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    [OPEN]Chapter 1: Return of the Fae

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    [OPEN]Chapter 1: Return of the Fae Empty [OPEN]Chapter 1: Return of the Fae

    Post by Zerina Zayne on Sun Jan 15, 2017 11:40 am

    [OPEN]Chapter 1: Return of the Fae Ay0tiUc
    [OPEN]Chapter 1: Return of the Fae GCNGuAQ
    "..Traveling these lands for so long has made me exhausted.. Why can't I find them?"
    [OPEN]Chapter 1: Return of the Fae Bd7OACE

    "The Dust.." She spoke to herself as she took a few steps towards to the Freeland's 'City'. It was better than the other places ruled by Governments or Kings; However, Even though It was better it still wasn't Home. She Twirled her Crimson umbrella on her right shoulder and continued to step forwards into civilization. The breeze snatched her Raven Feathered hair backwards making a river of beautiful chaos; And as she got closer her young looking face was noticed by a couple of folks who took deep gulps. "Z..Z--" They spoke silently to themselves, Trying to say her name. She had, In fact made a name for herself among the Free folk and even in the outer territories as 'The Rainbow Reaper'. They knew her as a Deadly assassin that would take out targets in a flash of Color. Some would say that there was no color left in her victims by the time it was all over.

    "Hmm.. Ive been traveling too much lately- I am in need of liquids in my system." The woman blinked a few times then switched her direction to the left, where a local tavern stood. "Ah.. There it is." She smiled slightly as she twirled her umbrella. The Woman glanced up at the humble sign which read "The Screaming Beaver". Accompanying the Text was a picture of a brown Beaver with a screaming animation. "Its been thirty years since Ive been here.. Different name though." The woman spoke quietly to herself as her comfortable wooden shoes collided with the wooden floors of the Tavern.

    She looked around noticing a piano, a Bar keeper, and plethora of folks which included a band of thieves, a Cloaked figure and a few Bards of sorts. The collision of her footwear echoed as she slowly got closer to the barkeeper. The man was an older gentleman who happened to recognize her right away, His eyes widened and  his beard seemed to twitch as if something was living within the scattered hair. "Z-Zerina Zayne. What can I get you?" He Twitched up a smile and put down the glass he was cleaning moments before. "..Hm. Ill take the usual.. I think you know." She spun her umbrella one more time before retracting its wings and taking a seat at the bar.

    The older gentleman seemed to know exactly what to get her because he rushed almost instantly to a secret bottom cupboard where he pulled out a fancy looking bottle labeled "Faery saké" . Zerina smiled brightly at the sight of it and gave out a sigh. "Its been awhile since Ive seen a bottle of that.." Zerina plopped her elbow against the bar with a small bang and placed her head within the palm of her hand.


    [OPEN]Chapter 1: Return of the Fae 90ODoAB

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