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    Sun Wukong  Empty Sun Wukong

    Post by Wukong on Tue Jan 31, 2017 5:50 pm

    Basic Info
    Name: Jin Wukong
    Nickname: Great Sage Equal of Heaven, Handsome Monkey King, The Trickster
    Gender: Male
    Visual Age: 27
    Real Age: Unknown
    Personality: Basically, he's an evil demon with a bad ass attitude who goes around killing off humans for no reason at all. Just kidding!
    Wukong’s most prominent personality trait is bravery and fearlessness. There are conflicting views on that, though. Some say he is defiant and bold just because he is powerful, and he knows that no one can defeat him. Power abuse, anyone? Well, there is a little truth in this. Proof? Once when he lost his magic rod, he became much more polite to the Jade Emperor when asking for assistance. He even made a small bow, which is extremely respectful by Wu Kong’s standards! But then it's not entirely true either. When he was still practically a child, he jumped through a huge, thundering waterfall without a second thought - and he was powerless to defend himself at the time. Does this not show pure courage? And he went across oceans and continents alone to find an immortal who could teach him. That takes a lot of courage, as well as determination and willpower. But after five hundred years and he was on the pilgrimage, there was one occasion when he complained to the Goddess of Mercy that it was too dangerous, there were demons by the millions and what if he died before attaining zheng guo(Buddha Status)? He couldn't do it. The Goddess had to give him three life-saving hairs that would change into objects which could help him out of a life and death situation. Only then was he satisfied. Does that mean that after the years he had become cowardly? Perhaps not. As a matter of fact, he really did nearly die during the course of the journey, so his fears were not completely unfounded. Wu Kong is afraid of nothing except death, as can be proved by his search for immortality. Thus, we can justify and forgive this ‘act of cowardice’, which was possibly just an ‘act of prudence’.    
    Then again, he can be rather childish at times, crying over silly things. Once, he disguised himself as a small demon and was just outside the cave of the demon he wanted to trick when he realized that he would have to kou tou to the demon to perfect his disguise. A kou tou is when you get down on your knees and bow your head to the floor. It is the most honoring gesture in Chinese customs. Now, Wu Kong never kou tous to anybody. The only people he ever kou toued to were his first master who taught him magic and immortality, his current master, San Zang, and the Goddess of Mercy. He doesn't even kou tou to the Jade Emperor. It was quite humiliating for him to kou tou to a mere demon. So what do you think he did? Yup, he cried. Ah, what a sense of honour!
    But perhaps I'm leading you to believe that he's a crybaby. This is definitely untrue. Wukong just reacts more emotionally and dramatically to some things. Actually, he has a ferocious temper. Especially when his enemies insult him. Wukong is quick to fly into a temper, which gets him into trouble countless of times.

    Physical Traits
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 190 lbs
    Hair Color/Length: White with Red Trimming. Spiked upwards while being slicked in the back.
    Eye Color: Yellow
    Sun Wukong  Latest?cb=20130808012445

    Character Information
    Character's Race: Chinese Diety
    Racial Trait: Flight: Wukong like most of the Deities control the power of flight. He can hover in place when watching others or travel long distances to get from place to place. He mainly uses this skill to pull pranks and as a quick means to escape there wrath.
    Country: None/Freelands
    Primary Element: Chi
    Individual Statistics:
    -Strength: Soldier
    -Speed: Warrior
    -Endurance: Militia
    -Mystic Power: Citizen
    -Intelligence: Militia

    Character History
    Background: He was born from a rock on the summit of Flower Fruit Mountain of the Eastern Continent and lived with the monkeys there. One day, they decided to follow a stream to its source - a waterfall. The monkeys decided that whoever was brave enough to jump through the waterfall would become their king. The stone monkey went through the waterfall unscathed and discovered a huge cave behind the waterfall. 'Water Curtain Cave' (there were a few other words but all you need to know are these three) was inscribed in stone there. Thus, from then onwards, the monkeys made their home in the Water Curtain Cave, and made the stone monkey their king with the title of 'Handsome Monkey King'.
    Three hundred years passed in happiness but one day, the stone monkey left on a raft to search for a way to immortality. He floated across the sea and came to the Southern Continent, where he learnt to speak and walk like a human. Eight or nine years passed before he crossed another ocean to come to the Western Continent, where he eventually found an immortal and learnt the way of immortality and some magical powers (fa li). After about twelve years of training, he returned to Flower Fruit Mountain.
    After that, he amassed a massive army of 47000 monkeys. All the other demons who were living on Flower Fruit Mountain came to pay homage to him. Then he managed to cause trouble in Hell and for the Dragon Kings who lodged complaints against him to Heaven. Tai Bai Jin Xing, God of Venus asked the Jade Emperor to pardon Wu Kong and give him a post in Heaven, which was the post of Bi Ma Wen. Wu Kong left the post in anger when he found out it had no rank. The Jade Emperor ordered the Heavenly troops to capture Wu Kong. Wu Kong beat them all, naturally. Venus asked the Jade Emperor to pardon him again, and let him have the post of Great Sage Equal of Heaven.
    He was then put in charge of the peach orchard, for fear that he would cause trouble if he had nothing to do. Wu Kong couldn't resist the temptation and ate all the ripe, big  peaches of immortality. This was the first offence in a string of crimes. Next, when he found out that he wasn't invited to the Peach Banquet held by the Empress, he went to it before anyone arrived and finished off all the food and wine. Then, he reached the Tai Shang Lao Jun/Lao Zi's home in a drunken stupor and ate his precious golden pills of immortality. Once he did this, he knew that he was in big trouble and went back to Flower Fruit Mountain immediately.
    When the Jade Emperor found out, he ordered his Heavenly Troops to wage war on Flower Fruit Mountain. Eventually he was captured and brought back to Heaven for punishment.
    It was discovered soon enough that no weapon could harm him so Tai Shang Lao Jun burnt him in his furnace for 49 days. Wu Kong survived and when he escaped, he wrecked havoc in Heaven, fighting off all the Heavenly soldiers by himself. But then Lord Buddha came and crushed him underneath his palm, which turned into the Mountain of Five Elements (Wu Xing Shan). Here he remained until the seal was broken. He shattered Five Finger Mountain and now finds himself in a land that is new to him. His powers greatly diminished from the many years sealed, but this will not stop him from causing a new reign of tricks upon this new land.
    Alt Purchase Link: Nope

    Extras! (optional!) Prepare to have the annoying Monkey King drive you all crazy

    Source: Takai

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    Post by Takai on Fri Feb 03, 2017 6:22 am

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