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    Warlock Tattoos  Empty Warlock Tattoos

    Post by Divus on Thu Feb 16, 2017 11:24 am

    Name: 'Desdemonium Imporia' - Dark scripture tattoos
    Appearance: Countless iridescent-silver tattoos streaking Divus' body. Some are unfinished, whereas others dimly glow with vile mana whenever magic is near.
    Enchantment: The tattoos covering Divus' body aren't written in plain ink, and are instead comprised of a complicated liquid mithril suffused with magic. They are written in an arcane language and set in magic glyphs that will automatically 'cast' a fixed spell if mana is coursed through them, enabling Divus to cast spells he knows through his tattoos even if he is normally unable to cast magic (silenced, cursed, etc.) although the exertion is considered double what it would normally be because use of the tattoos puts a strain on Divus' body: his own flesh becomes a conduit for magic.
    Limits: It is impossible to cast an Ultimate-level spell through Divus' tattoos. Spells with a casting time longer than one post also cannot be cast through the arcane tattoos. In addition, all magical effects used through these enchanted tattoos are considered to be twice as difficult to use as they would be conventionally.
    Link to Purchase: Freebie

    Name: Dark Vortex Brand
    Enchantment: An alternate use of Divus' tattoos enable him to shift the currents of magic that flow through their silvery markings to fuel a different effect: a protective black 'aura' of shadowy ether rippling in the air, which decays the magic or momentum of incoming attacks. Any attack directed at Divus while this 'shield' of hazy shadows is active is weakened by 1/2rd (rounded down) of Divus' own Mystic Power. The reduction is doubled after all other calculations if the attack was of an Element that Divus uses. In addition, the reduced power is always at least -1 level.
    Limit No attack is actually stopped from passing the barrier; if Divus' shadow-haze would weaken an attack below 1 power, it stops at 1 power instead, and does not strip special effects from these attacks- meaning poison, elemental effects or other abilities will still potentially effect Divus even though the main attack is weakened. In addition: ALL Light or Holy based damage is effected far less by the barrier, taking a flat reduction of only -1 to power. Blocking an attack will set the Vortex on cooldown for two posts.
    Link to Purchase: Gold Bundle

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    Warlock Tattoos  Empty Re: Warlock Tattoos

    Post by Ilia on Thu Feb 16, 2017 1:35 pm

    Warlock Tattoos  XaxEMNQ



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