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    Elysant's Equipment Empty Elysant's Equipment

    Post by Elysant on Thu Feb 09, 2017 8:34 pm

    Elysant's Equipment Blade_of_exile__riven__by_drkhorn-d82l15y

    Name: Black Rune Sword
    Appearance: A very large and heavy greatsword that is about 5 feet long, 3 feet in length and weighs around 500lbs. The entire sword is made of various mineral elements, the blade being made from a mixture of crystals and iron, the hilt from black stones and the runes being carved from the same type of Crystal Elysant is made from as well as being green in color. 
    Enchantment: As the blade and Elysant are made from the same Crystal (albeit the crystals are infused with arcane magic), the two are connected. The blade cannot go any further away than 5 feet before the blade will reappear draped across her back.
    Limits: The blade will only reappear if it goes outside the 5 feet radius. If one were to keep it within the radius while outside of her reach, the blade will never respawn until she is at least five feet away from it.
    Link to Purchase: Freebie Weapon

    Enchantment: Whenever Elysant lands a successful hit with the sword, she is able to absorb some of the damage that was taken by her opponent and use it to heal herself. The more consecutive attacks she lands, the more she is able to heal herself. One to three hits will heal scratches and bruises, four to six hits can close minor open gashes and repair fractured bones. Seven hits can heal shattered bones and major gashes. 
    Limits: The healing cannot heal lost limbs or fatal injuries. The healing is capped at seven hits in which the counter will simply reset if more is stricken. In addition to this, in order for the healing factor to increase the hits must be quick and consecutive, only a few seconds pauses are allowed before the counter will once again reset.
    Link to Purchase: Platinum Bundle

    Enchantment: When Elysant is attacked, the sword will absorb the force of an attack and will be reflected back towards the opponent, knocking them off their feet and leaving them defenseless for a few seconds, allowing a chance for escape or attacking. 
    Limits: This can only be used once every three posts, and while the sword will absorb the force of the attack it will not absorb the damage and because of that, Elysant will still take the full damage of the spell if she chooses to absorb the impact.
    Link to Purchase: Platinum Bundle
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    Elysant's Equipment Empty Re: Elysant's Equipment

    Post by Roland Gates on Sun Feb 12, 2017 3:05 pm

    Elysant's Equipment 6QzVue4

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