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    Amichu  Empty Amichu

    Post by Amichu on Sat Jan 07, 2017 5:38 pm

    Basic Info
    Name: Amichu
    Nickname: Ami
    Gender: Female
    Visual Age: 6 years
    Real Age: Ami's age is unknown to many, including herself. However if she were to give an estimate she would say out 400 years at most.
    A person’s first impression of Amichu would be that she is no different than a wild animal. Her mannerism and appearance depict her as wild. Often she will have no problem making a mess nor would she have an issue with attacking those who may pose a threat for her. Within her mind, Amichu believes in the survival of the fittest, not as a belief but rather an instinct. She is a creature which thirsts for freedom and despises captivity when in reality the opposite is simply the truth.

    While she does value freedom, Amichu's instinct is to find a master where she can train under to become stronger. Strength is one of the most important qualities in her mind, not because she likes to be powerful but rather she wants to become strong so she can defend her master and herself. While not against a friendly fight, she would most likely not take one as seriously as if she was fighting for her life. Life is very precious in her eyes, and as such she is cautious and always take the route that has the least risk of death for her. The only exception to this rule is if her master requires her to sacrifice herself to save them from either death or a fate far worse in which she will follow in a heartbeat.

    It is rather simple for her to keep her calm and express other emotions than simply blinded anger. Simply because she is calm does not mean she is never angry. Amichu feels rage on various occasions, primarily related to if someone forgets any fact related to her, even after she had told them. It is far more common for her to feel emotions such as disappointment however as she is not easily impressed. She is quick to express her disappointment, but she will never say so aloud unless she is extremely disappointed. Her mannerism betrays if she is disappointed as she will refuse to follow the orders of one who has failed her and may even attack the said person.

    Neither an optimist nor a pessimist would describe Amichu’s view in life. She looks at things through a realistic lens of the situation she is in. After all, why hope for something if it never comes or why pout when something good may happen.  While not the most sociable person, Amichu doesn’t mind to interact with anyone as long as they speak to her first. As she is unable to say anything other than her name, she makes a better listener than a speaker. Yet she understands what the other may say and try her best to comfort or cheer one up if they are hurt.

    She can be known as a responsible creature for Amichu is capable of choosing her own decisions to the best of her abilities, managing her life and the safety of one who may eventually become her master. At the same time, she is very independent. While she does not need the support of another being to help her live as she done so for many years, she simply chooses to do so. If there was one thing Amichu hates the most it would have been the sense of loneliness she has felt for so long. She would do anything to obliterate this sense and to have a place where she can be happy and call home.

    Yet the strange mixture between independence and responsibility caused her to become stubborn. While she will normally take orders, there are times when she acts upon her own will. Another cause may be due to her picky nature. She has many standards that she required to be upheld and will not simply just listen to any old person. If one does not meet her standards she will toss them away in her mind as if they were simply a used tissue.

    While Amichu may seem like a confident and very picky type of creature, there is a certain sadness and regret she constantly feels. Impossible for her to push aside, her eyes reflect this pain. Yet at the same time she acts constantly happy despite her sadness. She likes everyone to be happy instead of sad as she believes it may influence her mood as well.

    Physical Traits
    Height: 2'04
    Weight: 46.3lbs
    Hair Color/Length: Ami does not possess any hair but rather has a light orange, white, and yellow fur, no longer than an inch which covers her body.
    Eye Color: Her eyes upon the top half are two shades of blue, one light and one dark. Yet upon the bottom, they turn a soft shade of yellow.
    Appearance: Amichu is a mouse-like, bipedal like creature. Yet despite being bipedal, it isn't too uncommon for her to get down on all fours and run around. Her torso is an oval shape albeit slightly curved downwards, her arms are short, stubby and rounded, and has large feet. She has small fingers on both of her hands, five in total, which blend in with the rest of her hands, giving the illusion that she has no fingers. She has three large toes on each foot. Yellow fur outlines each of her digits, giving them a more defined appearance. Two egg shaped ears sprout on each side of her head, having a swirl in the middle of each ear. Over the swirl is a brown patch of fur, a great contrast to the yellow of her ears. Amichu's body is covered in primarily light orange fur. Her hands, feet and egged shaped belly are cream in color while her thin tail is brown with the tip yellow.

    Her electric sacks, which are oval shaped, that rest upon her cheeks are also yellow in color. Amichu has a small nose, a small oval that is brown in color. Her lips are thin yet black in color and her eyes are oval shaped like most of her qualities and quite wide.  Amichu's tail, her most defining quality begins covered in short brown fur before it extends towards her rounded lighting shaped tail. The brown slowly becomes lighter and fades into yellow fur. The tail is considerably thick and can even be described as somewhat muscular despite its rounded appearance. Amichu also has a peculiarity, a symbol on her forehead, a trait she gained when she finally became a Raichu. The marking, which is almost as if it were branded into her skin, is peach in color and depicts a crescent moon with a star on top of it. Ami does not typically wear any clothing, due to the fact she is, in a literal sense, a wild animal. However, she isn't against wearing clothes if one were to dress her in them but she herself would not be one to wear clothes on her own.

    Amichu  E7YV7pQ

    Character Information
    Character's Race: Alolan Raichu
    Racial Trait: Spark Surfer: Her tail holds an immense amount of psychic energy that she can use to make it float in the air. She herself can ride it like a surfboard and use it to "fly" around. However, Ami's tail will always be floating at the minimum of 0.5 meters, even when she isn't riding her tail, due to the access of energy.
    Country: Manchou
    Primary Element: Lightning
    Individual Statistics:
    -Strength: Milita
    -Speed: Milita
    -Endurance: Milita
    -Mystic Power: Warrior
    -Intelligence: Fighter

    Character History
    The Legend:

    [Brief Context] In a world not so different than ours, where mystical creatures called Pokémon lived alongside humans as both companions and allies in battles. There are many legends surrounding these creatures but one of the most popular was the legend of Ninetails...
    Amichu  Alolan_Ninetales
    There once lived a fox-like Pokemon named Ninetails. Each of Ninetails' tail had a mystical power within each of them, granting them their abilities and long lives. A rumor said pulling the tail would result in the death of Ninetails for the magical power would be released, yet if one were to pull one of her tails they would also be cursed for a thousand years. As no one wish to be cursed, no human or Pokemon would disturb Ninetails for many centuries. Yet one fateful, year a human girl showed up at her home with nothing but malice upon her mind.

    The human was heartless, destroying the peaceful home and terrorizing the innocent Pokemon with her own team of destructive Pokemon. The Ninetails attempted to resolve thing peacefully by speaking to the human but was unable to do so. Her calm words merely fueled the human's malice and caused her to crudely pull one of her tails. Feeling her life force to escape her, the Ninetails aimed a curse at the human only for it to be blocked by one of the human's Pokemon, a Pokemon known as Raichu. In the human's place, the Raichu had taken his master's place of the curse.

    Amichu  Latest?cb=20110417221024

    The Ninetails was touched by this act of loyalty and asked the human if she wished to save Raichu. But the human who was foolish and weak-hearted fled in fear that she would be cursed, abandoning her precious Pokemon. The Ninetails became disillusioned with the human and on her last moments made a prediction. In the near future, the human would be reborn as a Pokemon. When she does, she will face the tournament she had forced her own Pokemon to feel for a thousand years. Only when she has truly learned her lesson would she finally be free. The Ninetails died shortly afterward, along with the Raichu who would continue being tormented even in death.

    While that was the end of the legend, it was merely the beginning of the story. Theories were made upon what happened after the human fled. Some believed she had lived the rest of her life in torment, haunted by the memory of a dear friend she could not save. Others said she died right after the prediction was made. On the eve of her death, the prediction that the Ninetails made floated around in her memory. Many believed she died quietly and quickly that night, others say she spoke to the spirit. Ninetails that cursed her so many years ago, begging it to release her from her despair so she can be reunited with her dear Raichu. But regardless, the human was eventually reincarnated into a Pokemon. Many believed she was reincarnated into a Raichu like her old Pokemon, others believed she was some other Pokemon. Both sides were correct as in the near future she would eventually become an Alolan Raichu.

    No one knew her name, however, as it was lost to time. But her name was Ami before she became known as Amichu.
    The Past, Present and the Future:
    The Past: She knew the truth from the very young age. From the moment she could think one coherent sentence in her mind the thought has formed. "I'm human, not a Pokemon." The memories of her former life as a human were a blur, yet the moment she betrayed her precious Raichu was the moment she could envision as if it had just happened right in front of her. It was a memory that would still with her forever. She tried telling her parents, her brothers, her sisters. But in their eyes, she didn't even look remotely human. She was a Pichu like the rest of her siblings. The only difference between them was a spiky ear she possessed.
    Amichu  180px-Spiky-eared_Pichu_DP_1

    The young Pichu who was known as Ami at the time lived her childhood in sorrow. The moment she was old enough to leave her parents and siblings she did so. She began a journey, a journey to find a way to restore her human body. It wasn't long before her journey came to a stop. In a world where Pokemon was captured and trained by humans for battles, she was caught by a young boy who happened to be an aspiring trainer. Unwilling to allow a human to tame her, Ami first put of a fight. She refused to do what as her trainer said and even attacked him. Yet he refused to let her go, instead of treating her like royalty and even giving her the nickname of Chu.

    It wasn't until an instance where he saved her life when she first started to respect him. She began to follow his orders and his love only continued. For the first time in her life, she did not wish to be human any longer. And her newfound happiness in her life made her evolve. Ami's appearance began to change, her form shifting before she finally emerged as a happy Pikachu. Yet she was still different from the appearance with the other ones, while possessing the heart ending all female Pikachu seemed to possess a black heart also appeared there.
    Amichu  Spr_6o_025_C

    Ami lived many happy years with her trainers and was even part of his team as he traveled towards a land that was recently discovered, a place known as Alola. She was one of the first Pokemon to arrive upon this new land. For decades she lived here in happiness that would eventually diminish as time went by. Her friends would eventually die off due to old age yet she lived, not aging a single day. It was unclear why she was even alive and at the same time young. She'd lived through everything. The life and death of all her friends and ultimately the death of her very own trainer. Yet before his death, he granted her the freedom she deserved and one final gift. A thunderstone. When she touched the stone once again she began to evolve. Her features twisted and turned into something that was never seen before. She didn't look like a Raichu that she was supposed to be. Yet at the same time she was. She was a new subspecies of the Raichu she had back where she lived. She muttered her true name for the first time, "Amichu"

    Amichu was the first of the Alolan Raichus. Her children would eventually evolve into their regional counterparts. The reason why she evolved into a new subspecies is still unknown but many believe it was due to her love of big fluffy pancakes. After her trainer's death, she disappeared to another island, never to be seen by the human eye again and so the story of the first Raichu faded from existence.

    The Present: Amichu lived in the wild for a countless amount of years. Her life was peaceful yet nomadic. She was a phenomenon in this world, able to outlive countless amounts of Pokemon including her own children. But she was an unseen phenomenon who's existence was noted by no one. Those who did catch a glimpse of her, simply mistaken her for another one of her species. Those who tried to catch would be unable to do so successfully before she disappeared. That was the life she had lived yet one day it would change.

    A strange portal opened over her head. It looked almost like a rip in the sky. Curiously she floated over and to her surprise, she was sucked in. It felt as if she was being torn apart and she begged for it to stop. At some point, she passed out. Amichu was not sure what had happened next, but when she woke up she was in a strange area she could only describe as deep space. Strange creatures roamed the area, yet none paid attention to her. The Alolan Raichu wandered around trying to find an exit but she could find none.

    Amichu searched endlessly around the deep space. Each time she explored more the further she got lost. She herself was unsure how long she was there as time didn't seem to pass at all in this world and it felt like she had been wandering for her entire life. Suddenly a small light shone, which caught her attention. Believing that this light was an exit she eagerly rushed towards it before the light completely blinded herself.

    In the strange light, she saw the spirit of the Ninetails and Raichu. They offered her a chance. She was to live in this new world, and if she did so with respect she would be able to find peace and escape this place. Yet at the same time, the memories of the time she spent as a Pokemon in the previous world would be erased, forcing her to live with a new blank slate. Desperate to finally leave the deep space she accepted and walked towards the light.

    The Future: She arrived in a new land, the land of Abraxas, country of Manchou. It was full of people other humans and Pokemon. Creatures like she had never seen before resided here. Amichu had no memory of her life in the Pokemon world and soon began to search for a place she could call home. She had nowhere left to go, and the only memories she had was her conversation with Ninetails and her life as a human. And thus the future she was entrusted began.
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    Extras! Amichu cannot physically say anything other than her own name.
    Source: Artemis

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