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    Arthur Tyranis Empty Arthur Tyranis

    Post by Izanagi on Sun Feb 12, 2017 8:02 pm

    Arthur Tyranis Rider.%28Fate.zero%29.240.1985827
    Basic Info

    ►Name: Arthur Tyranis
    ►Nickname: The Red Mountain
    ►Gender: Male
    ►Visual Age: 35 Years of Age
    ►Real Age: ??? (243 years of continuous memory)
    Good sport, good drink, good company. These are the three things that drive Arthur. Physical prowess, great shows of wit, well-crafted guile, Arthur believes that these are the greatest shows of a persons merit and caliber. Drink on the other hand, Strong and hearty is the way to go. Arthur is no ninny sipping on his watered down wine or grain back wash. If it doesn't burn on the way down, its not good enough. And finally good company. Ok this last one is a lie, Arthur would drink with just about anyone, assuming they weren't some sort of bandit, raider, highwayman, kidnapper,etc.

    Arthur's original personality was that of a laid back b-typed personality. Each small success was a reason to celebrate; pay raise, a good sale, the smile of his children. Tragedy left Arthur obsessively chasing after personal perfection. He blamed himself for his loss each time it happened. Time went on and Arthur found himself back to his laid back ways, albeit never losing that drive for personal greatness.

    Having lost so many loved ones hasn't made the loss of any of them any easier. Arhur often reminisces about them and finds himself reluctant at best to feel an intimate connection with anyone. In a way, how some protect their pain with a cold and self-destructive tendency's Arthur protects his with warmth and camaraderie

    Despite feeling that it is some sort of divine comedy, Arthur retains an undying rage against bandits and their like. The idea of taking from families for personal greed is unforgivable in Arthur's eyes. On the other hand stealing from nobles, smuggling, tax evasion, heck even from time to time murder doesn't bother Arthur in the least. Even small whispering of a bandit camp is enough to stir Arthur into action.

    Arthur keeps most of his rage as cold fire in his chest until it explodes from his breast and he goes into a beserker's craze. The only real set trigger for Arthur are things that he feel are unjust. Not things like a business deal gone sideways but things like a lord stealing from his servants. To the best of his ability, Arthur strives for nobility and honor. He seeks to be a pillar of such wherever he goes.

    Physical Traits

    ►Height: 6'8"
    ►Weight: 240 lbs
    ►Hair Color/Length:Short Red Hair and Beard Combo
    ►Eye Color: Darkened Maroon
    A mountain of a man by human standards, with broad shoulders, sculpted muscles and pecs the size of landing pads. His red hair and deep red eyes give the appearance of a fire smoldering within them. He trims his facial hair twice-a-day, (cleanliness, godliness). Underneath his clothes lies rippling and interwoven tribal tattoos peppered with the occasional scar. He prefers red and dark colored clothing believing that those are the only colors that fit his face. Note: His biceps are the size of a man's head and his thighs are the size of melons.

    Not one for plate, Arthur sticks to hardened leather armor. He was lucky in that in his fifth life, he was a tanner so he could make his own armor if he had the right materials.  He had been a roman empire back in his "first" life so he found himself basing his armor off of their style generally. And despite the impracticality of capes, he couldn't help making his cloaks more in a cape-ish style. It just felt so regal he couldn't help himself.

    To maintain his illustrious muscles, Arthur does one hundred push-ups, one hundred sit-ups, one hundred squats and Running for 20 km a day at nine times the earths gravity which also serves to practice his magic focus and endurance. Three times a week, Arthur performs meditative yoga, which looks as absurd as you could possibly imagine on a person as large as he is. He also does an extensive self muscle massage once every several weeks to help assess the current situation on his body. Simply put, his body is his temple.

    There are five prominent scars on his body. A pair of claw marks on shoulder blades from the time he had to wrestle a dire tiger out of a tree. A large sword gash on his left deltoid, from the first "Bandit king" he fought. A pair of arrow wounds on his legs from this time her he was hunted by a elven assassin group. A gash on the left side of abs, from when he got slammed by an ogre's club. and finally large cut from his left pectoral all along his midsection, winding across to the back, from when he had that showdown with that samurai who everyone had claimed was the best swords men in the land. They were right.

    There are six animals inscribed into the tattoos on his body representing the virtues that his master imbued into him. A bear on to the left arm, to represent taking care of oneself and ones own.  A shark on the right arm represent an unwavering fist to strike down ones enemies. A wolf on the left leg, to represent the importance of brotherhood, even when one is alone. A snow leopard on the right leg, a representation of using ones wit in combat. A phoenix on the back, to show how one accepts their follies and begins anew. and Finally two dragons, forever clashed in combat, respect your opponent, death can come from any ones hands.

    Character Information❈

    ►Character's Race: Metempsychosiian (A Reincarnating Human)
    ►Racial Trait: The Knowledge of One Thousand Lifetimes: The knowledge of his many lifetimes often comes to Arthur as a series of minor flashbacks normally due a keyword or a visual trigger. He only knows general details and never anything specific about a certain character or creature (I.E Many dragons have weak spot over their heart plate. despite whether or not this is true for the specific dragon, Arthur couldn't know.)
    ►Country: Hyouden
    ►Primary Element: Gravity
    ►Individual Statistics:
    Strength » Warrior
    Speed » Peasant
    Endurance » Warrior
    Mystic Power » Soldier
    Intelligence » Soldier

    Character History

    Mature, Trigger Warning:
    Arthur was originally from a modern time. He had a wife and three kids. He worked as an engineer, a choice he made more because it felt right rather then any other real reason. It was a simple life, but he was content. But all good things never last.

    One day, he came home to find what was normally a lively house, barren. On the stairs was the body of his wife sprawled with her arms awry and a bullet wound on her forehead. There was a ransom note asking for an unbelievable price for the lives of his two boys and his baby girl. Frantically,He sold everything he could, took out loans but still couldn't even come close to the sum. Sending the money with pleads for more time, Arthur prayed for the safety of his children. All he received was a box two days later containing the head of his eldest son with a taunting note saying "That's all you paid for."

    Despite insurmountable amount of grief and rage, Arthur pushed forward, taking even more drastic steps to get the money and found himself in jail. It was two weeks before the kidnappers were caught and even then the children's bodies weren't able to be identified from the charred corpses in the culprits' barn. The culprits were later found dead in jail from a prison fight, but it wasn't enough for Arthur. With no target left for his rage, grief consumed him. He hung himself in his cell.

    As life left his body and everything faded to white, there was a dark hole at the end of the white tunnel. Opening his mouth, a strange sound escaped his lips: a baby's cry. He couldn't see much at all, but what he could was two faces smiling brightly above him. Trying to call out to the faces, all that came out were baby wails.

    Arthur was reborn in some realm known as Lychh. He was the child of two palace librarians of the high king of the land. After finding out trying to get injured as a baby was actually pretty hard under two pairs watchful eyes. He eventually gave up when he found himself enamored between his parents Clark and Diana.

    As he grew up, he found himself with a weak constitution but that didn't deter is new parents. They kept a book in his hands, practically spoon feeding him their love for knowledge. By the age of 5, Arthur had managed to scribe his first rune, the method of using the Lychh realm's magic. His parents were delighted and spooled all the money and every favor they had to get him an apprenticeship at the tower of sorcerers. The tower wished to reject him originally, a gravity mono-mage was hardly what they considered a true sorcerer, especially one who was so weak. But with enough greased palms and more then one headache, Arthur was accepted, albeit as a scholar rather then a full magi.

    Arthur threw himself into his studies, slamming his face into the asinine studies of Gravity magic uses for farm work and carpenter ship, and used his spare time to study the other disciplines. Using what he understood from electro-magnatism magic and its use of the runic language, Arthur was able to prove and devise a method of using gravity of magic more the just a attracting force, but as one as a repelling one as well. His thesis and experiment was widely acclaimed and he was finally accepted as a full fledged student of the tower.

    The years passed and Arthur's mastery of his craft excelled in ways they hadn't in many generations of Gravity Magi. He had many suitors but the one that had caught his heart was a girl who peddled a small apple and assorted produce stall in the nearby village. Despite very little education, she had a lightning wit and smile that made the world seem to melt away. They had known each other for years, but it was little surprise when Arthur proposed and she said yes. He could finally believe that his previous life had been just a bad nightmare, a story that he had invented that despite being fake, haunted him to those very days. But all good things never last.

    A year had passed since their matrimony and his new wife was with child, a girl the doctors said. Arthur was so proud. His wife was staying at the family farm that Arthur had bought for his family in their old age. The farm was tended mostly by his cousins and their children, so that his parents and his pregnant wife could rest. But that was before bandits attacked. Arthur hadn't heard of what happened till it was too late. His cousins refused to pay for protection money, and that rally'd the other farmers in the nearby area's to refuse to pay. The bandits didn't care too much about the money but they needed to show the farmers that they weren't to be taken lightly.

    The burned the crops, salted the soil. Slayed and flayed all of Arthur's family. They beheaded each and left them on a pike. a single pike, carrying all of their heads like a twisted shish kabob. They were still raiding the food stores, by the time Arthur had returned. He stopped in his tracks and fell to his knees. It took a second before he found himself on the ground vomiting the empty contents of his stomach. His eyes reeled and his ears rang. But this time, where their should have been grief, was rage. Unadulterated, unbridled, primal rage.

    Letting lose a roar brought out the bandits. The first two charged him at the same time as the third began mounting his horse. As one of the charging bandits began to swing, Arthur traced the rune for attract in the air, sticking onto the extended blade. Charging and ducking the blade, he traced the remaining rune onto the chest of the other bandit. The bandit flew into the blade of the other, goring himself on it. Grabbing the sword of the other bandit, he drew the rune to repulse the blade from his hand, all while pushing it with his palm as well, he skewered the first bandit in the side. The Bandit on the horse began to charge him, swinging his ax low, trying to cleave Arthur in half. Diving for the ground, Arthur just missed the blade and was almost trampled by the horse. Turning back for a second charge, the horse began to gallop towards him. Tracing a rune onto the floor with his foot, Arthur slammed his foot into the ground. He wasn't strong enough to stop a horse, but slowing down the horse shoes were more doable. The results were better then he had expected. causing the horse to abruptly halt, launching his rider clean off the saddle, and landing on his face, probably breaking several ribs. Arthur ran over and pulled a knife off of the bandit's belt and slit his neck. As blood splurted from his neck, Arthur began stabbing him over and over again as tears streamed face.

    He remembered the feeling and that feeling told him that his previous life had been real. The unfairness of it all bared down on him, only adding food to the raging inferno inside him.  But thats when he heard the door explode open.

    Out of the now open door was a behemoth of a man. David meet Goliath. Behemoth raised an eyebrow at he sight of his men on the ground. With half of a dismissive sigh, he began walking towards Arthur. Despite what Arthur threw at him, magic and what not he couldn't move him. Arthur's rage quickly turned to fear. The man was on top of him in a flash and his abdomen exploded into pain as the large bandit, ran him through.

    As he laid dying, the bandit said the last words Arthur would hear on Lychh. "Your biggest sin was being weak."

    Again his vision ended into darkness, but this time he wasn't alone. There was a man with shifting features, as if his body couldn't decide which one it was. One moment it was old man with yellow skin, almond eyes filled with laughter, another it was a olive skinned boy with peach fuzz on his face and scrawny arms. The voice spoke out. "It seems that you are the first of us to retain your memories from life to life." He was the embodiment of remaining life he had had, though he couldn't recall much from them. Each one of their lives, despite what age, time or realm. They were all ended in tragedy. The result of an ancient curse when the first of their line had slighted a wrathful god. It had taken over a thousand lifetimes but through Arthur they had finally broken through the the amnesia they suffered from life to life. The shifting man urged Arthur to use his knowledge to change the fate of their next life.

    And just like before, Arthur was awoken to be greeted by two faces, One rough and covered in soot and tears, and the other was the weak dying smile of his new mother.

    Days after that, His new father, the town blacksmith took to the bottle. Arthur did what he could to make things easier for his single parent, crying only when things were necessary and scantly at that. Years passed and as Arthur grew, his father, now the town drunkard, taught him how to run the forge during the few lucid periods he had. It wasn't long before his new father too had been ended in a tragic accident, ironically caused at the hands of bandits. Rather then chasing after the bandits like what felt like the divine script for this life time of his, Arthur sought out a Martial Artist master who taught him the way of his art. Years passed before he received his masters blessing. He went in search of the men who killed his father, killed a few before managing to get himself killed again.

    Another life time passed him, and this time Arthur realized that the skills and magic that he gained from previous lives would still work. Using his mastery of gravity runes, Arthur trained at an ungodly speed, gaining muscles and a body that could carry the weight of the things he wished. He trained from sword master to sword master and challenged any one he could to a dual. He would die many times over before getting to the level where he could level entire bandit camps by himself. Life time flowed into life time, The tragedy's now more or less ended, his pseudo immortality was empty. albeit leaving him with a hunger to get stronger.

    Several life times later, after slaughtering another king of bandits. Appearently this one had found some sort of legendary treasure know as "Two Parts" claiming him the title and what not. One of the treasures began to shine and whisked Arthur off onto the planet of Abraxas. He appeared in the snow-capped mountains of the nation of Hyouden where he was given shelter by an elderly eskimo-ish family. They were probably doomed at the fate of conveniently placed bandits. but he would leave before too much damage could be done.

    Arthur began contracting jobs to hunt down the magical beasts of Abraxas, things he had only heard of, read of, or seen of from afar before. He found peace in the hunt.

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    Extras! Has a deep respect for people with good muscle mass. Almost to a disturbing degree. Also, Drink together three times and your practically family. Respects someone who can handle strong liquor."

    Source: Takai

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