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    Post by Yasha on Tue Feb 07, 2017 6:44 am

    Diwali Yasha Amaratavi Yasha_app_pic

    Basic Info
    Name: Diwali Yasha Amaratavi
    Nickname: Yasha, The Eccentric Monk
    Gender: Male
    Visual Age: 27
    Real Age: 1117
    Personality: Yasha is a proud and passionate, seeply spiritual individual. His convictions and beliefs are not just a life-style he walked down because they suited him. He genuinely believes in the teachings and values of his monastery. He trusts that the truth of the world and the secrets of the universe can be found in spiritualism. But while this is all fair and good, Yasha can get quite arrogant and intolerant when his views are challenged. Whilst he is a calm and peaceful individual, he has absolutely no mind for those who believe in violence. He abhors those that do wrong, believing repentance and pursuit of peace are the only true ways to improve as a thinking creature.

    On the flip-side of his philosophical beliefs, he has no interest in politics, social issues and absolutely no sense for delicacy. He is upfront and insensitive in all diplomatic discourse. In this authoritarian mindset, he does try to subvert those around him, always trying to convince them of the benefit and truth of his beliefs and religious practices such as meditation or fasting. Naturally, he does not get angry if anyone should turn him down, but disappointment that more people don't try to walk the path of purity and peace does emerge from time to time. However, because of his constant attempts to get people entangled in a conversation, he is gregarious and homely, and a pleasure to be around most of the time.

    Being a good listener is just one of the attributes he has gained over the years. By investing into the thoughts and problems of others, serving as a guru for many years, he developed an unparalleled sense for agitation in others. Yasha is also not shy of giving solid advice and physically helping out those around him to face their fears and insecurities and to jump over any obstacles standing in their way. This might seem off-putting to others, as the therapeutic quality of his religion is questionable at best, seeing that it teaches direct confrontation with ones fears and weaknesses.

    Furthermore, while Yasha is a calm and gentle man who abhors violence, he is not innocent of attempting to entrap people. This is a facet of his personality he simply fails to control, and it has had personal consequences for him in the past. Being able to read people's thoughts and feelings rather accurately makes it easy for Yasha to figure out what buttons to push. And much to his dismay, getting a rise out of people is something he finds a certain sense of enjoyment in. Although he does see it as his responsibility to show people the demons inside of them, it is not something he does out of altruism.

    He is not someone who attempts to be mysterious or closed off to others. Although he is quite observant and does see to analyze people's troubles, Yasha has never once failed to be honest about his own distress and worry. In this honesty, he finds that banter is a substantial part of life, and is quite important to maintain healthy relationships. Yasha is not one to brood or stay silent about his problems. He knows of his own weaknesses and is aware of who he is and how others see him, and is not afraid to berate those that question his person.

    His in some ways contradicting behavior of striving for peace and freedom, but being a bundle of mischief while at it, makes for an off-putting personality in confrontations. He never fights to kill, or even for fun. Although his abilities may have destructive qualities, he is usually found on the defensive waiting for an opening to take out the opponent swiftly and without much stress. But Yasha is a bit different. He likes to dance around his opponents, tip-toeing around their psyche while simply blocking or diverting any attempt of assault. He finds it fun to get a rise out of violent people just for them to realize that catching and then harming a deva is an arduous task for even the most skilled mages out there.

    All in all, Yasha can be described as a passionate, mischievous but well-meaning individual. He is kind and generous to those around him, humorous and outgoing with most people, critical and provocative if need be and at heart a free spirit and an open mind.

    Physical Traits
    Height: 2,30 m / 7'6''
    Weight: 197 kg / 434 lbs
    Hair Color/Length: White Blonde / Short
    Eye Color: Blue
    Appearance: An uncannily aryan figure, Yasha sports blonde hair that he keeps no lower than his ears. His blue, broad and sluggish looking eyes give him an eery expression. His eyebrows are a very dark brown, almost looking out of place beneath the pale blonde on the top of his head. Between his eyes is a long but thin nose-bridge that has characteristic, horizontal marks along the front. His cheekbones are rather prominent, and his wide jaw and long mouth make for a stifling grin. His neck is thick, going over into two broad shoulders, and a toned, muscular and body that tells of fitness and discipline.

    Yasha is what can be described as a hulk of a man, standing at a solid 7 feet and 6 inches. He towers over most people, and his excessively broad and long torso don't make him seem any smaller. While this can make him seem somewhat intimidating, his general demeanour overwhelmingly calm and peaceful, rarely leading people to judge him for his size.

    He wears attire traditional to his culture. While his upper half is bare on a consistent basis (unless it gets very cold), Yasha's pants are a convential wear for a deva. The loose and baggy nature of them, spun from silky cloth and tied like a robe, make them a comfortable outfit for any situation. And should the weather turn on him, he will usually simply untie the cloths attached to his pants and throw them over his body.

    Character Information
    Character's Race: Deva
    Racial Trait: A Deva can become “weightless” by ridding themselves of all connections to the physical world. While on the one hand they quite literally weigh nothing upon achieving this state, it also enables them to freely float around without restriction. They are enabled to stand on vertical surfaces, walk across the air, fall any distance without injury and achieve something akin to a bird's flight. A Deva can tap in and out of this state, returning their physical weight at will.
    Country: Freeland
    Primary Element: Arcane
    Individual Statistics:
    -Strength: Peasant
    -Speed: Militia
    -Endurance: Militia
    -Mystic Power: Knight
    -Intelligence: Knight

    Character History
    Background: Yasha was born on the planet Samsara to the race of Devas. A diverse, albeit small species of Arcane creatures that are born from the awakening of a living creature to its own "Mantra", the name Devas have for the arcane force that engulfs the planet and gives birth to all life on Samsara. Yasha lived among other races and species as the servant and messenger to their sentient home planet. He was considered a demi-god in this world, and protected his planet as well as all the living creatures that dwelled here. It was a simple life that all Deva's spent trying to understand where they came from, how they were born and what exactly they were. Yasha spent his days meditating, contemplating existence and giving advice to all those that came to him, teaching them about the truth of Samsara.

    Samsara was a planet that subsisted on giving and taking Mantra from all life forms that it birthed. As such, every one thousand years, Samsara would cleanse the planet of all living creatures, returning all the Mantra it had expelled back to its core, before repeating the process and sprouting life again. All creatures that were born on Samsara had to return to it, that was the only rule of nature all life forms on Samsara had to submit themselves to. It was impossible to avoid. It didn't matter how far away a life form was from its home planet, Samsara could gather its Mantra from any distance. There was no escaping this cleanse.

    Devas spent all their lives preparing themselves and others for this very truth. The inevitability of death, and eventual rebirth. They spent their lives searching for the meaning and purpose of this process. But no Deva had ever found the answer to this plight. Samsara was an eternal cyclical force of life and death. The day the Devas gathered to pray to Samsara and return all their Mantra back to the planet was a dark one, as all the days before Samsara died. The land had dried and withered, the oceans were empty, there was no life anywhere. The Devas were always the last to go. And so they always gathered in their temples to medidate and pray to Samsara one last time.

    And as all Devas did, so did Yasha. Gathered in one of the countless monasteries on Samsara that would return to ashes, Yasha spent his time among the other Devas praying. No Deva had ever seen Samsara for themselves, as it only showed itself after everything else had gone. No Deva would ever have a recollection of their past life. Only the knowledge that Samsara was inevitable. Yasha knew all this. He was aware that he would die. But for reasons he could not explain, he was neither afraid nor angry. There was no sadness or melancholy in him. He was content. He accepted the way things were. And so he closed his eyes one last time and fell into a deep state of meditation.

    He knew this place. It was a vast darkness, the only source of light being himself. It was the very core of Samsara. Whenever a living creature on Samsara meditated long enough, it would come to this place and turn into a Deva. The truth of the planet and the importance of Mantra would be revealed to them. The eternal cycle, and every cycle before this one was shown to them. The endlessness of Samsara's strength unbosomed, and the inevitability of struggle manifested in Mantra, all Devas would come to the same understanding. To relinquish resistance against nature and accept everything that would come, and try to guide all the creatures of Samsara to accept that hope and despair were meaningless.

    Here Yasha remained for a time that felt like an eternity. It was a slow, sinking feeling. But every moment he spent here he could feel his essence slowly disappearing. However, as before, he was not afraid. He faced his own death with the same acceptance he had faced everything in his life. Closing his eyes, he was sure this was the end.

    A cool breeze pulled him from a dream. Yasha was confused. What had happened to him? He was still alive. He could still see and hear. Had Samsara not consumed him? He was sure that he had met his end, that Samsara had consumed the last of his Mantra and that he became one with it. But instead of vanishing, he found himself on a mountaintop in a land that was not Samsara. Yasha was riddled with questions and doubts. He began venturing into this unknown land, coming across creatures and people who were different from him, from the life on Samsara. They weren't dependent on Arcane energy, many of them organic in nature.

    It took years, but slowly Yasha regained confidence in himself and everything he had known before he found himself here on Abraxas. Yasha convinced himself that there had to be a reason Samsara sent him here. That he was not a part of the cycle. Had it rejected him? Or was he destined to transcend Samsara? Determined to find out the answer, Yasha rejected any notion of despair. He would simply go on as he always did. Meditating, praying, seeking enlightenment and answers within himself. He began his life as a wandering missionary,  spreading the truth of Mantra and the path of the Deva on the way.

    He spent some time in solitude, trying to remember who he was before Samsara sent him here. He found that the more time moved on, the more distant his memories became of the time before he met Samsara's essence. The images and impressions of this new life pushed the old ones away. Was he being told to let go of the past? Was this what awaited all Devas? Did Samsara ultimately send them off to distant worlds, all those that had served the planet for long enough? These questions seemed unanswerable. But whatever happened, the truth had be somewhere in this world. The place Samsara sent him to. Or perhaps let him go to.

    Yasha decided to study this world, and everything in it. Learn about its history, about its energies, about its people. The cultures surrounding it, the religions and the faiths spread across the country. There was something here that was completely new to Yasha. Diversity, not unity. On Samsara, everything was connected. Everything belonged to one big organism. There were no wars. No countries. No laws or borders. There were only living beings with questions that the Devas were there to answer. But this world was violent. It was vicious, and vain. Proud and filled with wrath. Everything that the Devas spent their lives to conquer and control ran rampant in this world.

    Was this his mission? To convert the world? To make it part of Samsara? Perhaps, but why would he have come here alone? The world was too big for a single Deva. Would he have to wait another cycle for one of his own to arrive with him? He would know in another 1000 years. With all these questions and no answers, Yasha felt like a madman for still pursuing to find enlightenment in the ways of the Deva. But there was something that kept him going. It was distant, very distant. So far away one could say that this feeling didn't exist at all. But he could feel Samsara breathing out again. Giving life. To him, and to itself. Somewhere in the farthest distance imaginable, Samsara was still alive. After all, Devas were connected.

    The more time passed on, and the more he forgot about life on Samsara, the more the feeling that it was still out there grew. This was no coincidence. After several dozens of years of living on this planet, Yasha was determined that the answer was still out there. He just had to keep looking. Patience was one of the Deva's highest virtues, and it was the one he had to practice the most now.
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    Extra: Yasha has unusually long earlobes that reach all the way down to his sternum. It would seem like this has something to do with his religion, but it is simply a fashion choice.

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