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Welcome to Abraxas, a world of mystery and legends. We urge you to join and start your character that would be your avatar upon this place. This is a new site and some changes may still be made, such as adding new locations in the world. Thank you for your patience and enjoy your time on Abraxas.

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    Ilia's Equipment Empty Ilia's Equipment

    Post by Ilia on Sun Feb 05, 2017 11:37 pm

    Ilia's Equipment Rapier_by_Vandred_zps402d6f7e

    Mother's Embrace

    Name: Mother's Embrace
    Appearance: A small, slight rapier made of a silvery metal known as damascus steel, a special metal found in the mountains that allows the conduction of magic through the blade. Engraved in the sword is several runes of a draconic language. It's hilt resembles the snout of a dragon, with a small sapphire in the middle serving as a conduit for the magic properties of the blade. The palm of the grip is leather, dyed blue to match the sapphire. This was forged by a master artisan.
    Enchantment: Arcane Return: This blade is tapped into the magic of the arcane, able to manipulate the laws of space and time. If separated from Ilia by more than five feet, it immediately reappears on in its sheath on her hip.
    Limit: If Ilia's sheath is not connected to her, it will not return to it.
    Link to Purchase: Starter Equipment

    Enchantment: Arcane Parry: By parrying a blow, Ilia can use the innate power of the rapier to blast the target with energy, sending them tumbling backwards. This encourages Ilia to take a defensive approach to combat, and forces the opponent onto the defensive as well. The distance that the target is pushed back depends on the size of said target: 20ft for small foes, 12ft for medium foes, and 5ft for large foes.
    Limits: Parry can only be used on every other post. Ilia must get up close and personal in order to use it, leaving her in a vulnerable position.
    Link to Purchase: Platinum Bundle

    Enchantment: Arcane Healing: In the event of being severely injured or even killed, this blade protects its wielder from harm, accelerating the natural healing of their body hundredsfold and preventing any killing blows for ten seconds while their body heals. This healing is strong enough to repair even broken bones, if given the full 10 seconds to heal.
    Limit: This can only occur once per day, and the blade must be gripped firmly in her hand in order for the magic to take effect. Once the ten seconds are over, the sapphire in the centre shatters, preventing all other magic of the blade for the rest of the day. After 24 hours have passed, the sapphire regenerates.
    Link to Purchase: Platinum Bundle

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    Post by Takai on Mon Feb 06, 2017 12:44 am

    Ilia's Equipment N0MLFVQ

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