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    Zuri of the Plains Empty Zuri of the Plains

    Post by Zuri on Tue Feb 21, 2017 3:23 pm

    Basic Info
    Name: Zuri
    Nickname: Zuri of the Plains
    Gender: Female
    Visual Age: 28
    Real Age: 45 years

    Personality: Zuri's neutral outward expression leave many a person wondering about who she is but once she has grown comfortable around someone they will come to see that Zuri is more than just a neutral expression and piercing gaze. Like most of her kind Zuri is modest in emotional display, most of the time offering a simple smile to indicate her happiness or the occasional soft laugh when she finds something amusing. Even her anger is modest, showing itself simply as a sharp frown and disapproving stare. When it comes to overt displays of emotions from others Zuri's reaction will range anywhere from startled to fearful depending on the situation. Overall Zuri is emotionally straightforward.

    In addition to Zuri's modest emotions she also has a reverence and respect for nature, namely the wind. Since her people built their culture and beliefs around it Zuri holds the force in high regard and will show sharp disapproval if she witnesses others defiling nature. Zuri will often find an open place to pray to the wind god her people worship when she is not busy with jobs and does not like to be disturbed while in the middle of praying. This habit is something outsiders often find odd but she could care less.

    Curiosity also plays a role in the lepori’s personality. Zuri has always been interested in new things, this curiosity helped her deal with the frustration her childhood was often filled with. When Zuri finds something of interest to her she will pursue it unless it is clear the decision will put her life in danger. This quirk of her personality has provided Zuri with handy information many times so if one can it’s best to get on her good side and make the effort to befriend her. You never know what she might tell you.

    It is also worth noting that Zuri can be cold towards people very easily, especially if said people are rude to her. Victims can expect clipped remarks if not total cold shoulders and in the most extreme of cases, they can expect Zuri to let them get hurt depending on her relationship with them. Enemies and disliked acquaintances should look out for themselves and friends can expect the bare minimum of being saved.

    Physical Traits
    Height: 6'2''(7'1" incl. ears)
    Weight: 125 lbs
    Hair Color/Length: White, mid thigh length
    Eye Color: Red

    Appearance: Zuri's look has been called exotic by many a stranger. Zuri's long white hair stands out against her dark skin and her matching brows bring out the red of her eyes. Striking still are her long black tipped white hare ears, long nails, and oddly structured feet that require her to wear durable stilettos.
    Zuri of the Plains Ei88zc
    Combat Gear: Zuri's combat attire consists of mostly black leather gear with some metal. The pieces include an ordinate metal helmet, a red fringed black bolero, a revealing leather bodice with a sheer piece of fabric down the middle, leather forearm covers, metal leg coverings, and clawed black stilettos. Her white hair is placed up into a ponytail.
    Zuri of the Plains 263bmom
    Leisure: When enjoying more leisurely days Zuri wears her hair down and retains her bolero and stilettos. She sports a short white dress that reveals some of her chest.

    Character Information
    Character's Race: Lepori
    Racial Trait: Wind Dancer: Allows Zuri to be very flexible in addition to giving a noticeable fluid grace to her movements.
    Country: Akiraka
    Primary Element: Wind
    Individual Statistics:
    -Strength: Soldier
    -Speed: Fighter
    -Endurance: Militia
    -Mystic Power: Bandit
    -Intelligence: Militia

    Character History
    Background: The Lepori are not a nomadic people, though ever since the first groups had found themselves on this strange new world they have themselves moving from one place to another. Even Zuri, who was born after all the fighting, knew that the ways of her people did not include constantly staying on the verge of getting up and moving. Zuri, like the others in her clan, longed to finally find a place to settle down in so that they may return their old ways which included living in seclusion and harmony with nature.

    Her clan would settle down in a place and try to reconstruct their ways to fit into their new home but soon something would come along and disrupt them to the point of forcing them to leave. Usually the aggressors were human but not all the time. It was because of this that Zuri could not truly enjoy the different places her people had visited and thus caused her to look for things to remember her various homes by. A rock, a flower, or even a leaf was enough for the little lepori and she’d share what she found with the other little children of her clan to help them ease their own frustrations.

    As Zuri grew older her bonds with her fellow clan members grew but thanks to her people moving around so often she came to be limited in her friendships, having no friends or allies outside of her clan and her people’s tendency for isolationism didn’t help. Zuri did not mind at first, for she had everything she needed with her already, but as she grew older and took up the role as one of the clan’s defenders Zuri began changing her views on her people’s ways.

    Two decades had come to pass and by then Zuri had slipped snugly into her new role as a defender. The clan had come to settle down in Akiraka and the vast plains and open space had fit them perfectly. With Zuri adding her watchful gaze to the clan security and the perfect environment of the plains boosting morale, her people enjoyed a longer settlement then usual but eventually something did come along to disrupt them. A small settlement of aggressive humans also sought the small section of Akiraka that the lepori clan had resided on. Zuri knew how things would go but this time she could not stand it.

    A meeting was made with the clan elders discussing where to go next. Zuri however objected and insisted that they stay and fight. She pointed out the frustration that the clan conveniently pushed aside and used the old ways of her people to make a case for standing their ground, but most importantly Zuri pointed out how their new home made them feel. No other place had fit their kind so well and Zuri would be darned if they gave that up without a fight at least. Her petition was agreed upon and the clan would go to fight with the humans.

    The fight spanned only a few months but the Lepori had lost some, Zuri herself almost died from a poisoned blade. Among the lost were her mother and kid sister but their losses had only served to bolster their fighting spirits until the humans gave up and left after the Lepori had scored their own kills and made it clear that the humans had a true fight on their hands.

    In the coming years Zuri had come to be greatly respected by her clan, spurring them on and forcing them to confront hard truths such having to become more open towards others and not be so isolated in their involvements with other races. And as the times came and went her kind made steps forward but within Zuri there was growing a sense of wonderlust. All the traveling and moving about had come to grow on Zuri and so staying in one place suddenly felt constricting to her. It was this feeling that made Zuri decide to leave the little village she had helped to make and with her elders’ blessings as well as their wind god’s she set off. It has been almost a decade since Zuri left to follow the wind.
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    Extras! Zuri has a fear of dogs

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    Zuri of the Plains Empty Re: Zuri of the Plains

    Post by Takai on Tue Feb 21, 2017 3:31 pm

    Congratulations, you've qualified for Gold. You can add 7 more stats to your character



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