendages. This is due to her time studying under her master, which was spend mostly indoors reading. She often wears a black and white dress with a collar, that ends just below her knees, with white tights covering the skin on her legs. She also wears a large witch's hat, much to her master's chagrin, after reading about modern interpretations of witches. She also wears read spectacles, which aid her in reading. She has burn scars on her feet and hands, which are usually covered in boots and gloves respectively.
    Hair: Nox's hair is long, ending just past her waist in uneven amounts. It is straight, and she has bangs that cover her face if not brushed to the sides. Its colour is a bright blonde.
    Eyes: Nox's eyes glitter a dull green, though it is often mistaken for blue.

    Magical Traits

    Primary Element: Holy
    Secondary Element: N/A
    Tertiary Element: N/A


    Strength: Peasant
    Speed: Militia
    Endurance: Citizen
    Mystic Power: Fighter
    Intelligence: Fighter


    Born bubbly, Nox has what's known as an "infectious personality". Usually relaxed and always smiling, it's hard to remain upset around her. She takes nothing in life for granted, due to the Raven Queen's insistence that her life was a gift from destiny. She is incredibly studious, desiring to see and document everything Abraxas has to show her. Due to her small-town upbringing, she takes wonder in any new experience, especially her own magic. Discovering a new spell or a new way to use an old one makes her more happy than nearly anything else. She will take any course of action to see something new, even if it endangers her or her friends.

    Due to her sheltered upbringing, Nox is extremely careless. She throws caution to the wind, diving headfirst into danger without a second thought. This leads to Nox ending up in precarious situations, with serious risks to both herself and her companions. She is also rather dense at learning lessons, oftentimes forgetting her previous mistake and replicating it. This obliviousness permeates her entire attitude, as she has a hard time reading the intentions of others, due to a solitary adolescence. Apart from people, she is rather insightful, and has an easy time solving puzzles.

    Due to events in her past, Nox is terrified of fire. Seeing fire or any form of it causes her to seize up and begin shaking in terror. This has caused her no end of trouble in the past, and the quickest method to defeat her is by using tactics involving fire. She is also mildly nervous around dogs, and much prefers the company of cats, birds, or aquatic creatures. In her free time, Nox enjoys reading, in order to learn about the world around her, and writing, to document her own discoveries. She carries a book around with her at all times, usually filled with spells but also to jot down quick notes or drawings. She also enjoys listening to music, but is a horrendous singer.


    The Raven:

    On the eve of a child's birth, a raven visited the soon-to-be father. The Raven explained that the child would have a grand power, and thus, a grand destiny. The Raven warned that the child would be feared by her friends and sought after by her enemies. The soon-to-be father began to panic, begging the Raven to aid the child, to protect her from the trials she would soon face. But the Raven would not cheat destiny.

    "All people must go through hardships. I have merely come to warn you of the one's she'll face."

    The father begged, pleaded and cried, but the crow would not budge. It had seen the future of the girl, and it would not waste the effort chasing a lost cause. It would not cheat destiny. It merely wished to spare the parents as much pain as possible.

    The Raven left, and the father fell into despair. The Raven had shown him the future, but it had only caused him more pain. The mother gave birth, and the daughter was born. She took the name of her mother's mother, and the mother loved her unconditionally. The father could only see the future that lied ahead.

    The girl could manipulate the light.

    The mother had initially thought that a cloud had simply passed over the sun, sending a shadow cascading over the window. Looking back, she saw her three year old daughter cradling a small ball of light in her hands. When the mother called out to her, she was shocked out of her concentration, causing the ball to disappear and the light to return to the room. The Raven watched from a distance. It would not cheat destiny.

    The father encountered the Raven for the first time on the eve of his daughter's fifth birthday. He screamed at the bird, instantly recognized it, and begged it to retrieve the visions it had planted in his head. It refused, though it was shocked by his outrage. It had merely been seeking to help, but it had made this man's life miserable. The Raven flew away, a slur of curses following it. It began to wonder if it had made a mistake. No. It had not cheated destiny.

    The Raven's prophecy came true suddenly and violently. A few months after the child's fifth birthday, the light manifested again. The child was trained to dispel it as soon as possible, but she was in the company of her two good friends. They urged her to do it again, and she obliged. They were shocked.

    Their parents were as well.

    "Keep that... thing away from our children!"

    They screamed at her mother, but the child simply absorbed their looks of horror and fear. She buried them deep inside, just as her mother had taught her.

    "The witch."

    The child wondered how anyone could be so cruel.

    The Raven watched from its perch, though it had grown increasingly uncertain. Everything had gone according to its visions. But a sense of hesitation lingered in its mind. It would not cheat destiny.

    The family was ostracized. Those who would talk to them, did so coldly and without emotion. The father had gone mad, years of worrying about visions and being unable to stop them, no matter how hard he tried.

    He threw himself into the ocean that spring.

    The Raven was stunned into silence. It had tried to make things better, but it had only made things worst for that poor father. The father of a second child in the future, one that would have grown to be strong, brave, and polite.

    The Raven had cheated destiny.

    The day had come.

    On the eve of the child's thirteenth birthday, she struck a boy with her power. It was accidental, but it was enough to knock him unconcious. The townsfolk lost any patience they had with the girl. They grabbed her and her mother, and dragged them to the town square, convinced they were witches hired by demons to destroy the town from within. They set them on stakes.

    They burned.

    The mother went first, the fire slowly creeping up her legs as her screams grew louder and more intense. The child's latent magic caused the fire to approach slowly, but it began to singe her legs by the time her mother's torso had been engulfed in flames. As her feet burned, the child screamed in agony, and suddenly felt the pain in her feet stop.

    She opened her eyes, and discovered that she stood a few feet away from the stake, untouched by flame.

    The Raven had cheated destiny.

    The witch ran as far as she could. She never looked back. The screams of her mother, who had sacrificed herself for her, rung in her ears. She found her way to a cliff. She recognized it. They had found her father's body in the salty water below.

    "Blood has already been shed for you, child."

    The Raven approached, but not in the form the mother or father had seen. Instead of a small black bird, the Raven approached as a woman in a long, dark dress with equally dark hair to match, which floated behind her as though she were underwater.

    "Your father died when he shouldn't have. Blood has been spilt, destiny permanently altered. I ensured that destiny was righted by saving your life." The Woman explained, to the shock of the witch. "But you cannot go back there."

    The witch knew that logically, but she was still crushed at the thought of never seeing her childhood home ever again.

    "You cannot return to that life." The Woman stressed, turning the witch back towards the sea. "Jump. I shall catch you. Take a new name and jump."

    The witch leapt at her urging, plummeting into the sinking sea below.

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