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    Dante's Equipment


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    Dante's Equipment

    Post by Dante on Thu Feb 16, 2017 10:56 pm

    Name: The Staff of the Nine Circles
    Enchantment: Dante received this Staff during his travels through the Nine Circles of Hell. The Staff has Nine Protective circles each about 5 Meters in Diameter that defend Dante from any attack or spell, even from below. Each circle has it's own unique trait to it, affecting who ever broke, no matter the means.
    1st Circle: Limbo - This is just a normal protective shield, defending Dante.
    2nd Circle: Lust - When this circle is activated, everyone see their greatest desire or love in place of Dante.
    3rd Circle: Gluttony - The breaker feels sluggish and slow, losing a -2 in speed during their next full post.
    4th Circle: Greed - The Breaker is marked by greed and all ranged spells or abilities will race towards them during the next round of posts.
    5th Circle: Wrathful - When broken, a 1 meter magic circle appears directly beneath the breaker and erupts with Arcane power.
    6th Circle: Heretical - The Breaker's mind is filled with such horrid personal Heresy, that it will stun them for 1 entire post.
    7th Circle: Violent - When broken, this circle will release a violent shock wave that will knock back everyone within 50 meters with the same amount of force used to break the circle.
    8th Circle: Fraudulent - Once this circle breaks, the one who breaks it has their mind altered to such a degree that they forget what they were doing as an illusion is formed in their mind, making all enemies look like Allies and Allies Enemies for 2 posts.
    9th Circle: Treacherous - All Spells or Abilities for the breaker will have the opposite effect for 2 posts. If it heals it damages, if it is meant to hurt others, it will hurt themselves. Stat increases become decreases. All Limits stay the same though.
    Limits: Every Circle is as strong as Dante's Mystic stat and has only a single use before the entire staff must take a full Hour to recharge. Once the staff activates, Dante is unable to move, summon new creatures or use other pieces of equipment unless he deactivates all the remaining circles. Deactivating a circle is treated the same as if all the circles had been broken, requiring the 1 hour recharge to be able to activate again.
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    Re: Dante's Equipment

    Post by Ilia on Fri Feb 17, 2017 4:54 pm


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