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    Hiroko's Abilities Empty Hiroko's Abilities

    Post by Hiroko on Sat Feb 04, 2017 3:50 pm

    Name: Arcane Clone
    Element: Arcane
    Ability: By deviding his interior arcane energy, he is able to clone himself. The clone is able to do everything the user can. However, this can not clone weapons.
    Limits: This is limited first of all to one clone. No more than one. Also, when cloned, the clone will copy the user's stats; however, the they will both receive a minus one tier in all their stats. The clone and the user share health too, so if one receives damage, both will receive it; and if both receive the same damage, it will count as double damage overall since it would stack.
    Range: N/A
    Link to Purchase: Free Starting

    Name: Arcane Blasts
    Element: Arcane
    Ability: The user is able to gather arcane energy in his limbs and then throw such energy. This energy can be thrown as different shaped projectiles, limited only by the user’s imagination; however, the shape of such projectiles will have no effect on it except for its look. These projectiles have slight homing abilities and will explode in contact with their target. Arcane energy in this case looks like white energy of some sort, similar to light but with no shinning effects.
    Limits: The projectiles will instantly explode once they hit any surface, including a small rock. This means they are very easily blocked. A projectile is 1 foot diameter width wise (However, it can be slightly increased). The explosion's diameter is triple the size of the projectile (wide wise). The user can only throw 1 projectile per post.
    Range: Mystic power x10 meters
    Link to Purchase: Free Starting

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    Hiroko's Abilities Empty Re: Hiroko's Abilities

    Post by Takai on Thu Feb 09, 2017 3:33 pm

    It's not good, it's good enough

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