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    Takumi Nagano Empty Takumi Nagano

    Post by Takumi on Sun Jun 26, 2016 9:18 pm

    Basic Info

    Name: Takumi Nagano
    Nickname: Kumi
    Gender: Male
    Visual Age: 28 years old.
    Real Age: 239 years old.
    Personality: Takumi was raised in a rather proper manner as he is royalty, apart of the blood line of Fox Demons started by Kurama the legendary Demon Fox. Takumi deeply understands the inner workings of political behavior and how to act accordingly when in situations where he is seen by the people whom he will now have to be a leader for, that is one of the most important things he was taught. Being a leader is not exactly something Takumi himself enjoys but for the sake of his crown and for his people he will do it without fail as he realizes that there is more on the line than only his ambitions, he is the ambitions of his people as well. Raised almost entirely by his father, known as the Great King of Sanrin, a man who had been through many wars and many life experiences before his death, was the best teacher Takumi could have asked for whether he realizes it at the moment or not. Traditions within the Fox Demon clan are rather strict and so Takumi was brought up under this strict life-style though he was taught to live with honor and respect. Two principals that are deeply seeded into Takumi's very being as he was born and bred to be a King.

    When not in the light of the people Takumi is a rather quiet and pensive individual who spends most of his time pondering on about his personal goals. There is only a certain amount of time a day Takumi has to himself because he is first and foremost the new head of the Kitsune clan so with that alone he has a lot on his plate. When he does find time to think he generally dislikes being disturbed and can often become rather grumpy for a few hours afterwards especially towards the person that has brought him out of his alone time. There are very few people who can disturb Takumi's thinking periods without suffering his wrath though these people have only gained such privileges through trial and error combined with some sort of strong connection with Takumi, for those not able to pull this off they will find that Takumi can become rather unpleasant to be around if he wishes it so.

    As a newly appointed King, Takumi is seen by his peers as 'someone to not mess with' when he is angry, the people do not know what he is capable of and so this comes with it's own bit of a fear factor. Takumi has no problem with this as he was taught that a good King should be both feared and respected for the right reasons. Takumi is bold in his convictions and when he wants something done it better get done or else he will voice his distaste for the situation which never goes well for whoever is on the other end of Takumi's rants. When it comes to his clan he knows that he must be a firm yet guiding hand for the people so certain precautions must be taken when he deals with anyone of the Kitsune clan so as to not seem to stern and willing to guide them but at the same time exercise his role as its sole leader and make decisions that no one else can make.

    It is in the nature of the Kitsune clan to be rather competitive beings in all aspects of their life, Royalty itself was dictated by the strongest members of the clan starting with Kurama who slaughtered almost their entire race simply to keep the race from actually going extinct. Takumi himself enjoy's being especially competitive in combat as he is a rather formidable opponent, when he is in battle he becomes a completely different person. Takumi is ruthless and oppressive in combat as he embodies a relentless force to be reckoned with and settles for nothing less than the utter destruction of his opponents.

    Physical Traits

    Height: 6'3" tall.
    Weight: 184 lbs.
    Hair Color/Length: Snow white, down to the small of his back.
    Eye Color: Blue/Green.
    Appearance: Takumi is a tall and well built male Fox Demon, he stands at an above average height of six feet and three inches tall, weighting in at one hundred and eighty four pounds of lean muscle build which is generally hidden under his traditional Demon robes and armor. Being the kind of the great Fox Demon Kurama, Takumi's complexion slightly resembles that of a handsome fox, sharp yellow eyes which seem to pierce the soul making it hard to look away once you have locked eye's with him, pointed ears and sharp tipped fingernails which are much tougher than normal calcium. Takumi's complexion also bears the marks of his people, the marks that Kurama once wore in to battle, bringing liberation to their people. A red crescent moon has been branded on his forehead and two tribal marks which resemble claw marks on each side of his face from the base of his ear's to mid cheek in the same color as the crescent moon. Takumi's usual apparel  when in royal garb is that of a snow white Kimono which has hexagonal sakura designs which border the red back of the collar and sleeve tips of the kimono that he wears, this kimono tapers off at his ankles where it is tightly fit unlike the rest of the kimono. Over his right shoulder is the ceremonial piece which only the leader of the Fox Demons wears which is the actual tail of Kurama, a long and poofie piece which rests upon his shoulder, wrapping around under his arm and hangs down his back as well.

    Visual appearance:
    Takumi Nagano Sessho10

    Character Information

    Character Type: Fox Demon
    Racial Trait: As a High level Demon, Takumi along with the rest of the race has been blessed with heightened senses that surpass the levels or normal humans and animals, they have the ability to feel magical pressure from other beings whether it be faint or enormous which allows Takumi to not only sense when any being with magical power is near but also differentiate what kind of power it is whether it be a person holding magical power, an item with power or an attack.
    Country: Sanrin
    Primary Element: Arcane

    Individual Statistics:
    -Strength: Soldier
    -Speed: Soldier
    -Stamina: Citizen
    -Mystic Power: Knight
    -Intelligence: Soldier

    Character History


    Originally the Kitsune clan was a clan of Demon Foxes who had been new to Abraxas, brought their by unknown means and so they accepted it as destiny for them to be there. As seemingly lowly animal the gods did not worry about these demons though the gods also knew their hidden potential, the ability to change into their human form which generally would make them much stronger. Oppressed by the gods they were mistreated as nothing but lowly dogs for a rather long time until one of the clansmen decided to do something about it. He was fed up with being treated like trash while the gods flourished and other races fought the gods. Kurama had to find a way to become stronger so that he could free his people from their oppressive gods who reigned over them. It took many years of contemplation for Kurama to come to his answer and even when he found his answer it was not exactly the answer he had hoped it would be but it would serve as a way to free the Kitsune from the gods control. Kurama consulted with the clans elders as he told them that the only way he could become powerful enough to fight the gods was to in a way ascend to their level of power, this could only be achieved through consuming his own kind however. This proved to be rather troublesome and at the time none of the Kitsune knew about their ability to take the form of a human either. Many debates were held but only one conclusion could be found, the Kitsune clan refused to live on it's knees, they would have salvation or destruction.

    Kurama was given permission to commit the deed he must, all of the participants were willing to sacrifice their lives for the greater good though it was going to take a vast number of demons in order for Kurama to ascend to his Almighty for form, the Nine-Tailed Fox. Kurama consumed the minimum amount he needed which still essentially wiped out the entire clan, leaving it on the verge of extinction. It was a sad and bloody day for the Kitsune clan. Kurama himself was both marked as the Clan's greatest ally and enemy as he had committed the ultimate sin against his own people in order to save them, some hated him and some praised him as a hero though it would be up to the individual to decide what exactly he was. After consuming his people he turned into his Almighty Fox form, Kurama the Nine-Tailed Fox, his power was beyond that of any Kitsune had ever hoped to posses and with this power he fought against the gods. These gods that choose to oppress the Kitsune while other gods did not care to suppress the Kitsune and so they didn't have the full support of their allies and other gods were busy fighting their own wars so when Kurama faced the gods he was actually able to overpower them and cast them down, killing some and leaving others to tell of his tale. Regardless, he made sure that the gods would never mess with the Kitsune clan ever again with plans of Subjugation.

    After Kurama had freed his people he returned to what was left of his Clan, to most of the people he came back a hero and from then on they declared him the leader of the Kitsune clan for his bravery and facing the gods with the combined power of his people. Kurama returned to his normal form and only to find that he was now able to share his power with his people which allowed them to turn into their human forms as well. Now the Kitsune clan was able to advance as they had now become 'people' of the world with a human form and human speech. Over the years the clan began to rebuild and increase in numbers once more. They build themselves a home within the vast Forrest that they lived in which would later become known as the country of Sanrin.

    In current times the Kitsune Clan has thrived and remained as the royalty of Sanrin and holds a very lage presence in its population as well as the capital. Takumi, the only son of Shiro Nagano, current head of the Sanrin government has grown extremely ill and is on his deathbed. He has contracted an unknown disease that seems to be incurable by magic. Takumi knows his is to inherit the throne and become the leader of Sanrin. His father has prepared his son well as he raised him with this thought in mind for a very long time, he took extreme care in raising his son to be someone who could sit on the throne and be as good of a leader as his father before him. In the midst of all of this chaos with the impending death of the current leader, Takumi is also to be married to another of the Kitsune clan who is from a different branch of the clan in a political marriage that will serve as a means to unite the Kitsune people even further. The tensions between different branches of the clan wavers from time to time, tensions can get high but as they're all of the same race and clan they tend to try not to have an internal warfare between themselves. The descendants of Kurama have always held a firm grasp on th leadership role within the Kitsune clan though others disagree with that thought or wish to be the leaders and dethrone the members of Kurama's direct bloodline.

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    Post by Takai on Sat Jul 09, 2016 12:59 pm

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